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Publishedat 6th of September 2019 02:22:08 PMChapter 50

Who Dares to Hurt My Girl

"Girl, do you know that you may end up directly turning into ashes?"

"Even so, I won\'t regret doing this . "

That was true . She wouldn\'t regret it .

Because she was gambling, and the stake was her life .

If she won, she would be the biggest winner . And if she lost, she would die .

Actually, Yun Wu had understood one thing the moment she came to this exotic world .

And that was — if she was to survive in this world, she must be more powerful than those who wanted her dead . Otherwise, she would have to drag out an ign.o.ble existence .

As long as she was still breathing, she would do whatever she could to stand on the top of the pyramid, and she would never allow anybody to bully her .

This was not high-handedness, and it was not wild arrogance either . This was her principle and her pride that she could not live without .

So with this "opportunity" before her, she had chosen to seize it, even if it meant that she might perish .

After hearing Yun Wu\'s words, Elder White became silent .

Maybe at that moment he was shocked by the pride in her, or maybe he was infected by her mood .

At this time, energy started churning in her body . A stream of aggressive boiling power rampaged in her meridians, approaching her heart . . .

Letting out a m.u.f.fled groan, Yun Wu clenched her teeth tightly . Cold sweat emerged on her forehead and her breath became painful and unbearable .

"It is the Fire Origin," Elder White\'s voice sounded rather anxious .

\'Fire Origin?\'

\'It seems that something\'s happening . \'

\'But it is too fierce . \'

After a moment .

In the cave .

"Ah . . . "

The painful scream had just died away when that figure covered by fire leaped upwards and violently impacted upon the wall, as if this was the only way to alleviate the burning pain .

Pain .


Severe pain .

Her whole body was engulfed by flame and all her clothes had been burnt .

In darkness, the cave was glaring with light of blazing fire as if it was the Flame Mountain . All plants around it were scorched, the nearby ground parched and cracked .

"Roar ~ "

Those numerous beasts, which had been drawn to the cave, were scared away by the heat as soon as they approached the cave .

She felt as if she had been through the pains of being burnt by fire, cut by saber, drowned by water, drilled by pointed stick, buried alive as well as struck by lightning . . .

These torturing pains seemed endless . . .

\'How long has it been?\'

Yun Wu couldn\'t remember . She only remembered pains — indescribable pains .

Every time a certain type of torture was about to subside, she would think that all this was over, only to find that before she could take a breath,

Another torture of a different type had just begun .

Just like at this moment, electrical current had just disappeared in her body, a weird force started tearing and twisting her blood vessels and entrails .

Even the so-called h.e.l.l couldn\'t have been worse than the situation Yun Wu was in .

Yun Wu felt that she had become numb, and she wouldn\'t roll even if the pain was as unbearable as that caused by slowly cutting off her flesh piece by piece .

She lay on the ground, breathing painfully with parched lips and crimson eyes . Foul blood was oozing out of her skin, which made her look so horrible that she seemed to have just crawled out of rank blood .

However, right at this moment .

Five giant Flying Mounts circled above the Magic Beasts Forest . Their speed changed from time to time as if they were searching for something .

"Lord Jin, we\'re already above the middle of the Magic Beasts Forest . We\'ll have to walk if we go any deeper into it . "

There were two people on each Flying Mount\'s back and at this time, on the back of one of the Flying Mounts, a middle-aged man in black said respectfully to the old man in a brocade robe who was leading the way .

If they kept going deeper into the forests, they might attract the attention of some high-level flying beasts, which would get themselves into some big trouble .

Frowning, Jin Long said in a deep voice, "Go a little deeper, and if the jade token still doesn\'t detect anything, then we\'ll walk . "


The other nine people all answered respectfully .

They had been searching this forest for three full days, but the Magic Beasts Forest was so vast that it was very difficult to find someone . They had a jade token which could detect their target, but they still needed to get close enough .

But the Flying Mounts had just flown a little further,

"Lord Jin, look! The jade token seems to have detected something," a man in black with sharp eyes discovered that the jade token fastened to his belt was giving off a black light .

"It seems that our target is nearby . Go down and find him," with a severe look in his eyes, Jin Long said in a deep voice and then immediately leaped down from the Flying Mount .

Seeing this, the other nine people also leaped down swiftly .

Shah shah . . .

Ten figures quietly landed on the ground like ten swallows .

If anybody had seen this scene, they would surely have been startled .

They had jumped down onto the ground from such high positions yet managed to land without making any sounds . There was no doubts that they were all King fu experts .

It was rather dark in the Magic Beasts Forest, which made the black light given off by the jade token fastened to Jin Long\'s belt more noticeable .

"The target is right ahead of us . Move!"

Hardly had his voice died away when the ten figures dashed towards the cave where Yun Wu was like greased lightning .

All the areas around the cave were bare . The ground dried and seemed, and all the plants withered .

When the ten figures rapidly arrived at their destination, they all frowned on the sight of it .

\'What an eerie place!\'

"Lord, judging by the reaction of the jade token . The target should be in that cave . "

"Go in there and take a look!"

In the cave, Yun Wu was in great pain as if she was being sawed by a saw and being twisted at the same time . What was weird was that she detected the ten people as soon as those people arrived .

"Girl, those people out there have very intense killing aura, and they seem to have evil intents," at this time, Elder White\'s fairly weak voice was heard .

He had been trying to protect her cardiovascular meridian for seven days and was somewhat exhausted .

Panting heavily, Yun Wu clenched her teeth and struggled to prevent herself from making any sounds .

She could feel that she was almost there . There was only a small distance between her and success - a very small one .

She just needed a small extra amount of time .

However, those uninvited guests had no intentions to give her any time .

They had barely arrived at the entrance of the cave when a sickening stench of blood a.s.sailed their nostrils .

When they saw clearly Yun Wu who was in the cave, caked in blood clots, there was a flicker of surprise in all their eyes, and then they all felt disgusted .

"Lord Jin, this guy looks a little disgusting . It should be the one we\'ve been looking for," an old man in black beside Jin Long said, frowning .

This old man was the leader of the eight a.s.sa.s.sins in black behind him .

Jin Long slightly squinted his eyes and said coldly, "There\'s never been any error in the jade token\'s reaction . This is our target . The queen\'s order is that we eliminate the target as soon as we find it . "

After they heard his words, killing intents glinted in their eyes . Without any hesitation, they squarely stabbed their swords at Yun Wu .

\'The queen?\'

\'It was that queen yet again?\'

Yun Wu was lying on the ground, unable to move . Watching those swords stabbing directly at her, she was absolutely furious and resentful .

But currently she was totally powerless to fight back .

All she could do was merely watching her enemies attack on her .

She was furious and unreconciled .

All of a sudden!

"Whoever dares to touch her, I\'ll kill them!" an angry yell had just died away when an aggressive power surged up in the air and parried those swords jabbing at Yun Wu .

The ten people were startled and failed to react in time .

"Pop!" an upsurge of earth elemental power in the air stormed towards them .

Having collected themselves, the ten people instantly leaped backwards out of the cave .

"Manipulation of earth element?" a trace of sharpness flashed across Jin Long\'s eyes the moment he landed .

Only those who had broken through into Tier VI were able to manipulate earth element .

\'Who\'s did this?\'

However, right at this moment, a white figure directly leaped down onto the ground in front of the entrance of the cave .

His clothes were white tinged with yellow, as if he had been wearing them for days, but they didn\'t compromise his intrinsic sultriness and weird enchantment at all .

"You dared to hurt my woman . Did you ask me for permission first?" the corner of Long Qingxie\'s lips curved into a smile, yet his deep black eyes glinted with exceptionally cold anger .

\'Long Qingxie?\'

\'It\'s him! He finally showed up?\'

In the cave, Yun Wu\'s heart lurched the moment she saw that figure, and for the first time she felt relieved .

With his presence, she actually felt that she could rest a.s.sured .

"Tiny, are you okay?" Long Qingxie gave a glance over his shoulder at the cave behind him, and his heart lurched abruptly when he saw that figure caked with blood clots .

\'What happened to her?\'

In the past few days he had looked everywhere in the central part of this forest, and originally he had planned to search the depths of it, but then he encountered these people, eavesdropped on them and learned that they were looking for someone, so he followed them .

He hadn\'t expected that they had been a.s.signed here by the queen to kill Yun Wu .

"Buy me some time . Don\'t let them disturb me," Yun Wu\'s weak hoa.r.s.e voice came .

Long Qingxie nodded, a flicker of coldness crossing his eyes, "Rest a.s.sured . I got this . "

At this moment, looking at silver-haired Long Qingxie who looked eccentrically sultry, Jin Long and the others coldly narrowed their eyes .

"Who are you? You dared to get in our way . You\'re courting death!"

"Death? Hha . It\'s a natural thing for foes to try to kill each other when they meet . "

\'Foes?\' Jin Long squinted at him .

Long Qingxie\'s eyes swept across those ten people and the corner of his lips curved, "A Tier IX middle-stage warrior . Nine Tier VIII peak-stage a.s.sa.s.sins . It seems that the queen made quite an investment this time . "

Hearing this, Jin Long Qingxie\'s face clouded over .

"You can sense our strength?"

They hadn\'t made any moves yet, but he could see through them?

"How hard can it be to see your strength? I can even see the exact attribute of every one of you . So what do you say? Do you want me to name them one by one?"

"You really know how to bluff, kiddo . Tell me . Who are you?" the old man in black said in a cold, deep voice .

"Like I said – your foe! Just do some careful thinking and see if you offended anyone before . Maybe you\'ll recall something," Long Qingxie said in a languid tone .

\'Someone I offended?\' The old man in black was actually contemplating .

But at this moment, Jin Long suddenly smiled wryly, "You\'re pretty good, kid . You know how to use conversation as a delaying tactic . "

Hearing this, a cold look appeared in the eyes of the old man in black .

"So you\'re trying to delay us? It seems that you have no idea who you\'re dealing with . No . Five, No . Seven, finish him as quick as you can and bring me his head . "