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In the blink of an eye, the strange purple eyes of Yun Wu restored to black as if the purple eyes Yun Qing\'er just saw was her illusion.

How could this happen?

Was it really her illusion?

Yun Qing\'er blinked her eyes and tried hard to see the eyes of Yun Wu again.

Yun Wu slowly raised the lip corner and inexplicably smiled, "Sixth sister, it\'s time for you to protect us."

What did her words mean?

Just when Yun Qing\'er was in confusion, Yun Wu came forward and pulled Yun Qing\'er up from the ground. The whip was handed to Yun Qing\'er.

Then, Yun Wu pretended to be weak on purpose and immediately "fainted" on the ground.

Yun Qing\'er didn\'t figure out what was going on.

Suddenly, a roar of tigers came behind Yun Qing\'er.

"Roar..." The roar shocked the earth.

Yun Qing\'er turned around subconsciously, but the next moment, she was almost scared to urination.

A third-level Golden-spot Tiger!

Why was there a third-level evil beast on the periphery of the forest?

She had just reached the second level! How could she defeat a third-level evil beast?

The Golden-spot Tiger galloped like it was being chased by something.

Seeing Yun Qing\'er was on its way, the tiger roared and opened its big mouth with sharp fangs as if trying to tear her apart.

As the big mouth approached her, Yun Qing\'er\'s face was pale white and her legs were shivering like noodles. She instinctively backed up quickly and wanted to run away.

But she was stumbled by the body of Yun Wu who "fainted" beside suddenly.

"Ah!" At the moment of falling, Yun Qing\'er gritted her teeth angrily.

"That trash really gets me into trouble this time."

At that moment, however, a cold light flashed before her eyes. When she fixed her eyes on it, a dagger had been inserted into the head of the tiger already.

That dagger belonged to Yun Lingshui, who wanted to pierce Yun Wu with it.

Yun Qinger didn\'t know how this happened.

She just saw that tiger raised its head and roared when the dagger pierced its head. Its huge body instantly fell toward her.

Yun Qing\'er quickly dodged.

To ensure own safety, Yun Qing\'er waved the whip in her hand and severely attacked the head of the Golden-spot Tiger which was still breathing.

This scene was seen by the coming group.


Those people gave a sharp intake of breath when they saw the Golden-spot Tiger fell down upon the "attack" from Yun Qing\'er.

At this point, Yun Qing\'er seemed to notice the people present.

The long whip stained with blood was still held in her hand. She was stunned, looking at Zhou Tianyu, who was walking slowly towards her.

"Are you all right, Qing\'er?" The n.o.ble black eyes were stained with a touch of gentleness.

Coupled with his handsome face and n.o.ble status, his charm could not be resisted by any women present.

Yun Qing\'er took a deep breath and slowed down her chaotic heartbeat.

"Your Highness! I\'m all right. It\'s just a small injury." The bloodstains on her body made those people mistake that she had fought with the Golden-spot Tiger fiercely.


A voice with dignity arose.

Yun Qi came from the distance, walking fast forward her.

"Grandpa?" seeing Yunqi, Yun Qing\'er was stunned. Why did grandpa come?

Yun Qi came over and his sharp eyes swept around.

When he saw the unconscious Yun Wu next to the body of the Golden-spot Tiger, a dark current flashed across his eyes.

"What\'s the matter?" he inquired in a deep voice.

"Grandpa, I..."

However, before Yun Qing\'er answered, other ministers who followed Zhou Batian slowly came up.

When the others saw Zhou Batian, they were somewhat surprised and knelt down to greet him.

Zhou Batian waved his hand and laughed, "Stand up. I heard that a three-level evil beast ran out from the inner forest, so I came with ministers to see which lady is better in strength, but it seems that we are too late!"

Zhou Tianyu greeted Zhou Batian with a respectful smile and said, "Father, as soon as we catch up the tiger, we saw it was killed by Miss Sixth of Yun Family."

Hearing his words, the ministers behind Zhou Batian gasped in surprise and fixed their eyes on Yun Qing\'er instantly.

Their eyes were hot and full of inquiry.

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Would this lady be the summoner of Yun Family in the divination of Imperial Preceptor?

She must have something special since she could kill the third-level Golden-spot Tiger.

"Miss Yun, may I know what strength level you\'ve reached now?" an old minister asked in a slightly respectful tone.

This surprised all the other ladies and several princes present.

Why did the arrogant old guy ask the young generation in such a tone?

Yun Qing\'er was uncomfortable under such stares. She immediately answered with nervousness and respect, "My lord, I\'ve just broken through to the early stage of the second level."

"The early stage of second level?" the old minister raised his eyebrows and swept his eyes over Yun Qing\'er again, laughing kindly, "Breaking through to the second level at such a young age is really amazing; you have great potential."

The meaning of the word "potential" could only be understood by the ministers present.

When Yun Qing\'er heard his words, she regarded it as praise so she could not help but secretly rejoice.

Her mother had been asking her to keep a low profile and mask her nature.

She could not help but feel proud and decided not to tell the truth in front of the emperor, ministers and princes.

"Your Majesty, I think the Miss Sixth of Yun Family must be the winner of this hunting contest," the old minister looked respectfully at Zhou Batian with a smile.

"Yes!" the other ministers echoed his views together, without any doubt.

Zhou Batian smiled and said nothing. His deep eyes swept around for a while. It seemed that he was looking for something.

Yun Wu, who was lying beside the Golden-spot Tiger, was secretly alarmed by Zhou Batian\'s keen vision. He might be aware of her abnormal status if she didn\'t use silver needles to control her "weak" breath.

For a long time, Zhou Batian did not find anything unusual, and then he drew back his sight and fixed his eyes on Yun Qing\'er.

"Good! Well, this year\'s winner of the hunting compet.i.tion is Miss Sixth of Yun Family."

"Thank you for your grace!"

Hearing Zhou Batian\'s words, Yun Qing\'er was happy and immediately thanked the Emperor for his kindness.

"Since the hunt is over, we should go back to the palace and let the young people play with each other."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

A group of people left with momentum as it came.

The young ladies and princes taking part in the hunt game were surprised by the sudden appearance of the emperor and the ministers.

However, after that, the princes present all looked at Yun Qing\'er with fervent eyes.

It was a honor that the emperor and all the ministers all admitted her power of killing the third-level evil beast. If anyone could marry her, he would feel very dignified.

"Miss Yun, I wonder if you are free tomorrow? How about going to the lake together?"

"Miss Yun..."

Suddenly, many princes came forward to invite Yun Qing\'er.

Yun Qing\'er, however, turned her eyes to Zhou Tianyu. Her goal was to be the crown princess from the beginning to the end.

Zhou Tianyu looked up proudly, but smiled gently, "I also wonder if Qing\'er is free tomorrow?"

At this moment, Yun Qing\'er was extremely excited and her eyes was full of pride. She enjoyed the envy of other girls and slowly walked to Zhou Tianyu.

With a shy nod, she answered, "As long as Your Highness invite me, I\'ll be free at any time."

It seemed that Yun Qing\'er never thought about who shot the dagger into the head of the Golden-spot Tiger.

At this time, she only indulged in the pleasure of being envied by other girls.

No one present noticed the disappearance of Yun Wu and Yun Lingshui, who originally lay on the ground.

In a luxurious carriage.

Yun Qi stared at Yun Wu with strange eyes from the palace to the outside. He didn\'t blink all the way.

It was unbearable.

"Grandpa, I know I\'m pretty, but I have to tell you that I am not interested in old men," Yun Wu glanced at Yun Qi and said with a teasing coldness.

Hearing this, Yun Qi was choked and said, "The words said by you little girl always make me angry."

"That\'s because your gaze makes my flesh creep," Yun Wu replied straightforward.

Yun Qi drew back his gaze then, but soon, he grinned at her.

To tell the truth, his wrinkled face was like a chrysanthemum when he was laughing, which really did not look good.

"Just come to the point quickly," Yun Wu wanted to roll her eyes.

The old man really knew how to challenge the limitation of her taste.

"Today, Imperial Preceptor has predicted that a summoner will be born in our Yun Family, from the nine girls, including you," Yun Qi stared at her and said.

Yun Wu raised her eyebrows.

The divination from Imperial Preceptor?

She had memory of Imperial Preceptor of Zhou Dynasty. She also heard that his divination never was wrong. So he was known as "the First Prophet of G.o.d" due to his ability of prediction.

It seemed that her behavior in the forest profited Yun Qing\'er by accident.

Presumably, the emperors and ministers must think that the person who would become a summoner was Yun Qing\'er.

"So what?" Yun Wu casually said.

"You little girl, do you think I don\'t know what you did in the forest? You really regard your grandpa as an old fool? If your grandpa hadn\'t covered up it for you in advance, do you think you could escape Zhou Batian\'s sight by that means?"

Yun Qi said angrily, but he deliberately suppressed his voice.

In the carriage, Yun Lingshui, who was in a coma, was beside them.

He covered up it for her?

Yes, before the emperor\'s eyes fell on her, she seemed to feel a very gentle warm breath covering her body.

She thought it was an illusion, but it turned out that it was from Yun Qi, who helped her secretly.

Suddenly, Yun Wu\'s eyes darkened, as a sense of frustration hit her.

d.a.m.n it! She was still too weak.

With her present strength, she might only be able to resist some enemies. When she met a real master, she could only be slaughtered.