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Publishedat 10th of September 2019 01:24:05 PMChapter 51

Bloodstained White Clothes


The old man in black had just finished his remarks when two a.s.sa.s.sins in black behind him charged at Long Qingxie with a sudden flash .

a.s.sa.s.sination was what a.s.sa.s.sins were best at, and their swordsmanship was uncanny and unpredictable .

The languid look on Long Qingxie\'s face disappeared, and he slyly squinted his eyes .

He wielded his black sword backwards and turned into a rapid blur in the blink of an eye, dashing towards the opponents head-on .

\'Tier VIII peak stage?\'

A flicker of amazement crossed the mind of Jin Long and the others .

They had never expected that this young man would actually be in peak stage of Tier VIII .

But soon they smiled contemptuously .

In a one-versus-two fight, he didn\'t stand a chance even if he was also in peak stage of Tier VIII just as his opponents were .

Jin Long didn\'t think so . He turned his head aside and said to the old man in black standing beside him, "Send your men into the cave and finish that guy . "

That was what they had come here for .

The old man in black nodded, turned his head back and ordered the six men behind him, "Go . Do it quick and clean . "


The six men nodded . With a sudden move of their bodies, they rapidly advanced towards the cave .

But at this moment!

"Bang, bang!"

Unexpectedly, with two bangs, the two a.s.sa.s.sins who had just engaged Long Qingxie were hit and thrown far away .

The next moment, Long Qingxie\'s figure shot towards the cave like a typhoon and appeared at the entrance of it in the blink of an eye . The black sword went straight into the chest of the a.s.sa.s.sin who was the closest to the cave .

"Puh . . . "

The a.s.sa.s.sin\'s face was full of horror and shock . And then the sword was pulled out of his chest . Blood gushed out and stained Long Qingxie\'s white clothes .

At the same time, Long Qingxie launched attack on the other five a.s.sa.s.sins at an unbelievable fast speed .

Startled, the five a.s.sa.s.sins retreated rapidly and repeatedly .

There was a ruthless, sanguinary look in Long Qingxie\'s eyes, which were fixed on those a.s.sa.s.sins, making them terrified .


"Whoever attempts to enter this cave will be dead!" his extremely cold voice was flat yet full of killing aura .

Jin Long and the others were stunned .

\'Did my eyes cheat me just now? Wind attribute?\'

"Manipulation of wind element? You have a double attribute?"

On the whole Shenzhou continent, people who possessed double attributes were extremely rare . Even if they had double attributes, their improvement in cultivation was surely slower than that of common people -- everything concerning martial arts had advantages and disadvantages .

But this man not only had double attributes but also had reached peak stage of Tier VIII .

A firm killing intent crossed the mind of both Jin Long and that old man in black almost at the same time .

\'Anyone like him -- if they\'re not my men -- must be eliminated, otherwise they\'ll never stop making trouble in the future . "

"Since you\'ve come here yourself, then die with the other one," Jin Long’s eyes were full of eeriness .

As soon as those words were spoken, he flipped his hand and a large knife giving off scorching heat instantly appeared in it . Tier IX middle-stage fighting spirit surged out and he immediately shot towards Long Qingxie with a whooshing sound .

It seemed that he intended to kill Long Qingxie with one blow by himself .

The look in Long Qingxie\'s eyes went cold .

"If you want to kill me, you\'ll have to work harder on your skills!"

After saying these in a cold and arrogant tone, Long Qingxie leaped forward as weird flames appeared on his black sword . Under the astonished gaze of the others, he gave a slash towards the opponent head-on .

"Clang . . . "

The two swords covered by flames clashed together, giving off a shower of sparks . An intangible force rippled out .

His opponents were astounded again .

"Triple attribute? You have a triple attribute?" Extremely astonished, Jin Long said in a shrill voice after taking a step backwards .

The old man in black and the others were also shocked, staring squarely at Long Qingxie .

Double attributes were rare enough, but he had a triple attribute .

\'Who\'s this man exactly?\'

The impact of the clash forced Long Qingxie into backing three steps, and his hands ached because of the counterforce . Judging by this, there was indeed a strength gap between peak stage of Tier VIII and middle stage of Tier IX .

It seemed that these men sent by the queen this time did have considerable strength .

But at this moment, Jin Long began to take this fight seriously .

"Elder Black, tell your men to go all out . I want this man dead . "

‘If I don’t kill this triple-attributed man today, he will no doubt be a threat to me in the future . ’

Hearing this, the old man in black raised his hand, “You heard Lord Jin — this man must die . Kill him!”


Seven a.s.sa.s.sins, including the one beside him and the two who had been thrown backwards, flipped their swords which reflected a cold light, killing aura instantly surging out .

In the blink of an eye, seven figures separated and leaped forward, attacking Long Qingxie’s vital parts from seven different directions .

“Seven versus one . You guys really flattered me . ” Seeing this seven-versus-one situation, Long Qingxie gave an evil grin .

But the next second, with a flicker of cruelty in his eyes, a purple light surged out of his body . Covering in wind element, he instantly turned into a rapid blur and disappeared from his original position .

Seeing that their target disappeared, the seven a.s.sa.s.sins who were closing in on him were startled .

But at this moment .

“Puh . . . ” The sound of a sword violently going in and then out of a body was heard .

Long Qingxie’s lips curved into a bloodthirsty smile . Under the astonished gaze of the other six a.s.sa.s.sins, with a sudden move of his body, he sank his sword into another a.s.sa.s.sin’s body at lightning speed .


Eerily fast!

Jin Long and the old man in black had been watching the fight on the side . Their faces abruptly went cold . ‘What’s going on?’

Even if he was a warrior who could use elemental power, it was impossible for him to move at this speed .

Seeing that two of the seven a.s.sa.s.sins had been killed in the blink of an eye, the two went anxious .

“Use your cloaking techniques!” the old man in black thundered .

The five a.s.sa.s.sins overcame their horror and collected themselves . With a whooshing sound, the five figures instantly vanished .

Long Qingxie squinted around but didn’t find any signs, ‘These a.s.sa.s.sins are indeed pretty good . ’


The sound of a sharp weapon splitting the air was heard and it was aimed at Long Qingxie’s back .

A black figure appeared out of nowhere and rapidly stabbed his sword towards Long Qingxie .

The a.s.sa.s.sin saw his sword sink into Long Qingxie’s body . The corner of his lips curved into a cold smile and a flicker of smugness crossed his eyes .

But the next second, his face changed, since he didn’t feel his sword going into a real body .

He saw that Long Qingxie’s “body” twisted and then instantly disappeared .

‘A blur?’

‘That was a mere blur?’

‘How was that possible?’

“Watch out!” the old man in black yelled .


Before that a.s.sa.s.sin could react, the smugness in his eyes was replaced by horror .

He lowered his head to look at the black sword sticking in his chest, then raised his head and stared at Long Qingxie . He didn’t know when Long Qingxie had appeared before him, neither did he understand how Long Qingxie had managed to do this even at the last moment of his life .

‘Is he a human or a ghost?\'

\'We’re all at Tier VIII peak stage . Though he wields wind element, but he shouldn’t be this fast . ’

"Puh . . . "

The sword was whipped out . Blood gushed from the wound and stained Long Qingxie’s white clothes .

However, at this moment .


Four black figures appeared behind his back and thrust their swords at his sides and back .

"I\'ve been waiting for you!" Long Qingxie curved his lips into a smile with a terrifying, sanguinary air .

The four a.s.sa.s.sins stabbing their swords at him, Long Qingxie leaped upwards . With a surge of Wood energy, numerous ropes sprang out of thin air and shot towards those four a.s.sa.s.sins .

When the ropes wrapped themselves around them, not only the four a.s.sa.s.sins but also Jin Long and the old man in black were distinctly stunned .

With that, their pupils contracted .

"Wood Attribute?"

\'That was actually Wood Attribute!\'

\'How . . . How many Attributes does he own exactly?\'

\'On this continent, there are only five Attributes in total . \'

\'But he has already shown four of them . How\'s this possible?\'

Both Jin Long and that old man in black were shocked . They had thought that Long Qingxie didn\'t stand a chance of winning this seven-versus-one fight even if he was in Tier IX, not to mention he was merely in peak stage of Tier VIII .

But the current outcome was jaw-dropping .

However, at this time, Long Qingxie raised his sword and slashed at the four tied-up a.s.sa.s.sins as fast as he could .

Killing aura thickening the air, he wanted to finish these four a.s.sa.s.sins with the sword of fire as soon as possible .

"So arrogant! You actually want to kill four people with one blow!" someone thundered, a sudden surge of potent energy charging at Long Qingxie head-on .

Long Qingxie didn\'t try to dodge but kept ruthlessly slashing at his targets .

Face full of sullenness, the old man in black shot towards Long Qingxie at lightning speed and parried Long Qingxie\'s blow with powerful sword spirit .

"Clang!" Their powers clashed violently and an intangible force instantly rippled outwards from where the two swords collided against each other .

The four a.s.sa.s.sins paled visibly when hit by that force . Something sweet welled up to their throats and they nearly spat blood .

\'His power is so strong!\'

At this time, Jin Long vigorously waved his hand and a surge of fire elemental energy fiercely charged at where Long Qingxie and the old man in black had engaged . The two swords were separated .

"You old man . It turns out that you\'re in early stage of Tier IX," Long Qingxie took a step backwards, raising his eyebrows .

He hadn\'t expected that this old man in black had been using some kind of skill to conceal his true strength so as to trick others into believing that he was only in peak stage of Tier VIII .

However, he was the leader of the eight a.s.sa.s.sins, so it was not too surprising that he was in early stage of Tier IX .

The old man in black squinted at Long Qingxie, but deep down in his heart, he was somewhat afraid .

The others might not have known it, but the old man in black himself knew very well that he had nearly failed to parry that blow just now, though he was in early stage of Tier IX, "Who\'re you exactly?" the man in black robe felt that his palm was nearly numb due to the counterforce of that impact with Long Qingxie\'s sword .

\'Is that man really just in peak stage of Tier VIII?\'

The corner of Long Qingxie\'s lips curved into an evil smile and he looked handsome and innocent, but those who saw him felt a chill down their spines .

"Someone who\'ll take your life!" The moment he finished the last word, with a sudden move of his body, Long Qingxie wielded his bloodstained black sword and slashed at the old man .

Narrowing his eyes into slits, the old man in black robe wielded his sword and fought back head-on . His Tier IX early-stage strength was fully displayed at this moment . Aggressive and rapid, all his moves were aimed at Long Qingxie\'s vital parts .

But after only a short while, the old man in black robe seemed to have been forced to an unfavorable situation .

Jin Long had been watching on the side all along, and his face became more and more sullen .

\'How\'s this possible?\'

Although the peak stage of Tier VIII was only one level lower than the early stage of Tier IX, there was a tremendous strength gap between the two .

Unexpectedly, with Tier IX early-stage strength, the old man in black robe failed to get the upper hand .

"What are you waiting for? Go besiege him!" Seeing that the four a.s.sa.s.sins were watching in shock, Jin Long couldn\'t help but thunder, his face darkening .

They numbered ten, and none of their levels was lower than peak stage of Tier VIII .

But four of them had already been killed by this young man who was merely in peak stage of Tier VIII, and now even their Tier IX early-stage member failed to get the upper hand .

\'If things keep going this way, this mission might . . . \'