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Publishedat 3rd of September 2019 12:26:46 PMChapter 47

Intelligent Magic Beasts

This Iron-Clad Snake was apparently more ferocious than those Tier IV Wood Wolves . Besides, this one was about to break through into Tier V .

If Long Qingxie were here, he might be able to handle it . But she was definitely no match for it .

After weighing up the pros and cons, Yun Wu intended to leave .

But she was now on a tree trunk near those gra.s.s, and the Iron-Clad Snake would undoubtedly spot her if she moved .

She had just seen with her own eyes how fast it could slither .

So Yun Wu had no choice but to slow down her breath and try her best to conceal her existence, hoping that that Iron-Clad Snake would leave as soon as it ate up those Chilian Snakes .

It opened its mouth and kept devouring . After a short while, that Iron-Clad Snake actually ate all the several hundred Chilian Snakes .

She had thought that it would leave .

But the Iron-Clad Snake coiled up right there, with its head down and its eyes closed . That crimson yellow crown started gleaming and metamorphosing . . .

It seemed that it had devoured so many Chilian Snakes in order to break through into Tier V .

Hiding on the tree trunk, Yun Wu realized that this was not good .

Once it broke through into Tier V, its strength would grow drastically . In that case, no matter how well she hid herself, it was very likely that the snake would still detect her

Yun Wu\'s original intention of leaving after it finished its meal had failed completely .

Yun Wu clenched her teeth secretly . While the snake was trying to make a breakthrough, that figure on the trunk started moving downwards bit by bit, trying to retreat without making any sounds .

But the moment she loosened her grip on the tree .

"Snap!" a twig snapped under her feet .

Although the sound was faint, it caused an enormous change of emotion in Yun Wu .

She turned her head back and saw that the Iron-Clad Snake had opened its eerie eyes and was staring straight at her .

There had been a moment when Yun Wu believed an intense delight tinged with surprise was glinting in its eyes .

It was like the delight of seeing food .

\'Yes, that was delight . \'

\'Does this Iron-Clad Snake actually have intelligence?\'

\'Don\'t Magic beasts become intelligent only after they break through into Tier VI?\'

"d.a.m.n it!" Yun Wu cursed in muted voice . Without thinking, she started fleeing .

The Iron-Clad Snake was very excited . Its huge body took a glide and started pursuing Yun Wu hotly .


"Hiss . . . "

The horrible hiss was getting clearer . It had been only several minutes, but Yun Wu felt the Iron-Clad Snake was about to catch up with her .

A cloud of black poisonous fog shot at her .

Yun Wu hurriedly moved aside . That cloud of foul black fog hit the ground and all the plants there scorched and decayed .

The black viscous fluid on the ground was bubbling, giving off an extremely rank smell .

Yun Wu\'s facial expression changed immediately -- the poison had become more potent than it had been just now, and it also came with scorching heat!

\'It can actually absorb Chilian Snake\'s heat poison and use it to enhance its own attack?\'


\'What kind of mutant is this Iron-Clad Snake?\'

That Iron-Clad Snake seemed to be determined to eat her . The harder she tried to flee, the more excitedly it pursued .

"Hiss -- Hiss . . . "

Clouds of black poisonous fog were spewed out and plants were scorched here and there .

All of a sudden!


A big tree ahead was. .h.i.t by the poisonous fog and snapped under the corrosion, directly blocking Yun Wu\'s path .

"Hiss . . . "

The Iron-Clad Snake\'s huge body swept towards Yun Wu .

At this moment, Yun Wu also became rather angry . Ever since she came to this eccentric world, this was the first time that she had fled from a magic beast in such an uncollected manner .

\'You G.o.dd.a.m.n snake went too far . You want to eat me? I\'ll skin you . \' She had dared to beat Dragon Prince . Even if she was no match for this snake, she refused to tolerate it playing around with her .

When its tail was sweeping towards her, Yun Wu flipped her hand and a big saber was produced from the Storage s.p.a.ce, Tier V magenta fighting spirit flaring up . With an aggressive killing aura, she raised the saber and took a slash at the snake tail .

"Clang . . . "

A blare of ironware clashing together was heard .

The Iron-Clad Snake let out a hiss . A flicker of surprise crossed in its eerie eyes .

Unexpectedly, a bleeding cut caused by that slash had appeared in its iron-clad tail .

Iron-Clad Snake was of Earth Attribute, so its defense was far stronger than that of common Magic beasts . Besides, it had iron skin .

n.o.body would be able to hurt it, unless its opponent was a human or a magic beast that was several times stronger than it .

This was also the reason why it could do whatever it wanted within this area .

Yet this human could actually hurt it?

However, Yun Wu was also startled .

After her potent slash hit the target, her hands ached and went numb due to the reaction . And the blade of the big saber missed a big piece .

That saber slash only gave it a small cut, yet her superlative saber was broken?

This Iron-Clad Snake\'s skin was so f.u.c.king formidable .

Yet this saber slash provoked the Iron-Clad Snake .

"Hiss . . . "

A ghost of anger flashing cross its terrifying eyes, it opened its giant two-fanged mouth and a blast of foul black fog rapidly shot at Yun Wu .

With a frown and a foot movement, Yun Wu dodged aside like lightning .

Yet the black poisonous fog permeated due to the wind and some of it touched the purple sleeve around her right arm, corroding it rapidly .


She felt a sharp pain in the arm!

Yun Wu\'s facial expression changed . She took off her coat immediately and saw that her inside clothes had also been corroded, along with the skin of her arm, rank b.l.o.o.d.y liquid flowing out of the wound .

Suddenly, a scorching foul smell pervaded the air and she felt dizzy .

Yun Wu was horrified . She clapped her hand over her mouth and nose, but it was too late .

The Iron-Clad Snake gave a string of excited hisses, its giant tail sweeping towards her . . .

On the periphery of Magic Beasts Forest .

The four members of Long Qingxie\'s team had fulfilled their task almost in an exceptionally smooth manner .

Wu Qin waited and waited, yet Li Xin\'er\'s team still didn\'t come back . He became a little worried .

Along with the others, he walked towards Li Xin\'er\'s previous direction and started searching for them .

"Young friend, it\'s been almost two days since we entered this Magic Beasts Forest . What should I call you?"

While they were traveling deeper into the forest and searching, Wu Qin turned his head and asked Long Qingxie a question .

Dressed in white, Long Qingxie followed them with a slow step . Hearing Wu Qin\'s question, he answered idly, "You can call me whatever name you want . I\'m totally okay with it . "

Seeing his coquettish, languid look, the two female trainees swelled with anger .

After he heard the answer, Wu Qin\'s face slightly froze . Did this man wanted him to lose face in public?

He was a little angry . \'But if he\'s really the one who possesses that mystical power, then his wild arrogance is tolerable . \'

"Then may I ask what are you looking for in Magic Beasts Forest?

My students have fulfilled most of their tasks . If you want, maybe they can help you," in a mentor\'s tone, Wu Qin asked again .

Yet how could Wu Qin\'s true intention escape Long Qingxie\'s enchanting eyes which seemed to be able to see through people\'s minds .

The corner of Long Qingxie\'s lips curving into a languid smile, he said blandly, "I think I\'ll spare you the trouble . I -- "

However, before he finished his sentence, his voice suddenly paused .

A flicker of sullen look crossed his handsome languid face . He abruptly shot his left hand on his right arm . Just now, there was a faint palpitation in his blood .

This was a reaction provoked by the "Blood Connector" he had planted in Yun Wu\'s body .

This indicated that her right arm had been wounded!

\'Who can hurt her?\'

\'It\'s definitely not Li Xin\'er . . . \'

Seeing the sudden change of Long Qingxie\'s air, Wu Qin involuntarily took a step backwards .

Unexpectedly, that sullenness and eeriness of him gave Wu Qin a sense of danger and horror .

Only those who were more powerful than him could give him this feeling .

\'Who\'s this guy exactly?\'

"Ah . . . "

At this time, a female trainee screamed .

"Mr -- Mr . Wu . Look . . . " that female trainee dilated her eyes, pointing at the corpse which was being gnawed by two low-level wild leopards not far away .

Weren\'t those yellow clothes the exclusive uniform issued by Mighty King Warrior Academy?

Wu Qin and the other trainees looked at it, and their facial expression suddenly changed .

In the blink of an eye, Wu Qin swung his hand and a surge of power aggressively shot at those wild leopards .

"Ouh . . . "

Giving a roar of pain, the two wild leopards were hit by that potent force and thrown far away . In the next moment, their bodies exploded under the compressive power .

This was the Earth power that could be manipulated by masters of Earth Attribute .

With a sudden move of his body, Wu Qin rushed forward, followed closely by the other three trainees .

Long Qingxie didn\'t follow but concentrated his attention on finding Yun Wu\'s current position in this troubled, expansive Magic Beasts Forest .

There were only two bodies on the site .

Gu Qin and Xin Yi\'s bodies were not far away from each other but had been badly damaged due to the wild leopards\' gnawing . They could only faintly tell that Gu Qin\'s neck had been wrung into a weird angle .

\'His neck was wrung?\'

\'By somebody?\'

\'Somebody actually did this to him!\'

Wu Qin\'s eyes were full of grief and rage . Gu Qin had been his favorite among all his students . If it had been a high-level magic beast that had killed him, he would have tolerated it, but it had been a particular person who had killed him .

And he had lost two talented students at a time .

How was he supposed to report this to the academy after he went back?

"Who did this?" Wu Qin roared in grief and indignation .

"Mr . Wu, come here! Hurry! I found a sword here!" the male trainee found something, yelling aloud .

Face flushing with anger, Wu Qin instantly shot over with a sudden move of his body .

A sword inlaid with rubies stuck deeply into the ground, and there were two footprints nearby, suggesting that somebody had been standing there .

After seeing these, Wu Qin\'s eyes swept around . Signs of a fight could still be seen, but there were only four people\'s foot prints .

\'Among the four of them, that guy\'s the only one who can stick a sword deep into the solid ground without using any warrior power . . . \'

At this thought, utmost anger instantly rose in him .

"You killed my students, kid . I\'ll tear you up into pieces . . . "

At the same second!

The sepulchral look on Long Qingxie\'s face suddenly changed, but it was not because of Wu Qin\'s remarks but because he had felt a sudden constriction in the heart when he was trying to sense Yun Wu\'s current position .

\'She\'s in danger!\'

Having sensed that she was somewhere in the depths of the south-western part of the forest, Long Qingxie turned into a white blur after a sudden move of his body, shooting south-west .


"You evildoer! You want to flee?" with a sudden move of his body, Wu Qin blocked Long Qingxie\'s path, eyes blazing with fury .

With a dreadful look in his eyes, Long Qingxie said coldly, "Step aside!"

"Your companion killed two of my students, and yet you want to flee just like this?

Do you really think I\'m just a foil?

Today, I\'m going to take the lives of both of you to compensate for the loss of my students . "