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Publishedat 23rd of August 2019 05:40:24 PMChapter 40

Handsome Man Lying on the Couch

Yun Qi seemed to understand Yun Wu’s feeling when he saw Yun Wu’s clenched fists and loss expression .

"Girl, don’t put too much pressure on yourself . As you’ve been strong enough to kill a third-level evil beast with your strength in this age, you are pretty good . ”

"Pretty good?"

Yun Wu grinned coldly and a chill flashed across her eyes, "For the enemy who wants my life, I am no different from an ant . I have died once . Since G.o.d has given me the chance to rebirth, I will cherish my life and won’t let anybody determine my fate . "

Speaking of this, Yun Wu raised her eyes . She looked at Yun Qi’s shocked eyes and said coldly, "So, don\'t judge me by my age and strength . It is just an excuse for keeping still . I don\'t want to be such a person . "

In the eyes of those who wanted her life, her current strength was not strong enough .

She didn\'t need to give herself any excuses . She was really too weak, which was the truth .

However, these words made Yun Qi speechless .

Died once?

Did she mean the thing Yun Qing’er, Yun Xing’er and Yun Lingshui did to her last time?

Or the time when she was in the forbidden area?

Or . . . the event that she was poisoned more than ten years ago?

Anyway, she had made it clear that the person who wanted her life must not be a big shot .

Was that the reason why she hid her strength?

Yun Qi laughed happily after a while, with a trace of appreciation in his eyes, "Girl, you are really different . You will certainly stand on the high position that everyone respects based on such belief . . . "

The old man knew very well that this girl was unusual . He didn\'t ask more as she showed her strong will .

He just needed to understand her in his heart .

And he knew that the day she presented her strength in front of him must be her strongest day, when she accepted him as her grandfather and accept the whole Yun Family .

Soon, they arrived at the door of Yun Family .

"Grandpa, since I was so badly injured this time, shouldn’t I need to lie quietly for a month or two?" Suddenly, Yun Wu looked at Yun Qi with a light smile and asked .

Yun Qi’s eyes were full of laughter . This girl must want to go somewhere without being noticed!

Was that a sign of trust in him?

"Give me a night, and I\'ll let Yun Wu ‘recover’ on bed in Ning Yard for two months . "

Yun Wu laughed . For the first time, she felt that it was not bad to have such a “helper” .

. . .

Yun Qing’er “won” the championship, so the Life Flower and rewards were sent to Yun House .

For Yun Wu, it was too easy to get all things in Yun Family .

She needed Growing Gra.s.s besides Life Flower .

Long Qinxie told her that the Growing Gra.s.s was in the middle ridge of Evil Beast Forest at the intersection of the three kingdoms .

She had checked Continental Map before and remembered the route .

If the journey to Evil Beast Forest went smoothly, it would take at least a month or so to get back the Growing Gra.s.s .

If she disappeared suddenly, it would inevitably arouse suspicion from the empress and the emperor . It was absolutely fool to put herself in the light .

So she asked Yun Qi to help .

After one night, when Yun Wu looked at a "Yun Wu" exactly like her, she suddenly understood why Yun Qi said that he needed a night .

He must make some efforts and use some special means to make this Yun Wu .

The next day!

At daybreak, a small figure appeared quietly in the backyard of Yun House . Soon, the figure disappeared silently at the end of the street .

Yun Wu rode a horse in men\'s clothes and went out of the city as soon as city door opened .

This horse was quick as Yun Wu’s wish .

But . . .

Yun Wu neglected that although she had learned to ride a horse in her previous life, she never really had a long journey by riding a horse .

An hour later, she felt a sharp ache on b.u.t.tocks, so she had to stop by the roadside .

"d.a.m.n it, I should buy a carriage," Yun Wu rubbed her painful b.u.t.tocks, frowning .

In fact, she was rich enough to buy a flying beast since she had robbed the whole treasure house .

But that was too high-profile .

She thought carriage was too slow . So she chose the beast horse .

Beast horse was fast and low-key, but it really let her b.u.t.tocks suffer .

In the distance, there was a roar of beasts suddenly came with dust swirling in the air .

Yun Wu looked up to the dim dust .

Two white unicorns pulling a luxury carriage came at a high speed and stopped in front of her in the twinkling of an eye .

The dust blurred her eyes .

At the same moment, her horse seemed to be shocked, roared, and ran away quickly .

"Oops . . . Bah . . . " Yun Wu wanted to chase her horse, but as soon as she opened mouth, she inhaled a lot of dust .

In the blink of an eye, the horse had disappeared . There was no way for Yun Wu to catch up with it .

On the roadside, there was a luxurious carriage . The two white unicorns raised their heads proudly and snorted at Yun Wu disdainfully .

It showed a strong sense of contempt .

Yun Wu’s mood suddenly became bad to the extreme .

Yun Wu put on a long face, and walked up to the carriage on the roadside .

"You’re so angry, do you want to vent your anger to your husband?" As soon as Yun Wu approached the carriage, a charming lazy voice came from it with a deep laugh .

Carriage doors carved with exquisite totems were slowly opened .

Long Qinxie lay gracefully on the soft couch in the s.p.a.cious carriage, his white clothes drifting made him look like an immortal, and his enchanting silver hair, together with his handsome and evil face, brought him a kind of suffocating charm .

Yun Wu was stunned at that moment .

After she recovered from her astonishment, a doubt appeared in the bottom of her eyes .

No one knew except Yun Qi that she would leave the capital city .

Long Qingxie shouldn’t be informed by Yun Qi .

Was he . . . watching her all the time?

"Little thing, you have my blood in your body . It\'s easy for me to sense your position . " Seeing Yun Wu’s doubts and cold eyes, Long Qinxie explained with an invisible laugh .

His blood?

Was this the uniqueness of Sacred Blood?

Although Yun Wu was familiar with the general history of the mainland, which introduced many things on the mainland, a lot of things were not recorded in the book .

So, at this time, it was a normal reaction to have a feeling of incredulity .

"Get on!" Inside the carriage, Long Qingxie waved his hand like summoning a puppy . However, on his evil face, he wore a charming smile that bewitched all living beings .

The seduction of the smile let a person’s heart beat faster .

Yun Wu frowned and thought, “Was this d.a.m.n evil man using his psychedelic trick again?”

"I have something important to do . I don\'t have time to play with you," Yun Wu turned around and was ready to leave .

"Little thing, do you want me to hold you up? Come up . "

His light laughter was casual, but it had an undoubted hegemony and strength .

Yun Wu stopped, frowning . A cold light flashed across her eyes .

Did this man really see her as an a.s.sistant?

She didn’t want to respond to him .

However, just when Yun Wu was about to leave, her waist was entangled by something suddenly .

She had already been carried into the carriage and lay p.r.o.ne on Long Qingxie’s chest before she knew it .

"You . . . "

As Yun Wu opened her mouth, she was suddenly kissed by Long Qingxie on the red lips .

Yun Wu struggled with her eyes wide open, but her head was firmly held by a big hand .

"Um-huh" She couldn’t resist this fiery and domineering kiss .

He tied her hands behind her back with one hand, which tore the wound on her body .

His kiss was hegemonic and powerful . . .

It shocked Yun Wu .

Before Yun wu felt dizzy and blank in her brain .

She bit Long Qingxie firmly . The smell of blood soon spread in their mouths .

At this time, their lips were separated .

Long Qingxie wiped the blood on his lips with his hand, and then he stared at Yun Wu with his s.e.xy eyes, "You’re really like a wild kitten, so I must use such means to settle you down . "

"You are shameless . . . " Yun Wu glared at him, but in an instant, a touch of chagrin flashed across her eyes .

Dame it! Why did she always get mad at this man and lose all her sense? His blood was not only holy blood, but also the strongest philter . . .

In the eyes of men who laughed so enchantingly, Yun Wu lost her consciousness in that instant .

It was dark . In the carriage .

"Uh . . . "

It was comfortable!

Yun Wu stretched her body subconsciously when she woke up . The very relaxed comfort let her want to groan out loud .

This feeling was like a sense of bizarre reincarnation .

Immediately, an image flashed through her mind .

She turned her head .

Long Qinxie was still half lying on the soft couch on the other side of the carriage, holding his head with one hand and keeping his eyes closed .

Beauty in couch?

No, it should be a handsome man in couch!

Very beautiful, very charming, very exciting . . .

This man didn\'t need to use the psychedelic trick at all . He was the best philter himself .

Whether a woman or a man would be attracted by him just after having a look at him .

To be honest, if it wasn\'t the unforgettable betrayal she suffered in her previous life, she could hardly control her heart and would fall in love with him easily .

When Yun Wu was lost in thought, Long Qinxie’s closed black eyes opened . His smiling eyes met Yun Wu’s starry ones .

"Am I handsome?" asked Long Qinxie unhurriedly .

Yun Wu was stunned . She hid her inner feelings for a moment and rolled her eyes towards him .

Instead of responding to him, she asked, "Where are we going?"

The carriage ran smooth and steady, but she occasionally felt the b.u.mps brought by the galloping unicorns .