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Chapter 5 — Heartstopping Kiss

To her dismay, her whole body was bare without a single article of clothing, and she immersed in a small pond that emitted blood-colored steam.

She was instantly confused.

"Awake? Thought it would take you until tomorrow. Little thing, from now on, remember to nourish your body well. Otherwise, with your flat figure, I really wouldn\'t know where to lay down my hand."

An incomparably devilish voice suddenly teased. A beguiling man, clad in white, strolled into the cavern as his lips arched into a smile.


"Of course it\'s me. If not me, who does little thing think it is?" The eyes that he stared at her with were glaringly overbearing, as if she belonged to him. It brought Yun Wu a wave of displeasure.

"Release me!" Her voice was hoa.r.s.e, and she clenched her teeth. The man looked at Yun Wu while smiling. His large, fair hand made a gesture. Two rays of cold light flashed, and the ropes around her wrists promptly broke off.

"Don\'t scratch. It wasn\'t easy for your skin to heal. I am someone who loves beauty—even more so beautiful people, and right now, every corner of your body belongs to me." He stood by the pond, smiling slyly as he ran his eyes over every inch of her exposed skin.

When Yun Wu heard him, she almost snapped off the roots of her teeth in anger.


But despite her exasperation, Yun Wu continued to soak in the pond and did not get up. Although she didn\'t know kind of herbs and blood were mixed into the pond water, she could feel it rapidly closing up every wound on her body.

If it weren\'t for her extraordinary self-control, she probably would\'ve succ.u.mbed to the itchiness already and long left scratch marks on her skin. Her two hands were gripping the rocks that enclosed the pool so tightly, the sound of her nails screeching against the stone could be heard.

Only by doing that was she able to resist the impulse to scratch her body.

The man was smiling the whole time. His keen eyes brimmed with amus.e.m.e.nt and sheer interest. He had observed her every move for three days and knew this meager girl was pungently tough, and that thoroughly amused him. It had been long since he last felt his blood roaring and surging like this.

All of a sudden, his slim white hand reached out and grabbed the necklace plastered to her chest. It was a spiral-shaped pendant, suffused with an air of old age. In the eyes of outsiders, it was undoubtedly just a hideous and worthless necklace. Otherwise, it wouldn\'t have been able to peacefully stay around Yun Wu\'s neck for so long.

After a glance, the man withdrew his probing gaze. Like a devil, his slender finger moved to provoke her narrow chin.

"Say, little thing, should I eat you now or raise you a bit longer? It\'s getting a little to hard to resist…"

Yun Wu didn\'t even stop to think before opening her mouth to bite the finger that had touched her. Hard. The man laughed and let her bite him. What she didn\'t expect was for her consciousness to sudden dwindle when his blood came in contact with her tongue.

That was when she realized his blood was actually an overpowering drug.


Late at night

Yun Wu woke up for the second time that day. This time, she found herself lying on a smooth expanse of rock and the uncomfortable itch had vanished, but instead, her body felt cool. She exploited the dim moonlight to look down at her body, which she found to be, once again, completely bare.

There was a slight shift in her expression, and then a glimmer of surprise flickered in her eyes. Her marred skin was now white beyond compare, tender like a freshly simmered and peeled egg, not a single scar left behind.

Could it be the work of that blood-medicine pool?

She quickly restrained the astonishment in her heart and put on her old, tattered clothes before finally beginning to scrutinize her surroundings.

It was a fairly clean cavern. The small pond was still there, situated in a corner, except the blood water had dried up.

She scoured the cavern and did not catch a single glimpse of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d… until her gaze swept out of the cavern and landed on the lake outside. There was the silhouette of a man in the water.

Murderous intent rose in Yun Wu\'s eyes. In this world, there had never yet been a person who dared to threaten and take advantage of her without paying the price.

Under the boundless moonlight, Yun Wu\'s lithe body mirrored a leopard\'s as she soundlessly lurked in the direction of the lake.

The lake glistened with faint ripples, and the sound of water splashing resonated through the night. The man was leaning against a rock, his body submerged in the water while a headful of silver hair hung loosely down his delicate back.

Although clearly only his back was showing, it made onlookers feel overwhelmingly enticed. The little by little, stealthily approaching Yun Wu wrinkled her brows. She had to admit, this man was the pure epitome of yaone.

As she secretly forced down her breathing, she quietly drew near. She aimed, and the sharp wooden stick in her hand shot towards the man\'s body.

"You\'re here." A wicked laugh lightly whisked by.

The silhouette of the man in the lake swiftly evaded her attack. As surprise flashed in Yun Wu\'s eyes, the man grabbed the stick without looking, and his other hand brushed against her waist.

Swift and threateningly eerie.

A strong pull, and Yun Wu\'s body swooped through the air.

VIN: What kiss?