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Publishedat 29th of August 2019 12:34:53 PMChapter 44

The Bloodiness Enchanting All

The Magic Beasts Forest was mighty and vast, with numerous rolling mountains . Apart from various rare birds and unique beasts, there were also countless precious medicinal herbs in it .

Generally speaking, the magic beasts that lived on the periphery of the forest were usually low-level ones . The deeper into the forest the area was, the higher the level of the magic beasts were, and the more powerful they were .

Those who came in large groups or small teams -- even mercenaries -- rarely ventured into the depths of the forest .

After hundreds of thousands of years\' acc.u.mulation, the deeper the area, the rarer and more abundant the precious medicinal herbs .

Ever since they entered the Magic Beasts Forest, Wu Qin had been guiding them wandering on the periphery .

When they ran into magic beasts, he\'d always ask Li Xin\'er and the other five trainees to kill them .

Yun Wu and Long Qingxie just followed behind them, idly watching as if they were enjoying the performances of a circus .

After that "fierce fight" ahead was over .

Li Xin\'er neatly took out a dagger, cut open the head of the magic beast and extracted a gray walnut-like magic core .

"Mr . Wu, this is the last Tier I peak-stage magic core we need . The mission is accomplished . "

Grabbing the magic core covered in brains, Li Xin\'er proudly raised her hand and yelled happily in Wu Qin\'s direction .

Yet her eyes were focusing on Long Qingxie who was behind Wu Qin .

It seemed as though she wanted to find a ghost of special feeling for her in his eyes .

It was a pity that his eyes had been on the "boy" beside him all along . He didn\'t even glance at her out of the corner of his eye .

She couldn\'t help getting annoyed .

A faint smile finally appeared on Wu Qin\'s face when he saw this, "Not bad . Come here, all of you . "

It had only been a day and a night .

Yet they had managed to collect five Tier I intermediate-stage magic cores, two Tier I advanced-stage magic cores and a Tier I peak-stage magic core .

This speed was very quick!

The time they had used was far less than what Wu Qin had expected, an element of gratification tinged with haughtiness arising in him .

Hearing Wu Qin\'s call, Li Xin\'er and the others hurriedly came over from beside the body of that Magic beast .

"What\'s our next a.s.signment, Mr . Wu?"

Wu Qin was very happy to see that his students were so motivated .

Yet at this time, Wu Qin turned his head back and looked at Yun Wu and Long Qingxie who had been following them for a whole day yet hadn\'t made any moves .

"Young friends, would you please join us and give us a hand from time to time?"

Long Qingxie languidly leaned against a tree beside him and said idly, "I only answer to my Tiny . If she says yes, I\'ll have some fun with you . "

With a single remark, he put Yun Wu in the limelight again .

With a sepulchral look in her eyes, Li Xin\'er secretly clenched her fists .

Wu Qin\'s glance rested on Yun Wu again, "Then, what do you say, young friend?"

Unexpectedly, with her lips curving in a smile, Yun Wu agreed exceptionally crisply, "Okay . But, I wanna team up with Ms . Li . "

In a broad mauve men\'s robe, not only didn\'t her slim figure seem delicate, but also the robe imparted an elegant, ethereal temperament to her . Without the apathy in her eyes, she would be a standard adorable little boy .

Hearing Yun Wu\'s remaks, Li Xin\'er was amazed .

Teaming up with her?

She had expected that she could partner the handsome silver-haired man, but to her surprise that boy wanted to team up with her .

Did he have a crush on her?


‘Does he actually think that he\'s worthy of me?’

But, this sounded fine, because she was in fact worried that she might not be able to find an opportunity to strike .

They separated into two teams with four members each to gather the medicinal materials on a list .

Yun Wu, Li Xin\'er, Gu Qin and another female trainee named Xin Yi composed a team .

Yet Long Qingxie were a.s.signed to the other team along with the other three trainees .

This, needless to say, was Wu Qin\'s deliberate arrangements .

In order to find out who released that mystical force that day, the only way, naturally, was to divide them from each other .

"Be careful, Tiny . "

Long Qingxie stroked her head like a doting parent, but the next moment, in a muted voice that could only be heard by themselves, he said, "Don\'t be too soft and don\'t leave any survivors . When the job\'s done, I\'ll come and find you . "

The white clothing gave him an ethereal, otherworldly air as if he was a white lotus growing in earthliness, yet deep down in his enchanting eyes, there was a flicker of bloodiness .

If people stayed with this man long enough, they would find that beneath his sweet appearance there was a blood-thirsty, deceitful soul .

What are you waiting for?


Before Yun Wu could respond to Long Qingxie\'s "husband-and-wife" concern for her, Li Xin\'er\'s sullen, angry rebuke was heard .

Women\'s jealousy was actually horrible .

Once they were determined to do something or own something, they would rack their brains and do whatever they could to get what they wanted .

Originally, according to Wu Qin\'s instructions, they were supposed to gather medicinal materials within an area of about a hundred meters into the forest .

But as the team leader, Li Xin\'er deliberately kept leading them deeper into the forest .

Before they knew it, they reached the depths of the peripherical mountains, exuberant towering trees darkening the whole area .

Dimly, they seemed to have sensed a tinge of danger lurking somewhere around them .

"Roar . . . " suddenly, deafening roars of magic beasts rumbled over from the depths of the forest .

The momentum of the sound was definitely not something that the sound of those low-level magic beasts on the periphery could compare with .

Instantly, Gu Qin and Xin Yi stopped, their eyes sweeping around vigilantly and nervously .

"Junior Sister, we\'ve reached the boundary of mountains . If we keep going, I\'m afraid we\'ll be entering dangerous area," Gu Qin said with a frown on his face .

Xin Yi also nodded, "Yes . Mr . Wu said that we should gather medicinal materials within a range of a hundred meters, but now we don\'t even know how far we have walked . "

"What are you nervous about? This distance is perfect . Even a scream won\'t be heard by Mr . Wu," Li Xin\'er stopped and said inexplicably, the corner of her lips curved up .

Gu Qin and Xin Yi was stunned . What does she mean?

At this time, with a cold flash of ruthlessness in her eyes, Li Xin\'er whipped out her sword and pointed at Yun Wu, "You, I\'ve been sick of you for a long time . "

Yun Wu watched Li Xin\'er who was pointing a sword at her, a ghost of sepulchral smile flashing across her pretty face .

Seeming as if she had seen through Li Xin\'er\'s thoughts a long time ago, Yun Wu was exceptionally composed at this moment .

Exchanging an eye contact, Gu Qin and Xin Yi were startled by Li Xin\'er and they didn\'t try to think why Li Xin\'er wanted to do this .

Gu Qin walked over, reached out his hand and pulled that of Li Xin\'er\'s before asking with a frown, "Junior Sister, what are you doing?"

"Hem! Don\'t you think this guy\'s disgusting, Senior Brother?" finally a fearsome expression came over on Li Xin\'er\'s face . Now that they had gone this far, there was no need for Li Xin\'er to conceal her true intention of killing Yun Wu .

Among the three trainees, Xin Yi was the relatively timid one . Hearing Li Xin\'er\'s remarks, her heart missed a beat and she hurriedly waved her arms, saying, "Come on . Put your sword away, Li Xin\'er . If Mr . Wu knows this, he\'s definitely gonna punish you . "

"I must kill him today," Li Xin\'er raised her voice, a cold murderous look flickering in Li Xin\'er\'s eyes . By the light, the blade of the sword reflected its shiny sharpness .

She had been waiting for so long, so how could she possibly let go of this opportunity?

Gu Qin and Xin Yi were scared by Li Xin\'er\'s posture, but they also knew her very well .

They turned their heads and looked at Yun Wu, what happened the day before yesterday flashed through their minds . They had never endured that kind of humiliation and shame before, and technically, this guy in front of them was the very reason why they had had to go through all that . And now here was a very good opportunity . If they didn\'t kill him now, they might never get another chance again .

Killing intent flickered in their eyes .

Both the two pulled out their swords and formed a row opposite Yun Wu .

Li Xin\'er was very satisfied with their joining in and she gave a few cold laughs, "You know what you did wrong, pal?"

With a languid look on her face, Yun Wu let out a "Hoa" sound in a low voice and asked rhetorically, "What did I do wrong?

I\'m actually curious about it . "

"What you did wrong is that you shouldn\'t have been an interfering busybody that day," replied Gu Qin impatiently .

Yet Li Xin\'er said, "Do you actually think that you deserve that handsome man?

And you even dared to require teaming up with me . You should have p.i.s.sed onto the ground and looked into the urine to see how disgusting you are . "

"It\'s been more than a year, Li Xin\'er . I didn\'t expect that you\'re still so narcissistic . "

The corner of Yun Wu\'s lips curved into a perfect curve, and the next second, with a flip of her hand followed by a flash of cold light, a sword mounted with rubies was produced .

The three was amazed . Since when had she been carrying a sword?

It had been a year?

Did she meet her a year ago?

Li Xin\'er started recollecting .

Yun Wu gave a gentle twist to the sword in her hand and then sank it heavily into the ground, a surge of intangible killing aura storming towards the three .

n.o.body knew whether she did it intentionally or unintentionally .

Her tightly tied hair suddenly loosened and the raven hair stuck to her face in gusts of icy wind, covering her exquisite white face with a layer of chilly murderousness .

She had always had her own principles -- repay every favor, and settle every score .

Li Xin\'er must pay for whatever she had done to her .

Now that the three of them wanted her dead, then it was not necessary for themselves to live any longer .

Certainly, before that, she would tell Li Xin\'er the true meaning of the word "disgusting" .

Black hair covering half of her face, she narrowed her cold eyes as if she were a vengeful ghost coming from the h.e.l.l to collect lives .

Suddenly, the faint image of a sick-looking face flashed across Li Xin\'er\'s mind .

Li Xin\'er\'s heart missed a beat . With a shiver of her hand, she subconsciously called, "Yun--Yun Wu!"

‘No, impossible . She couldn\'t be Yun Wu . ’

Yun Wu\'s a sick good-for-nothing . How could she possibly be here? Besides, this was northern Magic Beasts Forest . How came . . .

With various "how come", Li Xin\'er denied the suspicions in her mind .

‘No, impossible . Yun Wu\'s a woman . She is merely . . . ’

However, a breeze went by and blew aside the hair covering Yun Wu\'s face, which was like white jade and bearing a cold-blooded smile .

In Li Xin\'er\'s mind, a scene abruptly pa.s.sed through -- back when they were still in the Yu mansion, she whipped Yun Wu till she was covered in bruises and cuts before hanging her by her feet from a tree . At that time Yun Wu was dying . Her body was dangling to and fro with neither any vigor on her face nor any strength to struggle .

At this instant, that image of Yun Wu in Li Xin\'er\'s mind overlapped with this Yun Wu before her .

"Yun Wu . . . " Li Xin\'er\'s heart missed a beat . Widening her eyes, she stared squarely at Yun Wu, unable to believe what she was seeing .

"Very good . It seems that there\'s no need for me to bother explaining to you who I am before you die . "