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Publishedat 12th of September 2019 01:05:16 PMChapter 52

Whoever Dares to Come Close Will Die

In the cave .

Yun Wu had sat up cross-legged . She was clenching her teeth, trying hard to repress the sharp pain that felt like her body being sawed, but her eyes were on the fight outside the cave .

She was somewhat amazed .

\'He\'s quadruple-attributed?\'

\'What kind of man is Long Qingxie?\'

But at this moment, an uncanny, dangerous feeling flashed across Yun Wu\'s mind and with that Elder White\'s voice came, "A human who ranks Grand Kung Fu Master is coming . But his Qi is a little weird . It\'s tinged with the Qi of the Sorcery Tribe . "

\'Qi of the Sorcery Tribe?\'

Yun Wu looked outside .

However, Jin Long had just yelled and the four a.s.sa.s.sins hadn\'t made any moves yet when a sudden surge of eerie Qi hurtled at Long Qingxie .

OLong Qingxie had been fighting with the old man in black robe . His face suddenly changed and he instantly somersaulted .

"Boom!" a great crash was heard .

Not far away behind Long Qingxie\'s original position, a huge rock was smashed to pieces after being hit by that surge of Qi . . .

Long Qingxie landed and felt a twinge in his arm . Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a long bleeding cut in the arm .

Frowning, he raised his head and looked upwards . He didn\'t know when, but a figure in black robe had appeared in the air, "An early-stage Grand Kung Fu Master?"

That was a middle-aged man with a glum look in his eyes, and there was a sepulchral air about him . He was the very man who appeared behind queen Xue Liu on that day .

The moment they saw that middle-aged man, Jin Long and that old man in black robe were startled . They immediately bowed respectfully, "Lord Zuo, why did you come?"

Zuo Feng peered at Long Qingxie with an eerie look in his eyes .

After a while, he looked at Jin Long and asked coldly, "This man is the main target that our master wants eliminated?"

Jin Long replied deferentially, "He\'s not . The target is in the cave . The man gets in our way . Although he\'s only in peak stage of Tier VIII, he\'s quadruple-attributed, and his warrior power is far more potent than that of common people . "

"Really?" Hearing this, Zuo Feng lifted his eyebrows high and looked at Long Qingxie again .

"He\'s quadruple-attributed? This is the first time that I\'ve heard someone owns four attributes . Good . It\'s been a long time since the last time someone aroused my interest . "


After a pause, Zuo Feng curved his lips into a sneer and said, "Then I\'ll handle this guy . You go inside and finish the job a.s.signed by master . "

Hearing this, Jin Long and that old man in black rejoiced secretly . With Lord Zuo\'s intervention, they would naturally have less trouble, and this man would surely be dead .

The strength gap between a warrior and a Grand Kung Fu Master was different from that between Tier VIII and Tier IX . That was a strength of another rank, and there was no comparability between Grand Kung Fu Master and Tier IX .

Jin Long and the others respectfully bowed again, "Sorry for the trouble, Lord Zuo . "

And then the six people walked towards the cave .

A flicker of coldness glinted in Long Qingxie\'s eyes . He had just meant to move to stop them when that mysterious power suddenly hurtled at him again .

"Thump!" the blow hit the ground and a deep dent appeared .

"What\'s the hurry? Your opponent is me," Zuo Feng sinisterly smiled . With a sudden move, that figure in the air shot downwards and landed before Long Qingxie .

Long Qingxie frowned, knowing that this Grand Kung Fu Master was more difficult to deal with than that old man at Tier IX .

But he had said that he would never allow anybody to bother her as long as he was here .

Jin Long and the others were about to get past him and approach the cave . A crimson light flashed across Long Qingxie\'s eyes . He clenched his fists, earth elemental power and wood elemental power surged in him instantly .

Meanwhile, a transparent wall of yellowish brown and green light shrouded the entrance of the cave .

Jin Long and the others had just arrived at the cave when the transparent wall blocked their path .

"What is this?"

Jin Long frowned . He slashed hard at the wall with his giant knife, but he found that no matter how hard he slashed at it, the force he used always bounced back just as hard . \'It\'s so weird,\' his frown deepened .

But at this time, a cold, surprised voice came, "A barrier technique? I didn\'t expect that you\'re capable of using the long-lost barrier technique . "

\'Barrier? This is a barrier technique?\'

Hearing this, Jin Long and the others looked at the transparent wall, amazed .

It was said that barrier techniques ranked the third among all techniques, but ever since summoners had disappeared, so had barrier techniques .

For centuries, barrier techniques had always been existing only in rumors . They hadn\'t expected that this weird young man not only was quadruple-attributed but also possessed barrier techniques .

\'Who the h.e.l.l is he?\'

All of a sudden .

Zuo Feng burst into laugh, "Hhha . . . Good . Very good . It seems that you kid are indeed special . But I like you!"

However, in the twinkling of an eye, greed glinted in his sinister eyes, "Be smart and hand over the secret manual of barrier techniques to me . Maybe I\'ll let you live . "

Secret manual?

Long Qingxie curved his lips into a sneer . He . . . never needed any secret manuals .

Because he himself was a secret manual of utmost uniqueness .

"I don\'t have any!" he replied coldly .

Zuo Feng squinted his eyes with a terrifying, sepulchral air about him, "You dare say that again?"

"However many times I say it, the answer will always be the same -- "

However, before Long Qingxie could finish his sentence, a flicker of sullenness flashed across Zuo Feng\'s eyes and with a hand-clenching movement, part of the s.p.a.ce at the entrance of the cave twisted, along with the barrier .

"Crack!" cracks began to appear in the barrier .

"Kid, though you can use barriers, don\'t forget I\'m a Grand Kung Fu Master . In my eyes, this kind of barrier is nothing . As long as you hand over the manual of barrier techniques, I promise I won\'t intervene in your business . "

Long Qingxie sneered, "You think I\'ll trust an enemy?"

Saying this, Long Qingxie slightly squinted . With a sudden move of his body, he brandished the black sword and slashed at Zuo Feng at an extremely fast speed .

Zuo Feng sneered coldly . When the sword hit him, his body uncannily twisted and with that the force of the slash rebounded instantly, as if his body was made of rubber .

Long Qingxie was forced to took a step back, secretly startled, "Qi of Sorcery Tribe? You\'re a half-Sorcery-Triber!"

In the cave .

Hearing Long Qingxie\'s words, Yun Wu was stunned .

\'He\'s half Sorcery-Tribe?\'

\'Just like me?\'

"Of course not, girl . You\'re a half-breed, but half-Sorcery-Tribers are those who were corrupted by darkness during evolution because their hearts were not in the right place . They\'re half human, half sorcerer, so people call them \'half-Sorcery-Tribers\' . In the Sorcery Tribe, these people are always exiled and will never be accepted into the tribe . No wonder his Qi is so dark and weird . It turns out that he\'s a half-Soercery-Triber," Elder White felt what Yun Wu was thinking so he explained .

But at this time .

Hearing Long Qingxie\'s remarks, Zuo Feng squinted his sinister eyes, "You can actually see through my ident.i.ty?"

n.o.body had ever survived after knowing his true ident.i.ty .

"Since you\'re courting death, I\'ll grant your request," with an intention to kill, Zuo Feng made his move in a flash, giving Long Qingxie no chance to dodge .


Long Qingxie was. .h.i.t and throwing backwards, impacting on the face of the hill . His body deeply sank into the rock, dust and pieces of stones everywhere .

One punch!

Just one punch .

On the side, Jin Long stared at Zuo Feng with an awed look in his eyes .

Zuo Feng glanced at the entrance of the cave and made a hard hand-clenching movement .

"Crack . . . " the barrier outside the cave instantly broke .

"Go . Kill the one inside," Zuo Feng\'s grim voice was heard .

"Yes!" Jin Long immediately rushed towards the cave .

But before he approached the entrance of the cave .

A white figure shot over like a ghost . Eyes eerily crimson, he coldly swept through the enemies with an icy black sword in his hand .

"Whoever dares to come close will die!"

Jin Long and the others\' hearts lurched and an astounded look appeared in their eyes . If this was not Long Qingxie, who else could he be?

Zuo Feng was surprised, "You took a punch of mine yet survived?"

Long Qingxie\'s lips curved up, "If I die, you\'ll feel bored, won\'t you?"

"Good . Very good!"

Zuo Feng gave a sinister laugh and with that his figure turned into a rapid blur, hurtling towards Long Qingxie .

Craziness flickered in Long Qingxie\'s eyes and he rushed towards the opponent head-on like lightning .

In the twinkling of an eye, a white figure and a black one engaged in a tangled fight . Furious power impacted and coruscated in the air . Aggressive killing aura and compressive force instantly filled the whole battleground .

The intensity of the Qi almost horrified Jin Long and the others, and their faces changed secretly .

\'This guy is just in peak stage of Tier VIII, but he can actually break even with a Grand Kung Fu Master?\'

\'Isn\'t this too weird?\'

However, grabbing this opportunity, Jin Long and the others walked towards the cave, planning to kill the target of this mission first .

Unexpectedly, they had just approached the cave when a surge of potent Qi forced them to back off .

It was Long Qingxie who had spared part of his power and launched an attack on them .

But because of this, Long Qingxie got hit by Zuo Feng\'s palm and landed with a thud . Something sweet welled up to his throat and he spat a mouthful of blood with a "puh" sound .

Zuo Feng contemptuously sneered, "It seems that you care about the one in the cave very much . Then I\'ll kill that one first . "

"I dare you!" Long Qingxie picked himself up .

"Hha, there\'s nothing I don\'t dare to do . But I\'d like to see how long you can last fighting with me," the moment Zuo Feng finished the last word, he launched an attack on Long Qingxie .

"Then watch carefully!" the bloodstained corner of Long Qingxie\'s lips curved up, and he fought back head-on .

Blood had dyed red not only his white clothes but also his black eyes .

Seeing that Long Qingxie had been struck down and picked himself up again and again, and that irrespective of those deep wounds, he still tried to stop those who attempted to enter the cave, Yun Wu felt a violent lurch in the heart and even her blood couldn\'t help quivering .

This was the first time that Yun Wu had witnessed the sanguinary, crzay side of him, and it was also the first time that she saw his frenzy . And all this was for her .

\'Am I really worthy of all this?"

Yun Wu felt both poignancy and pain, the psychological struggle in her becoming fiercer . But at this moment, she had forgotten the painful betrayal happened in her previous incarnation, and he was the only one that she could see . . .

All of a sudden .

The violent emotional fluctuation seemed to have exacerbated the sharp pain in Yun Wu\'s body . The pain was so unbearable that she felt that she was about to suffocate .

"Girl, why\'s your blood flowing so quick?"

"I don\'t -- don\'t know!" Yun Wu clenched her fists and her eyes turned red . Gradually, blood started oozing out of her eyes .