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Publishedat 27th of August 2019 12:32:36 PMChapter 43

Rival in Love" Is a Man

When everybody raised their head in amazement and looked at Yun Wu who was in men\'s clothing .

That \'little girl\' below recoiled and hurriedly tried to nudge her way into the crowd .

But the next moment, that strong man blocked her path .

"Still want to leave?"

The strong man\'s face was full of sullenness and anger . He reached out his hand, grabbed her and lifted that small figure up .

"Let go of me, you villain . Let me go . . . " a childish voice said .

"You scoundrel still dared to do evil . . . " Li Xin\'er reprimanded .

No matter what, if she still wanted to give that silver-haired man a good impression, continuing to "curb the violent

and a.s.sist the weak" was definitely her best choice .

With her beauty and deeds, she believed that he would surely be attracted to her .

However . . .

Right at the time when Li Xin\'er was indulging herself with her rosy fantasies .

The strong man went angry . He stretched out his strong palm and rubbed it against the dirty face of that "little girl" .

When that thick layer of "filth" was removed, an old, ugly face full of wrinkles emerged before the crowd .

"Everybody, watch closely! The two are utter frauds!"

Hearing this yell, all people present were stunned, including Li Xin\'er who had been meaning to "act like a hero and

uphold the justice" .

"To get a ripe Fire Focus Fruit, I risked life and limb staying in the Magic Beasts Forest for half a year, and nearly

got killed by a magic beast . My wife is ill and she needs this fruit . But these two despicable frauds told me that they

were pharmacists . They not only tricked me out of my life savings but also stole my Fire Focus Fruit and ran away . I

tracked them for a whole month and today I finally got them . "

Saying this, the strong man indignantly turned his head back, looking at Li Xin\'er who was standing transfixed as well

as those trainees and their mentor .

"But you people of Mighty King Warrior Academy, you attacked me without knowing anything about the truth and you even

tried to kill me with all your deadly blows . Is this how you Mighty King Warrior Academy guys do things? ”You gave me

chills in the heart . "

Originally, they had thought that they were upholding the justice and helping the weak, yet at this moment, they

instantly became an extremely ridiculous laughingstock .

Li Xin\'er clenched her fists and anxiously said without thinking, "Look at yourself, so ugly and villain-like .

Whoever sees you will think that you\'re not a good people . So who can you blame for your being misunderstood?"

Yet her remarks displayed the lowest stupidity .

"So you\'re saying that you judge people only on their looks? Hha . . . Everybody keeps saying that all students of

Mighty King Warrior Academy are talents of genius, but today I really broadened my horizons . These so-call talents are nothing but a bunch of fools who judge people by their appearance . "

The strong man burst into laugh, his angry words harboring endless sneer .

However, at this moment, all the others fell into silence .

The n.o.bility and superiority of the Mighty King Warrior Academy was beyond words .

Yet this luxuriantly bearded man dared to make a statement like this . Was he not afraid of retaliation?

However, hearing these words, that mentor became speechless .

If the mentor\'s face was originally black, then it turned livid at this instant .

He slid a reproachful sideways glance at Li Xin\'er, the look in his eyes full of irritation indicating that she never made but always broke .

On an eye contact with the mentor, Li Xin\'er gave a shiver .

She suddenly realized the stupidity of her previous words, but she still believed that this was not all her fault . Why

she had to take all the blame?

Fairly annoyed, she raised her head and glared at Yun Wu who was on the second floor . A cold glint flickered across

her pretty eyes .

All this was on "him" .

If it weren\'t for him being an interfering busybody, how could things end up like this?

She didn\'t care about whether they were frauds or not . She launched attack only to give the mentor a favorable impression .

But she had never expected that what she did would make a shameful laughingstock of Mighty King Warrior Academy .


‘That G.o.dd.a.m.n kid! He\'s not getting away with this . . . ’

As regards the other five trainees, the looks on their faces also instantly became quite a show .


‘That old woman and the kid were liars?’

Even if they didn\'t want to admit, the fact was right before them .

At this moment, all their previous pride and vanity turned into ridicule and shame . Especially when everybody was

looking at them, their faces couldn\'t look worse .

As for what happened next, Yun Wu had lost interest in it .

Under everybody\'s gaze, she stood up and returned to her room .

In regard Long Qingxie, that devil was naturally like a copycat .

After following her into her room, he took liberties with her, which of course irritated Yun Wu, and then he leisurely and languidly went back to his own room .

This inn was very quiet .

For the whole night, n.o.body disturbed them .

Yun Wu was fairly confused .

Because to her knowledge of Li Xin\'er, she believed that what she had done previously would undoubtedly annoy Li

Xin\'er, so Li Xin\'er would sneak in and do something at midnight .

Yet she waited all night but didn\'t see anybody .

The next morning .

When Yun Wu and Long Qingxie walked out of the inn and was about to depart for the Magic Beasts Forest .

It was so "coincidental" . A slim and delicate figure "accidentally" ran into them and fell straight towards Long Qingxie .

"Ouch!" a female yell was heard .

The corner of Long Qingxie\'s mouth slightly curved up, yet a cold gleam flashed across his eyes . He took a step back, moving sideways .

Li Xin\'er\'s "falling" figure missed him and her mouth went straight towards the ground .

“Right at the moment when Li Xin\'er\'s facial expression slightly changed, a figure rapidly rushed over and supported her, "Are you okay, Junior Sister?"

It was the only one among the five trainees who was in late stage of Tier II, Gu Qing .

He was about 18 or 19 years old and his look was all right, yet not exactly handsome . About 5 . 4 feet in height, he was wearing a yellow outfit, which made him look a little dumpy .

Standing side by side with Li Xin\'er, he didn\'t seem to be as tall as she was .

Judging from the concerned look in his eyes, he clearly had a crush on Li Xin\'er .

Unfortunately, Li Xin\'er\'s eyes were squarely fixed on Long Qingxie like a piece of fly-sticker sticking to him .

She didn\'t reply to Gu Qin .

Li Xin\'er bashfully looked at Long Qingxie and said, "I\'m sorry, childe . Did I hurt you just now? I\'m a trainee from Mighty King Warrior Academy, Li Xin\'er . "

So saccharine, so gross . . . excessively feminine voice . . .

She didn\'t know how that devil felt, but Yun Wu was covered in gooseb.u.mps .

No wonder Li Xin\'er didn\'t come to seek revenge last night . It turned out that the reason was this G.o.dd.a.m.n devil .

"Women equal trouble" -- the saying was correct .

Although there was a smile on the corner of Long Qingxie\'s mouth, he glanced at her blandly, "Oh! You\'re one of the

blind and stupid trainees we met yesterday! ”Since you\'re blind, I certainly won\'t blame you . "

Hearing his remarks, Li Xin\'er\'s smile instantly froze, an awkward glint flashing across her eyes .

“Supporting Li Xin\'er, Gu Qin\'s face clouded after hearing these words, "Don\'t go too far, Childe . What happened

yesterday was a misunderstanding . You don\'t have to keep bringing it up and insulting us . You . . . "

"Senior Brother!" Li Xin\'er pulled Gu Qin and told him to stop talking .

Gu Qin was very unhappy, but under Li Xin\'er\'s gaze, he swallowed it .

A delicate smile reappeared on the beautiful face of Li Xin\'er, "I can see that you\'re going to Magic Beasts Forest!

It happens that we\'re going there to improve our skills as well . Can we go with you? ”If we go together, we can take care

of each other . "

So, this was the reason why they had shown up at the gate of this inn "waiting" for them so early .

The six of them had come here together, which indicated that the one who wanted to invite them to travel together was

their mentor .

It must be that that mystical force and Yun Wu\'s move yesterday had aroused that mentor\'s suspicion .

Possibly he wanted to travel together with them because he intended to sound them out .

Yet Long Qingxie didn\'t reject immediately . He stretched out his long arm and put it on Yun Wu\'s shoulder, his big

body languidly leaning against her .

After enchantingly and intimately blowing into Yun Wu\'s ear, Long Qingxie said sentimentally, "You decide, Tiny . You

know, I\'ll do whatever you say . "

Seeing the intimacies between the two men, people around started giving them weird gaze .

Including several trainees behind Li Xin\'er .

With a frown on her face, Li Xin\'er clenched her fists secretly .

Yet this "pal" again?

She had never failed to get the man she wanted . It was just that she hadn\'t expected that the "rival" she was going to

vie with was a man .

The anger in her heart was quickly replaced by a killing intent .

Very good!

As for that kid, she had always felt that he was an eyesore from the beginning, and yesterday he made an utter fool of

her . If it weren\'t for the handsome silver-haired man beside him, she would have made her move last night .

It seemed that she would have to make sure he never came back after they arrived in the Magic Beasts Forest .

Li Xin\'er concealed her psychological changes very well, if not perfectly .

However, what she didn\'t know was that this was exactly what Yun Wu wanted .

She once said that she wouldn\'t let a single one of those who had bullied her get away .

This little town was so remote, yet they still encountered her . So, Yun Wu would surely take her life .

"Would you mind my coming along with you, young friends?"

At this time, that mentor walked towards them from a small alley, with a look just as condescending and grave as

yesterday .

"Teacher Wu!"

Li Xin\'er and the other five trainees respectfully greeted him .

Wu Qin nodded, gazing at Yun Wu with piercing eyes .

It seemed that he had heard their previous conversation . Or, maybe he had been deliberately hiding and observing them

from the beginning .

“Looking Wu Qin in the eyes, the corner of Yun Wu\'s lips slowly curved up, "It\'s our honor to have a master as

powerful as teacher Wu to be our companion . Apologies for the trouble we may cause you, teacher Wu!"

Wu Qin enjoyed these words very much .

As a mentor of the Mighty King Warrior Academy, people always looked up to and flattered him wherever he went . He

could even do almost whatever he wanted to do in Zhou Dynasty .

As for these two juniors, he deigned to travel together with them merely because of that mystical force which appeared

yesterday .

Whichever of these two that power had come from, he would consider enrolling him on behalf of the academy if he indeed

was highly talented .

This was literally a gift for anybody .

However, it was on the day when he saw the two figures dwarfing all people that he realized how ridiculous this idea of "a gift" had been .