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Publishedat 30th of August 2019 02:49:50 PMChapter 46

A Bloodcurdling Sense of Crisis

A Ru Mouse was about the size of a human palm . The whole cave was full of them .

Smelling blood, many Ru Mice started squeaking .

When Li Xin\'er landed, she didn\'t feel any pain . In self-indulgence, she just kept twisting her body which was being tortured by s.e.xual desire .

"Ah . . . "

Suddenly, a piercing shriek of pain came from the cave .

In biting pain, Li Xin\'er\'s intoxicated eyes became clear . She seemed to have just found what kind of situation she had been in and her facial expression changed drastically .

Those crowded Ru Mice were squeaking and wriggling, which sent chills down Li Xin\'er\'s spine . Her heart was filled with horror .

She subconsciously raised her head, watching Yun Wu who was standing at the entrance of the cave, and yelled anxiously, "Yun -- Yun Wu!


With her arms languidly crossed before her chest, Yun Wu squinted her cold eyes and watched silently, the corner of her lips curving into a cold-blooded smile .

Seeing that Yun Wu didn\'t show any sympathy, Li Xin\'er became anxious .

She had only one life . If she died, everything would be gone . Not to mention that she didn\'t want to die yet . . .

So she went desperate and repeatedly yelled "Help!" at Yun Wu .

Unfortunately, there was no response .

"Ah . . . " suddenly, another piercing shriek was heard .

It turned out that those Ru Mice were usually asleep during daytime . But her yelling ignorantly had woken up all the Ru Mice in the cave .

The pervading smell of blood whetted the appet.i.te of all the Ru Mice which had just been awoken . The sounds of them grinding their teeth were heard .

The food had been delivered to their nest, and those Ru Mice knew nothing about etiquette, so they started surging towards her . . .

"Ah…ah . . . "

Shriek was heard, along with the sound of biting and gnawing . The odor of blood filled the cave .

Watching those Ru Mice jostling and hungrily gnawing on her, Li Xin\'er finally felt the sadness of death .

At the moment when Li Xin\'er was about to be drowned by the flocks of Ru Mice, she raised her head and yelled with resentment full of her eyes, "Yun Wu! I\'ll haunt you to death even if I got only my spirit left . . . "

From the beginning to the end, Yun Wu\'s black eyes were cold all along and there had never been any compa.s.sion at all .

Maybe, it was when Li Xin\'er was dying that she really came to understand how cold-blooded Yun Wu was .

Seeing how Li Xin\'er had ended up, Yun Wu didn\'t sympathize with her at all . With a cold look, she watched the Ru Mice eat the last bit of her and then turned around and left .

She had said to herself -- whoever had bullied her, she would have them pay the price a hundredfold .

And Li Xin\'er was just one of them .

Judging by the time she had spent, it should be noon . But those giant trees in the Magic Beasts Forest were too exuberant, which made the forest very dark .

After dealing with Li Xin\'er, Yun Wu naturally planned to return to the periphery of the forest and meet Long Qingxie .

No matter what, Long Qingxie was the only one who was able to identify "Life Gra.s.s" .

However, only a short while after Yun Wu started leaving .

She suddenly stopped, confusedly watching the thick purple fog in the woods ahead .

No . Technically speaking, that was poisonous smog .

In her previous incarnation, she had seen many this kind of thing in Marson Jungle .

But she had never encountered one that was purple .

"How come this poisonous smog appeared during daytime?

It obviously wasn\'t here on my way in . It\'s so weird," Yun Wu couldn\'t help mumbling, a frown on her face .

She didn\'t know that there had always been poisonous smog in the depths of Magic Beasts Forest, and that the shade of the poisonous smog\'s color indicated how poisonous the smog was .

Ever since the purple poisonous smog appeared, there hadn\'t been a single magic beast nearby, so this smog must be highly poisonous .

Seeing that the purple poisonous smog was permeating towards the depths of the forest, Yun Wu had no choice but to walked deeper into the forest towards the other side of it, hoping to take a detour around the poisonous smog .

After two hours!

She found that she was still on the edge of the poisonous smog .

Yun Wu finally cursed in a low voice, "d.a.m.n it . How vast is this poisonous smog?"

"Girl . I\'m afraid you won\'t be able to detour around it . Although this purple poisonous smog is very common in this Magic Beasts Forest, with your current strength, I\'m afraid you\'ll be killed and corroded thoroughly the moment you touch it . "

At this moment, that old voice came from the necklace at Yun Wu\'s throat .

"You woke up, old man?" ever since the last time she entered the forbidden area, the old man had been asleep all along .

Yun Wu had a faint feeling that it was probably because he had helped her .

"You\'re so impolite, little girl . Just call me Elder White," that old voice said reproachfully .

Yun Wu gave a self-conscious smile . This old man had offered help to her for so many times, so she realized that maybe her att.i.tude was indeed too impolite . She adjusted her tone and asked, "Elder White, you said that this purple poisonous smog is very common in Magic Beasts Forest . Is there any methods to deal with it?"

Hearing that she had addressed him differently, Elder White said in his old voice, "This purple poisonous smog is not difficult to overcome . As long as you get an Internal Dan of a Tier III Chilian Snake, then you won\'t have to worry about the purple poisonous smog any more . "

"An Internal Dan of a Tier III Chilian Snake?" hearing this, Yun Wu started contemplating .

With her Tier V early-stage strength plus her previous experience of catching snakes, it would be a piece of cake for her to beat a Chilian Snake and extract its Internal Dan .

But this Magic Beasts Forest was so expansive . Where could she find a Chilian Snake?

Besides, with this purple poisonous smog, all those magic beast were either staying in their nests or hiding somewhere .

However, when Yun Wu was pondering over it, her Consciousness Sea suddenly shook and then a piece of information appeared in her mind instantly .

\'Tier III Chilian Snake -- Fire Attribute . Favorite habitat -- gra.s.sland . Favorite food -- Heart-Intoxicating Flower . \'

This was . . .

Information offered by Soaring Dragon Scroll?

Suddenly, a flicker of delight tinged with surprise crossed her eyes .

Because whenever she tried to think about something, she found that Soaring Dragon Scroll which had entered the Hundun Palace would consciously establish a connection with her . And whatever she was thinking, Soaring Dragon Scroll would automatically offer her the information doc.u.mented on it .

It was so abstruse!

But then Yun Wu\'s heart started fluttering violently as if she had just found secret treasure .

Because when she was connected with Soaring Dragon Scroll, she was informed that what Soaring Dragon Scroll had doc.u.mented was a comprehensive record of everything on the Shenzhou continent, including the locations of many lost treasures .

\'My G.o.d . Doesn\'t it mean that I own a treasure map that shows me the locations of all the treasures in the world?\'

\'And it also doc.u.mented the locations of the other three treasure maps that can summon temples . \'

\'This is way too . . . \'

If if weren\'t for that Yun Wu was extraordinarily sensible, she probably would have jumped and burst into laugh by now .

But she also understood that she could never tell this amazing secret to anybody else .

Otherwise, people would never stop hunting her .

\'Take a deep breath!\'

In the blink of an eye, Yun Wu regained her usual composure .

\'I have plenty of time for those in the future . Right now, the most important thing is to get an Internal Dan of a Chilian Snake . \'

Without any hesitation, Yun Wu turned around and walked towards the depths of Magic Beasts Forest .

Heart-Intoxicating Flower?

Back then when she was stealing medicinal materials from the treasury vault of the royal palace, she had happened to get some Heart-Intoxicating Flowers!

She went straight into the depths of the forest .

At last, Yun Wu chose a rather broad gra.s.sy spot in the forest and took out a Heart-Intoxicating Flower about the size of a palm from her Storage s.p.a.ce .

That flower had been meant to be preserved, so it had been dried . Judging from its look, it should be more than a hundred years old . And it was still giving off a faint scent of medicine, so it should be effective .

But Yun Wu took all the Heart-Intoxicating Flowers out of her Storage s.p.a.ce, rubbed them into pieces and scattered them over the gra.s.s in case the scent was not thick enough .

After that, she leaped onto a nearby tree and waited, planning to take action on an appropriate occasion after Chilian Snake arrived .

But what happened next went far beyond Yun Wu\'s previous expectation .

As the saying went -- \'You should always expect the unexpected . \'

After Yun Wu waited for about an hour, a zephyr blew across the gra.s.s .

"Hiss . . . "

Finally, that familiar sound made by a snake was heard .

A flicker of excitement crossed the eyes of Yun Wu who was hiding on a trunk .

\'It finally came!\'

Tightly holding the dagger in her hand, the figure on the trunk arched her back and was ready to leap down, cut its neck and extract its Internal Dan the moment the Chilian Snake showed itself .

But in the next second,

"Hiss . . . "

"Hiss -- Hiss . . . "

A red Chilian Snake as thick as a man\'s fist slowly slithered out of the gra.s.s .

And shortly after that!

Two . . .

Three . . .

As if all the Chilian Snakes in this forest had come here, soon the gra.s.sy area was thick with red bodies of those snakes .

Those hundreds of snakes and their hisses gave Yun Wu, who was on the tree trunk, numb scalp .

If there were only four or five of them, maybe she could still handle them .

But there were several hundred Chilian Snakes down there . How was she supposed to fight them?

\'d.a.m.n it!\'

\'Did I used too many Heart-Intoxicating Flowers?\'

Watching the large numbers of Chilian Snake down there, Yun Wu could neither jump down nor leave . She didn\'t know whether she should smile or cry .

"Hiss . . . "

Suddenly, a bloodcurdling hiss was heard .

Those Chilian Snakes which had been enjoying their meal became somewhat restless after hearing that hiss .

"Hiss . . . "

\'What\'s going on?\'

Yun Wu looked at the source of the hiss . Instantly, her heart lurched violently and her feet slipped, which nearly caused her falling off the trunk .

\'Is the scent of Heart-Intoxicating Flower really so tempting to snakes?\'

She saw that a giant snake the skin of which looked like iron was slithering over from the opposite side of those thick gra.s.s .

The body of the snake was at least twice as thick as a human body . On its head, there was a crimson yellow crown . Its eyes were as big as lanterns, looking spooky, hideous and ferocious .

It was a Tie IV Iron-Clad Snake of Earth Attribute . It had strong attacking power and was highly venomous .

If there was a crimson yellow crown on its head, then it was about to break through into Tier V .

Yun Wu didn\'t know whether or not she was too lucky . That oncoming Iron-Clad Snake happened to have a crimson yellow crown on its head .

It meant that this was an Iron-Clad Snake that was about to break through into Tier V .

"Hiss . . . " flicking its crimson forked tongue, the Iron-Clad Snake spewed a cloud of foul black fog out of its mouth .

All the gra.s.s and trees touched by the black fog quickly withered and decayed as if they had been corroded by sulphuric acid .

"So venomous!" Yun Wu suddenly felt a bloodcurdling sense of crisis .

Especially when she saw that the Iron-Clad Snake abruptly opened its oversized mouth, spewed out a cloud of foul black fog and slithered towards those Chilian Snake which were restlessly on their escape .

Those Chilian Snakes which were touched by the black fog let out several hisses repeatedly . Although they were corroded by the poison, it seemed that they pa.s.sed out .

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the gigantic tail of the Iron-Clad Snake swept around and sent tens of Chilian Snakes straight into its huge mouth .

Watching this "devouring" scene from the trunk, Yun Wu felt a chill in the heart .