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Publishedat 25th of August 2019 04:40:34 PMChapter 42

A Meeting of Foes

Behind her, a short distance away, a group of teenage boys and girls were walking towards her . There were five of them, all of whom were dressed in the same outfits as hers . And a middle-aged man in gray mentor uniform was walking beside them .

It seemed that a mentor of the academy was taking trainees out on a field trip .

However, Yun Wu gave an obvious frown on sight of that female .

Li Xin\'er!

She used to hang out in General Mansion and seem to enjoy being Yun Lingshui\'s lackey .

In her memory, Li Xin\'er had offered Yun Lingshui a lot of prankish ideas to play tricks on her .

On the worst occasion, they hung her by her feet from a branch and whipped her till she was covered in cuts and bruises . Then they left her hanging there for a whole day and a night, which nearly killed her .

Afterwards, it was said that she got a place in Warrior Academy .

Unexpectedly, after more than a year, the two foes ran into each other at such an out-of-the-way place .

Watching Li Xin\'er down there, the corner of Yun Wu\'s compressed lips suddenly curved up slightly .

”Hearing that reprimand in a female voice, the strong man frowned and turned his head, "Little girl, go away and do what you gotta do . Stay out of my business, or you\'ll get yourself into trouble . "

"Hem!" "This business of yours has just become my business!" after a cold snort, Li Xin\'er swung her sword at him with a flash of cold light .

Her attacks were fast and steady, fighting spirit engulfing the blade, and a scorching hotness started pervading .

Yellow-tier talent, tier II early stage, fire!

The impatience on the strong man\'s face was instantly replaced by grave ferocity as soon as he saw this scene .

When that sword slash was coming for him, he immediately loosened his grip on the old woman and whipped out the broad saber fastened to his waist, orange fighting spirit billowing out from his body along with Tier II peak fighting force .

Two figures intertwined with each other instantly .

Yet the gap between the strength of the two sides was very obvious .

After a few moves, Li Xin\'er was clearly reduced to a pa.s.sive position .

"Let us help, Junior Sister!"

With a yell in a haughty tone, the five teenagers joined the fight forthwith .

In the blink of an eye, the situation became six versus one .

That mentor just stood at the side with his arms crossed before his chest, arrogantly watching this fighting scene .

The look on his face seemed to be suggesting that not only were they upholding justice but also this fight was helpful in toughening his students .

All of a sudden .

Someone with sharp eyes saw the logos on their outfits and cried in surprise .

"My G.o.d, they\'re from the Mighty King Warrior Academy . . . "


"Mighty King Warrior Academy?"

Immediately, the eyes of all the people around swept towards the students with an intent look . Very soon, a ghost of astonishment and excitement flashed in their eyes .

The Mighty King Warrior Academy was the best academy in Zhou Dynasty and it was said the entrance requirement was very strict .

Applicants whose talent failed to meet the criteria would never be admitted even if they were members of royal family .

As a result, whoever got admitted into Mighty King Academy was undoubtedly top applicants with exceptional talent .

No wonder that tough hombre looked so violent and wicked, yet this little girl still dared to mess with him . It turned out that she was from the Mighty King Warrior Academy .

"Terrific! Nice move . . . "

"She\'s definitely from the Mighty King Warrior Academy . . . "

"That girl\'s not only beautiful but also so powerful . . . "

At this moment, loud cheers arose among the crowd along with animated compliments and admiration, surrounding Li Xin\'er and the other five teenagers .

Hearing the compliments, Li Xin\'er was somewhat self-satisfied and her moves became more aggressive .

Although that strong man was in peak stage of tier II, his six opponents were all above tier II, and one of them was even in late stage of tier II . Their moves were ruthless and their teamwork was very good .

After fighting for such a long time, a number of cuts appeared on him .

Abruptly, the six opponents launched their attacks on him from his front, back, left and right sides simultaneously, every saber aiming at his vital parts .

The strong man\'s facial expression changed . He took a transverse slash and tapped on the ground with his foot, planning to leap upwards and flee .

But at this moment!

”A cold look appeared in the eyes of the middle-aged mentor at the side, "Villain! Where do you think you\'re going!"

With a quick swing of his hand, Earth energy surged out, and a spurt of weighty Earth force emerged in the air, pressing straight downwards onto the head of the strong man .


The strong man couldn\'t help giving a m.u.f.fled groan, the force weighing him down like the full weight of the Tai Mountain . The look on his face changed drastically .

With a downward movement of his body, his feet violently sank deep into the ground .

The momentum of that great force diffused outwards and all the people around felt a tide of compressive force coming right towards their front .

Gasps and yells were heard .

"A Tier VII Earth master . . . "

"His fighting force\'s so formidable . . . "

"His Earth controlling capability\'s amazing . . . "

When people around were still screaming in shock --

Li Xin\'er seized this opportunity, a killing intent flickering across her eyes .

With a feet movement, she stabbed her sword towards that strong man\'s heart ruthlessly . "Die! Villain!"

But all of a sudden!

A cold light shot at her face head-on . It was so fast, leaving her no time to react .

Fortunately, that mentor had both sharp eyes and quick reflexes, drawing Li Xin\'er backwards with great suction .

"Who is it? You dared to stab us in the back?" the mentor\'s face became sullen, his sharp eyes sweeping around .

It was at this time that the people around reacted .

They saw a small knife sticking in the ground, giving off eerie, cold reflection of light .

If it weren\'t for that the mentor\'s movement was quicker, that knife would\'ve taken Li Xin\'er\'s life .

Yet, his angry yell received no response .

In a box on the second floor!

"You little thing . Aren\'t you not interested?" with an enchanting smile Long Qingxie stared at Yun Wu .

"Do you think I\'m interested now?" Yun Wu arched her eyebrows and asked rhetorically .

After that, Yun Wu continued to enjoy the meal as if nothing had ever happened .

However, in this man\'s eyes, things had just got more interesting .

Of course, it was not Long Qingxie who had shot that knife . To him, except for this woman before him, n.o.body else was worthy of him taking any action .

Yet this woman\'s sudden behavior had somewhat surprised him .

Judging by her personality, she didn\'t seem like the kind of person who would show anyone excessive sympathy .

Unless, one of those people below once messed with her . . .

Long Qingxie reached out his hand, scratched the bridge of her nose and pinched her delicate cheek, "So naughty!"

Yun Wu slapped his hand away and gave a reproachful look at him .

"You know as a man, you can just talk if you wanna talk, so stop touching me so frequently . I\'m not a cloth puppet . "

Hearing her words, Long Qingxie gave a languid evil smile, "Okay, then . From now on, instead of using my hands, I\'ll use my mouth . . . "

On hearing this, Yun Wu was embarra.s.sed, a timid, annoyed glint flashed across Yun Wu\'s eyes .

"Shameless . . . "

"Thanks . . . "

Long Qingxie grinned, enjoying that word very much .

‘This b.i.t.c.h . . . ’

Yun Wu really really wanted to hurl abuse at him . Actually, she had done that before . . .

However, the outcome was just like what had just happened before her .

To him, it seemed as if all abuse was compliments .

The more angrily she swore at him, the more he enjoyed it .

And eventually, it was herself that suffered from the anger .

Actually, Yun Wu believed he did this deliberately, absolutely deliberately .

So, most of the time, she tolerated it whenever she could, because she didn\'t want to content him .

What she didn\'t know was that what satisfied this man the most was exactly the fact that she was plainly full of anger yet still had to try her best to swallow it down .

However, at the time when these two people were "flirting" .

Outside the window, that mentor had focused his aggressive eyes on their position .

"Junior, get down here right now and explain yourselves," the angry cry had just died away when a surge of Earth force fiercely charging at the window of the wing-room on the second floor .


With a loud thump, the window was shattered to pieces .

All the spectators below raised their heads and looked upwards .

When they saw the two men in the wing-room, especially when they saw the one with silver hair, all people couldn\'t help but gasp secretly .

A gleam of astonishment crossed their eyes .

Even men found that bewitching beauty irresistible and couldn\'t help praising it privately .

But that mentor\'s face became leaden, vigilance arising in him .

Others might not know it, but he knew very clearly that the Earth force he had exerted was canceled out by some mysterious force after breaking that window .

He was in late stage of Tier VII .

Yet his power was canceled out quietly . There was only one plausible explanation for this --

But, how was this possible?

One of them was seemingly in his early twenties, and the other was just a "teenager" . How was it possible that any of them was more powerful than him?

Right at this moment when suspicion and confusion were full of his mind .

Beside him, a tender and charming voice was heard!

"Childe, we\'re trainees of Mighty King Warrior Academy, and this is the mentor of our cla.s.s . May I ask why you helped that villain just now?"

Li Xin\'er raised her head and stared directly at Long Qingxie .

Judging by that bashfulness on her face, even blind people would know clearly what she was thinking of .

Yun Wu raised her eyebrows and glanced at Long Qingxie out of the corner of her eye .

‘It seems that this devil\'s magnetism is really enormous . His face alone can fascinate whoever sees it . ‘

However, under Li Xin\'er\'s gaze which was full of bashfulness .

That “devil” said, "Tiny, you were right . This Mighty King Warrior Academy indeed enrolled a bunch of blind and stupid students . "

Saying this, he reached out his hand and stroked Yun Wu\'s head .

With a grave look on his face which was suggesting she was right .

Yun Wu was stunned . What had she been right about?

What had she said?

But after a second, Yun Wu, who finally understood, clenched her teeth in anger .

This d.a.m.n man dared to "frame" her right under her nose . . .

After the man said that .

Not only did the look on Li Xin\'er\'s face freeze .

But also the other five teenage boys and girls were astounded, annoyance surging through them, "What did you say, pal?"

Not to mention that mentor\'s face -- it instantly became black with rage .

”With a grip of his fists, furious power gushed out momentarily, "As a junior, you are way too arrogant . "

"Arrogant? But I think what she said is right," Long Qingxie added casually and languidly .


All the fury was ignited instantly .

But at this moment!

A chopstick shot across the air .

Under everybody\'s eyes, that little thin chopstick went straight into the shank of the old woman who was trying to escape stealthily .

"Ouch . . . " a painful screech was heard .

"Leave my stuff before you leave!" a cold voice casually came from the second floor .

Seeing this scene, everybody felt a chill in their heart .

No fighting spirit, and no manipulation of element energy .

Yet the chopstick had accurately gone through that old woman\'s shank after traveling such a long distance .

What kind of power was that?