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Chapter 4 — A Bewitching Man

Perhaps, she was not aware of it.

But in the eyes of the man hiding in the dark, she was like a fallen angel, so painfully beautiful, and the blood on her body beckoned him.

A mountain night breeze blew past. Yun Wu felt a queer gaze staring closely at her from the dark.

This feeling of being secretly watched had been going on for 3 days. At first, she\'d thought it was her imagination, but after three days, she would be a fool to still believe that.

She smeared the chewed-up herbs on her last remaining wound before stretching out her hand, swiftly grabbing her tattered clothes to cover her body with. When she rose, she simultaneously s.n.a.t.c.hed up her usual feldspar.

All of a sudden, Yun Wu\'s ear twitched, and her head turned slightly to see a silent qi force fiercely and rapidly heading towards her.

Her figure promptly flickered, and at the same time she evaded, her poisonous feldspar tore through the air at the target behind her. As long as that person moved, then no matter how skilled the concealment technique, a crack will still appear.

Hua! The sound of clothes tearing.

Behind her, she saw a vague silhouette leap into the air and immediately disappeared again into the dark forest. Her attack had surprisingly only poked that person\'s clothing.

What a keen opponent.

Just then, an indistinct stream of chilling green light surrounded the area, and the clamor of beasts snapping their jaws rang out from all four corners.

Was it the smell of blood on her body that attracted the beasts, or was it because of that person? Regardless of the reason, anything that came close to her—kill!

Yun Wu promptly darted behind a large rock, feldspar in hand, her dormant posture akin to that of a wild beast\'s, and her cold eyes gleamed.

Her every move was taken in by a pair of sly eyes. The man’s compressed lips curved into an amused, bloodthirsty smile. He knew she had been aware of his surveillance. Only, she didn\'t have the ability to pinpoint his location yet, but he had a feeling it would not take long for this little thing to start shining.

"Really, what a fascinating little thing." When a magnetic low mutter breezed by, a tall figure came out of the darkness.

He was the most beautiful person Yun Wu had ever seen in her life.

Enchanting silver hair, sharp eyebrows, twinkling black eyes, skin like snow, and a pair of seductive lips with corners raised.

His body seemed to emanate a strange magical force–a single glance, and one would feel their state of mind being s.n.a.t.c.hed away. Even Yun Wu fell into a moment of absent-mindedness, but quickly, her eyes recovered their clarity and took on a murderous look.

"You know the Soul a.s.similation Technique?"

That strange feeling.. In the past when she was carrying out a task in a remote country, she\'d experienced the allegedly advanced form of hypnotism before; the Soul a.s.similation Technique.

Her first impression of this man: Too dangerous.

The smile on the man\'s thin lips deepened. "This is my first time encountering a woman who didn’t get mesmerized by me. Little thing, what\'s your name?"

Seeing the man approach step by step, Yun Wu\'s dormant body immediately went on guard, and her voice was icy. "Don\'t get any closer, or else I\'ll take your life!"

The man laughed. "There are countless people who wish to take my life. Unfortunately, not a single one could. If you, little thing, have the ability, I don\'t mind handing my life to you…."

He turned a deaf ear to her threat and drew closer, his slender eyes serene yet devilish.

Swoosh! The sound of a sharp weapon slicing through the air, followed by the scent of blood.

Although the beasts detected the smell, they did not advance and instead seemed to be frightened by that smell and quickly withdrew. Yun Wu\'s eyes flashed with disbelief as she stared at the man. He hadn\'t bothered to dodge and let her pierce his large palm.

Poison, he was unaffected by.

Injury, he readily accepted.

Drops of crimson blood dripped down his hand, and the plants they tainted immediately withered.

"Looks like you\'re unable to take my life. Then…. From tonight onward, you shall belong to me." The magnetic voice carried a hint of domineeringness.

Yun Wu\'s eyes widened and chilled. She had just thought to move when in an instant, her consciousness dimmed.


In her last moment of consciousness, the man seemed to have laughed alluringly before swooping down to embrace her waist and his seductive lips descended on her red ones…

She never would\'ve thought that, one day, she would inexplicably fall into the hands of a man.


Night exchanged with day.

There was no telling how many days had pa.s.sed since that night. A blazing hot, tingling, and extremely itchy feeling pulled Yun Wu\'s consciousness from the abyss.

As soon as she opened her bright eyes, she subconsciously bent her fingers, wanting to forcibly scratch her body.

At that moment, she realized her arms were spread and bound on both sides. She struggled but found that her body was so itchy, she couldn\'t even find the strength to lift a finger.

VIN: So.. yeah, don’t run yet because I almost did. He did technically kidnap her, but his reason for tying up her wrists is not bad, it’s for her own good. When I translated to this point, I actually triple-checked to make sure the ending isn’t yandere, and it isn’t. But the actions of the ML in this chapter is really quite misleading..