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Publishedat 4th of September 2019 01:14:14 PMChapter 48

Awaking Sorcery Power

Seeing that Long Qingxie wanted to "flee", Wu Qin became more convinced that it had been Yun Wu who had killed Gu Qin and Xin Yi .

In extreme anger, he wielded the sword in his hand with Tier VII late-stage strength flaring up around him, hurling a surge of Earth elemental power towards Long Qingxie .

At this moment, Long Qingxie felt that the constriction in the heart was getting increasingly intenser .

This indicated that Yun Wu was in a life-threatening situation .

"Get out of my way!" after Wu Qin blocked his path, a furious and sanguinary look almost instantly appeared in Long Qingxie\'s deep eyes .

"You\'ll die here!" Wu Qin thundered .

"You\'re courting death!" Long Qingxie\'s voice was chilly .

With a cold yell of anger, a tide of potent energy rose in him and then an intangible compressive force smashed against Wu Qin, throwing him away .

Wu Qin heavily crashed against a big tree behind him and broke one of his ribs, feeling a sharp pain in the back .

He raised his head, eyes full of astonishment .

\'So… so powerful!\'

\'He\'s actually stronger than me!"

A ghost of fear rose in Wu Qin\'s heart .

But then he recalled that two of his students had been killed and that three other students were still watching him . If he cowered on this occasion, how was he supposed to face all the people in Mighty King Warrior Academy in the future?

The look in his eyes became cold again . Clenching his teeth with suppressed pain, he stood up . Before Long Qingxie left, with a sudden move of his body, Wu Qin blocked Long Qingxie\'s path again .

"You\'ll have to give me an explanation before you leave!"


Long Qingxie\'s voice was extremely cold . Impatiently giving a twist of his hand, he produced a crimson sword, "Your deaths will the best explanation . "

As soon as he finished the last word, at lightning speed, he swung the crimson sword at Wu Qin with a surge of energy that looked like both raging billows and burning flames .

\'Tier VIII peak stage?\'

\'He\'s a Tier VIII peak-stage master?\'

At this moment, Wu Qin\'s face went ashen and all his anger and concerns of face vanished .

Wu Qin hurriedly dodged aside .

But he forgot that his three students were behind him not far away .

"Puh, puh, puh . . . "


They were slashed apart, blood spurting around .

His ethereal white coat was also stained with several drops of blood, like a couple of red suductive flowers blooming on it .

"No . . . " Wu Qin reacted, yelling in shock .

But it was too late .

The three trainees hadn\'t been standing side by side, but they were still halved from the top of their heads under that eccentric swordsmanship .

Blood dyed the ground red!

In white, Long Qingxie coldly watched the b.l.o.o.d.y scene with a sanguinary look on his face, a chilly, eerie ruthlessness rose in him . Like an incarnation of a devil, he stepped over the three b.l.o.o.d.y corpses and quickly disappeared into the depths of the forest . . .

Coming around from shock, Wu Qin gave himself up to grief and wish for death, "Ahh ~"

He had brought six students here . Now five of them had been killed, and the last one\'s whereabouts stayed unknown . How was he supposed to explain himself to the academy?

Provoked by grief and rage, the elemental power in him started fluctuating so violently that he couldn\'t help spitting out a mouthful of blood – he had literally spat blood due to being unduly furious . . .

In the depths of the forest .

Being dizzly, Yun Wu barely had any time to react when her body got entangled by the giant snake tail .

The tail tightened its grip and Yun Wu felt that her body was about to be crushed by it .


Pain caused by the hard compression of her internal organs .

"Hiss . . . "

The Iron-Clad Snake didn\'t devour her right away . Ever since it caught her, it had been lifting her up in the air and shaking her, tightening its tail .

Just like a cat would always play around with the mouse after catching it .

Seeing that Yun Wu could barely breathe under the squeezing and was letting out m.u.f.fled groans in pain, it was very excited, "Hiss . . . hiss . . . "

It seemed to be enjoying her grimace of pain .

But it also seemed to be sneering, mocking her .

Yes . These human expressions glinted in its eerie brutish eyes .

Sneering at her?

Yun Wu was rather annoyed .

But she was now entangled by its gigantic body and could barely breathe under the compressive force, let along move .

\'s.h.i.t . How the h.e.l.l did I let myself end up in this situation?\'

No, she should say – how far did this Iron-Clad Snake want to push her?

"Hiss . . . "

That tail which had been shaking her finally stopped and it fixed its eerie eyes on her, flicking the scarlet tongue .

But all of a sudden, that yellow crown on its head started glaring . It was shiny yet gave her a bloodcurdling sense of horror .

Was it going to break through into Tier V?

Right at this moment, its scary oversized mouth, from which the tongue was flicking, suddenly opened wide, and it moved its tail, planning to devour Yun Wu with its hideously-fanged mouth .

It turned out that the reason why it had been playing around with her was because it wanted to wait for this moment of breakthrough to come .

\'d.a.m.n it . Does it want to use me to celebrate its breakthrough?\'

No wonder . No wander it had been pursuing her all along from the very beginning yet hadn\'t killed her with its poisonous fog .

Anger rose in Yun Wu - extreme anger!

She had survived more than ten years\' torturing of Ying Posion, as well as cannibal vines and python nest . Now she was facing only one Iron-Clad Snake . How could she just yield and die in its mouth?

She felt a sudden surge of fury .

When her internal organs were in great pain under the compression, she clenched her teeth and gathered all her strength . . .

Totally indifferent to her struggling, the Iron-Clad Snake opened its giant mouth and sent her directly towards it .

Foul breath shrouded her . The hideous oversized mouth was so close to her .

At this moment, a bizarre magenta light appeared Yun Wu\'s cold and angry eyes, yet all her fighting force seemed to have vanished in this second .

Yun Wu\'s face abruptly changed .

\'What\'s going on?\'

Suddenly, in her meridians where strength had disappeared, a tempestuous surge of strange Qi "soared" up out of nowhere .

Right after that, it violently rushed into her Dantian and a tearing pain exploded in her like it was about to cause a fire and burn her up .

\'What is this?\'

Yun Wu was at an utter loss .

She just felt terribly achy all over as if something in her body had been expanding in her and was about to erupt . . .

At this time, that necklace at her throat suddenly gave off a black light . As if it had been woken up, the old voice said, "You actually awoke the sorcery power?"

Sorcery power?

\'What sorcery power did I awake?\'

At this time, the only thing that Yun Wu knew was that her whole body ached and that a stream of very angry, very very angry Qi had gathered in her chest .

"Ah . . . "

Suddenly, an earthshaking roar issued from her throat continuously . . .

But at the same time, Yun Wu\'s heard violently lurched .

Because, she saw with her own eyes that the Iron-Clad Snake, which had been coiling around her, was abruptly engulfed and instantly burnt to ashes by an intangible black fire!

However, what she didn\'t know was that right at the moment when her roar broke forth,

In the sky above the whole Shenzhou continent, wind started blowing and clouds started gathering . The sky was full of dark clouds and the whole continent was shrouded in total darkness .

This sudden change startled a lot of people who were hiding themselves . They raised their heads and looked up into the black sky, horror bubbling beneath the surface of their minds .

\'The sorcery power between the heaven and the earth actually woke up!\'

\'How did this happen?\'

\'Didn\'t the Sorcery Tribe disappear more than ten years ago?\'

In the main palace of the imperial harem of Zhou Dynasty .

"Crack!" a cup was crushed by a hand .

In the next second, with a sudden body movement, the figure lying on the bed rushed out of the palace, raising her head to look at the black sky covered by dark clouds .

After a sudden change of her face, a sepulchral, hideous look instantly appeared on Xue Liu\'s beautiful face .

"Sorcery power?

Someone actually awoke the sorcery power?" there was a tinge of bitter anger in her shrill voice .

"My Queen, the source seems to be in the Magic Beasts Forest in the north," n.o.body knew when he had arrived, but a man dressed in black clothes and black robe was standing quietly behind Xue Liu .

After a sinister look flashed across Xue Liu\'s eyes, she flicked her hand and threw a jade token at him, "Send some men there immediately . No survivors . "

"Yes . I\'ll do it right away," the man in black answered coldly .

After a short while, the dark clouds in the sky lifted quickly and it was bright again . That man in black seemed to have vanished at his original position .

At this time, Xue Liu had also put on her usual air of a n.o.ble queen . A gentle voice was heard, "Little Pear, I\'m going to the mansion of General Yun . Ready the carriage . "

"Yes . My Queen!"

An eunuch bowed and hurriedly ran out of the palace . . .

In the Magic Beasts Forest .

The moment the roar stopped, Yun Wu feebly fell to the ground as if all her strength had been drained .

"How do you feel, girl?"

with a ghost of concern tinged with surprise, the old voice came from the necklace .

"I’m so tired . . . " Yun Wu barely had enough strength to raise a finger .

"Of course . This was the first time that you have woken up the sorcery power, yet you released all of them at once . You were very lucky to have not disabled yourself," the old voice said slightly resignedly .

Hearing this, Yun Wu was eager to ask him about what had happened exactly, but she was too feeble to do that .

"You overfatigued yourself . Just have a rest and then you\'ll be fine . "

When the voice was saying this, a faint black light came out of the necklace and penetrated into her body with a fine stream of warmth, and then her body in prostration regained part of its senses .

"Elder White, what happened to me?" feeling that her strength started coming back, Yun Wu asked, lying on her back .

The sun was setting to the west, which indicated that the night was about to fall .

\'The setting sun?\'

\'There are exuberant tall trees everywhere in Magic Beasts Forest . Why am I seeing the setting sun?\'

She blinked and turned her head aside . When she saw the situation around her, Yun Wu gasped deeply .

"My G.o.d!"

In a hundred meters around her, all living things had turned into ashes . The area was completely bare . With every wind, dust and sands swirled . . .

"Girl, the sorcery power which has just woken up in you did this . You body hasn\'t revived yet, but it activated the sorcery power in you . You really surprised me . "

There was amazement in the old voice .

\'I did this?\'

But she had just felt that her whole body was in pain, and that a breath was being held back in her chest so she let it out .

\'This is called sorcery power?\'

\'But, why do I have sorcery power?\'

Eyes sweeping around, Yun Wu was astounded .

At the same time, she secretly mobilized her energy and tried to check her Dantian only to find that there was indeed a stream of weird Qi in her meridians, but it was faint, and it seemed as if she wouldn\'t be able to find it if she didn\'t try hard to detect it .

It seemed that there was only a very small proportion of it left in her body .

Elder White hadn\'t been helping her regain her strength all along . He had stopped when she was just a little better, so Yun Wu\'s body was still in prostration .