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Publishedat 29th of August 2019 12:34:53 PMChapter 45

The Evilest Aphrodisiac

The corner of Yun Wu\'s mouth curved up, her hands overlapping on the sword hilt . Her legs moved slightly away from each other and then she tapped her forefinger at the back of the other hand . Her voice was very gentle yet people hearing it found it eerie, "Li Xin\'er, even if you don\'t want to kill me today, I\'m afraid you\'re still not going to make it out of this Magic Beasts Forest . "

Yun Wu?

Who is it?" Gu Qin turned his head and asked Li Xin\'er .

Li Xin\'er was terrified by Yun Wu\'s posture and started moving backwards, having no time to answer Gu Qin .

Watching Yun Wu in front of her, Xin Yi felt a great sense of crisis as if they were about to die in a short while . This uncanny feeling gave her lurches in the heart .

Face darkening, Xin Yi took a step forward and yelled, "Senior Brother, Li Xin\'er, stop wasting time talking to her . Let\'s join hands and kill her!"

Hearing this, Li Xin\'er and Gu Qin gave their swords a twist with a murderous gleam in their eyes, fighting spirit surging out with a cold gleam .

Three figures charged at Yun Wu with tacit teamwork and intense killing aura .

Cold eyes fixed on the three people closing in on her, Yun Wu whipped out the sword in the ground and started advancing instead of backing .

Seeing that she was coming for them head-on instead of evading, Li Xin\'er, Gu Qin and Xin Yi sneered . All of them were masters of swordsmanship in the academy and it would be a piece of cake for them to kill her in a three-versus-one fight .

Their killing intent was very intense, yet in the next second, the sneering killing intent was replaced by amazement instantly .

\'We missed?\'

\'How was it possible?\'

However, right under their amazed gaze, a flash of cold light shot at them from their sides .

"Ah . . . " with a painful scream, Xin Yi heavily fell to the ground, and her sword stuck into a big tree behind her .

"Xin Yi! Are you okay?" Gu Qin and Li Xin\'er looked at Xin Yi .

Ashen-faced, Xin Yi turned her head, gave a glance and then widened her eyes so drastically that it seemed as if her canthi were about to crack . She cried painfully, "My arm . . . "

There was a deep cut in her right arm and the arm was nearly cut off, blood gushing out from the wound .

"I didn\'t cut it off?

It seems that this sword\'s not sharp enough," watching the bloodstained sword in her hand, Yun Wu mumbled in undertones with a frown .

Hearing this, Xin Yi\'s pupils contracted and then she swelled with rage .

Without her right arm, her prospects were doomed even if she was a genius, but Yun Wu had put it as if she found the kitchen knife was not sharp enough when she was cutting vegetables .

"I\'ll kill you . . . " Xin Yi furiously picked herself up, grabbed the sword behind her and stabbed it squarely towards Yun Wu .

Yun Wu\'s lips curved into a sanguinary smile . Seeing it, Gu Qin and Li Xin\'er tried to stop her, "Xin Yi -- "

"Clang!" a sound of the sword clashing the ground was heard .

Xin Yi stood still behind Yun Wu .

All of a sudden!


Xin Yi started falling straight backwards . There was a cut on her white neck, blood flowing out . Her eyes were dilated with fear and incredibility .

Her speed was eeriely fast!

Yun Wu took out a piece of white silk from somewhere and started wiping the b.l.o.o.d.y blade elegantly .

"All those who wanted to kill me are in the underworld now . What a stupid woman . . . " Yun Wu coldly said in a low mumble .

Yet it was loud enough to be heard clearly by both Li Xin\'er and Gu Qin .

"You--You . . . You killed a trainee of Mighty King Warrior Academy!" Li Xin\'er glowered . Xin Yi was in middle stage of Tier II -- that was one level higher than her .

\'Yet she just got killed like this?\'

\'How did this happen?\'

\'Isn\'t she a lame duck?\'

"So what?" Yun Wu lifted her cold eyes and darted a glance at her, "Just because you\'re from that Warrior Academy, I have to stand still and let you kill me?"

That was true . In a life-or-death moment, n.o.body cared who the enemies were or what background they were from . Anyone would just fight back .

But she obviously had done it on purpose .

However, at this moment, both Gu Qin and Li Xin\'er knew clearly that although this Yun Wu hadn\'t used warrior power, she had managed to break through the defense of someone in middle stage of Tier II, and her bodily movements were uncannily fast, just like . . . like that of an a.s.sa.s.sin .

Was she by any chance an a.s.sa.s.sin?

If she was, then being in this dense forest would be the biggest disadvantage of them .

\'We should retreat and find our teacher first . Then we come back and take her life . \'

"Yun Wu -- that\'s your name, right? You killed a member of our academy . You\'ve made a enemy of the whole Mighty King Warrior Academy . Let\'s go, Junior Sister," Gu Qin gave a bluff before leaving .

Unfortunately . . .

They had hardly walked two steps forward when a sword whooshed towards them .

Li Xin\'er and Gu Qin hurriedly somersaulted . The sword inlaid with rubies deeply stuck into the ground before them .

"You want to leave?

Do you really think that\'s going to happen?" an extremely cold voice came from behind them .

Gu Qin and Li Xin\'er turned around .

"Don\'t go too far, Yun Wu . Or we\'re really going to be hard on you," Li Xin\'er reprimanded angrily .

Yet Yun Wu\'s eyes were exceptionally cold, "Do you think you\'ve been kind to me from the beginning?"

Watching her frosty black eyes, the two were startled secretly .

"But it\'s fine if you want to leave . As long as you leave your lives here," Yun Wu\'s lips curved into a cold smile .

\'How the h.e.l.l can we leave without our lives?\'

Immediately, their sense of pride in their great talent was provoked .

"You really know how to bluff . Then I\'d like to see how you can have us leave our lives here," Gu Qin\'s face darkened completely, Tier II late-stage fighting force soaring up all out .

Fighting spirit engulfed his sword with a gleam . In a blink, Gu Qin dashed towards Yun Wu at lightning speed .

She was an a.s.sa.s.sin without a sword . He\'d like to see what else she could do .

Watching Gu Qin dashing at her, Yun Wu gave a bloodthirsty smile .

Having no sword?

For a killer, as long as they still had their hands, they could kill people without the victim knowing how they had done it .

With a flash of magenta light in her palm, Yun Wu pinched the sword stabbing towards her with two fingers . Before the terrified gaze of Gu Qin, she exerted her inner strength and turned the blade, slashing towards Gu Qin\'s neck .

But Gu Qin was in late stage of Tier II after all . He came over from shock and retreated rapidly .

"Your reflexes are pretty quick, but -- you still have to die," after saying this coldly, with a magenta light in her palm, Yun Wu broke straight through his Tier II late-stage defense .


Sounds of bones breaking were heard .

There were still horror in Gu Qin\'s eyes, yet his neck had been twisted by that little hand and was drooping at a weird angle .

Li Xin\'er\'s eyes caught this scene distinctly .

A gasp of fright was heard .

Almost out of instincts, Li Xin\'er turned around and fled towards the periphery .

Yet with a sudden numbness on her feet, inertia caused her falling forward onto the ground . Her ample bosoms nearly burst due to the impact and she repeatedly gasped in pain .

After the pain eased a little, she hurriedly looked at her shank and unexpectedly saw two silver needles in it . From where the needles were, numbness and pain tinged with dryness-heat had started spreading across her whole body .

In the blink of an eye, Yun Wu moved over, coldly looking down at her .

"Wha -- what did you do to me . . . " Li Xin\'er raised her head and glared at her, yet her voice was slightly quivering .

Just now, she became well aware that this Yun Wu before her was not that sickly loser in the Yun Mansion any more .

Gu Qin was a Tier II late-stage warrior, yet she had managed to pinch Gu Qin\'s sword with her fingers, break his defense and snap his neck . She had finished all these movements in less than a minute .

During the last year, what kind of monster had she turned into?

"Nothing . Just a tiny little bit of Aphrodisiac Flower Poison," Yun Wu said casually .

But Li Xin\'er\'s pupils abruptly contracted . Aphrodisiac Flower Poison was the evilest aphrodisiac . The victim of this poison couldn\'t have s.e.x, because once they started having s.e.x with someone, they wouldn\'t be able to stop until they died .

Which meant, they had to painfully subdue the surging s.e.xual desire .

\'She actually used such an evil poison on me?\'

A flicker of hatred crossed her eye .

But in the blink of an eye, Li Xin\'er\'s eyes faintly went red . She crawled beside Yun Wu\'s feet and started kowtowing to Yun Wu violently, "Yun Wu -- Miss Yun . What I did previously was wrong . I\'m a b.i.t.c.h . I\'m kowtowing to you . Please spare me . Please . "

She was the precious daughter of the a.s.sistant Minister of the Ministry of Revenue and also an extraordinarily talented girl . And she had never been humiliated this way .

Li Xin\'er secretly decided that she would not let her get away with what she had done to her today . After she found her teacher, she would definitely cut her to pieces .

But, was Yun Wu that easy to fool?

As regards her petty little tricks, Yun Wu could see through them without even thinking .

Watching Li Xin\'er begging her, Yun Wu was totally indifferent as if she hadn\'t heard it at all .

Having not received any response from Yun Wu for quite a while, Li Xin\'er felt that the dryness-heat, numbness and pain in her were getting increasingly intenser, and correspondingly, the hatred was also getting more and more profound .

All of a sudden, a killing intent flashed across her eyes .

Under the cover of her kowtowing movements, she conveniently whipped out a dagger from her sleeve and stabbed at Yun Wu\'s stomach .

Now that Yun Wu was so iron-hearted, she wanted her to die together with her .

But in the next second .

Li Xin\'er\'s face suddenly froze .

And then, a magenta warrior defensive power hit her instantly, causing her to fly away and heavily struck a tree nearby .

"It seems that I can\'t let you die comfortably even if I want to," finally, Yun Wu\'s eyes became completely cold .

A blood-thirsty killing aura spontaneously surged out of her . It seemed as if the aura could penetrate people\'s chest and bite their hearts with intangible fangs .

"You -- You\'re Tier V -- " Li Xin\'er spit a mouthful of blood and watched Yun Wu, eyes full of horror .

Yet at this moment, Yun Wu didn\'t want to waste any time talking to her .

She walked over, grabbed her foot and dragged her straight towards the depths of the Magic Beasts Forest .

A flicker of fear tinged with suspicion crossed Li Xin\'er\'s face, "Whe -- Where are you taking me . . . "

Yun Wu kept silent!

Li Xin\'er wanted to resist, yet she discovered that her whole body was numb and feeble with unbearable dryness-heat .

After a long time\'s travel, the back of Li Xin\'er\'s clothes was worn and her white back became b.l.o.o.d.y due to rubbing . But under the influence of the aphrodisiac, Li Xin\'er actually enjoyed the pain very much .

She clamped her hands on her ample bosoms and kept kneaded them, letting out occasional groans of delight with both satisfaction and pain on her face .

Anybody who saw her would be disgusted instead of aroused .

Fortunately, Yun Wu had better tolerance than common people did . After traveling an unknown distance, Yun Wu finally stopped .

However, Li Xin\'er, who had been twisting and rubbing her body on the ground, became displeased, "Er . . . Keep walking . . . "

"I got you a final new home . Enjoy yourself," after taking a disgusted, cold glimpse at Li Xin\'er who was on the ground, Yun Wu exerted her strength and threw Li Xin\'er into a Ru Mouse nest .

Ru Mice didn\'t count as high-level magic beasts in the Magic Beasts Forest . They were at Tier I or Tier II at the highest . But they usually moved in large numbers and they also lived in groups, so their combat effectiveness could definitely exceed that of a Tier IV magic beast .