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Not long after Yun Wu and Long Qinxie left, two figures in black robes flew over from the depths of the mountains.

The smell of blood attracted the evil beasts in the forest and the corpses of fire wolves were torn and eaten by them.

And the coming two figures stood in the air.

When they observed the situation on the ground with their gloomy eyes, they soon frowned.

"Somebody hunted fire wolves in this inner forest!" one black-robed man said with dignity in his old voice.

"According to the tracks, it\'s two people. One should just break through the initial stage of the fifth rank with fire attribute. But... I can\'t figure out the cultivation of another one."

Another black-robed man squinted his gloomy eyes, as a touch of homicidal intent flashed across his eyes.

If Yun Wu heard this, she would break out into a cold sweat.

From the messy scene on the ground, they could know how many people was here and one of them had the strength of the fifth level.

What was more, the spot had already been destroyed by other beasts.

It took only a glance to get all the information. How powerful were the two black-robed men?

The man with the old voice also had a hint of murderous intent in his eyes, "This place is near the cliff of the royal secret tunnel, and the treasure guardian died on the cliff, so it seems that the two people are bound to be have some relationship with the treasure theft."

"They must have not gone far yet. Let\'s look for them separately."

As the voice fell, the two figures suddenly turned into two shadows and disappeared separately.

Near the boundary of Evil Beast Forest-

Yun Wu was like a gust of wind. She moved quickly, hiding her breath, along the cliff and towards the periphery of the forest.

She felt a terrible sense of crisis, and the dangerous feeling of being locked upon by a venomous snake did not disappear until she was near the boundary of the forest.

What was wrong?

Why did she suddenly have this strange feeling?

She was full of doubts, but no matter how hard she tried to find out the reason, she seemed to be at a loss.

Maybe that was intuition.

Long time later, when this intuition appeared several times, Yun Wu got this radar-like intuition because of her birth.

Of course, this was another story.

"My girl, I have something to do. Since boundary of the forest is just in front of you, I have to stop accompanying you here and I will come to see you in my convenient time," Long Qinxie, who followed Yun Wu, suddenly stopped and said.

Yun Wu turned her head and looked at him doubtfully, "Who on earth are you?"

Every time, he appeared at her crisis and then disappeared without trace.

She knew nothing about him.

Long Qinxie smiled evilly and looked at Yun Wu with dark eyes, "One day you will know me, and when that day comes, you shall fall in love with me."

Hearing this, Yun Wu frowned. It was obvious that she felt uncomfortable to his words.

Long Qingxie reached out and touched her head. His magnetic voice turned to a doting tone, "Don\'t show it so obviously that you don\'t like me, it will hurt my heart, but..."

Speaking of this, he paused. The next moment, Yun Wu seemed to see a dash of arrogance in his dark eyes.

"Believe me, in this world, only I can match you, and only you can be with me."

What an arrogant tone it was!

Yun Wu got stunned, and felt a tremor in her heart.

Where on earth did his confidence come from? How could he just make such a domineering declaration so proudly with such certainty?

"I\'ve searched all over the forest and haven\'t found you. It turns out that you this trash is hiding in this remote corner."

Shortly after Yun Wu reached the periphery of the forest, a sharp voice came.

Turning around, She saw Yun Qing\'er and Yun Lingshui coming toward her.

"My third sister, look, this trash is covered with blood. Is she hurt seriously?" Yun Qing\'er stared at Yun Wu teasingly.

"I heard that at the beginning of the game, you rushed into the woods. So you this trash wants to win the game?" Yun Lingshui\'s eyes were cold but her tone was mocking.

"Third sister, we have not taught this b.i.t.c.h a good lesson for a long time, so that she has forgotten what is reality."

Hearing Yun Qinger\'s words, Yun Lingshui sneered.

"What are you waiting for?"

As soon as the voice fell, Yun Lingshui drew out a long whip from her waist.

She threw the whip at Yun Wu fiercely with a look of contempt and disgust.

The look in Yun Wu\'s eyes turned cold.

Yun Qi asked her to show mercy to them, but they came to her first and took the initiative to trouble her.

Moving quietly, Yun Wu took the whip with a backhand. She said coldly, "It seems that you really want to die!"

Yun Lingshui mocked and sneered, "Since you this trash dare talk to me in such a tone, it seems that it is you that want to die."

Yellow fighting spirit raised from Yun Lingshui. She intended to withdraw her whip out of the hand of Yun Wu with much strength.


She couldn\'t!

Yun Lingshui frowned, as a trace of doubt flashed across her eyes. She gave another try, but she found that she was still unable to pull back the whip with all her energy.

How was that possible?

When Yun Qing\'er saw this, she also frowned and said, "What are you doing, third sister? There\'s no need to be merciful to this trash. Otherwise, sooner or later, she\'ll ride roughshod over us."

When Yun Lingshui saw that Yun Qing\'er only made some irresponsible remarks beside, a touch of rage raised in her heart, "Cut the c.r.a.p. Why are you standing there still!"

Yun Qing\'er\'s eyes was gloomy and she felt dissatisfied with the commanding tone of Yun Lingshui.

In fact, she had promoted to the second level of cultivation and Yun Lingshui was still in mid-term of first level. How could Yun Lingshui command her?

But this was not the time to break up with Yun Lingshui.

After pulling out her whip, Yun Qing\'er threw it straight at Yun Wu with a wisp of fighting spirit.

Bang! A deep mark left on the ground.

Yun Wu avoided the hit but Yun Qing\'er did not see how Yun Wu did it clearly.

Yun Qing\'er was angry, "You this trash, I haven\'t settled the score that you ate my Tier II pill last time. Today, I\'ll settle all the scores."

Yun Qing\'er waved the whip fiercely like a snake.

Yun Wu dodged without haste, but a touch of coldness flashed across her eyes, "Third sister, don\'t you intend to explain this matter? Don\'t you feel shame to make me a scapegoat of you?"

Yun Lingshui was stunned, but soon, she got angry, "You this trash dare to slander me! A few days ago, grandpa supported you. But today, I will give up my surname if I couldn\'t make you cry."

Yun Lingshui wanted the Tier II Elemental Wind Pill originally, but she lost to Yun Qing\'er in the bid. As a daughter of lineal descent in Yun Family, how could she be willing to lose? So she let people steal it from Yun Qing\'er.

Only her mother knew about this thing.

How could Yun Wu know it?

A killing intention rose in Yun Lingshui\'s heart. This thing must not be known to others. Otherwise, how could she face others proudly?

This was a kind of human inferiority. She not only was selfish, but also liked bullying the weak.

Feeling her whip could not be pulled back, Yun Lingshui dropped it then. Her yellow fighting spirit rose, her feet moved and she hatefully rushed to stab Yun Wu with a dagger in her hand.

"Yun Lingshui really wants to kill me?"

Yun Wu, with anger flickering in her eyes, avoided the attack quickly. By backhand, the whip on her hand fiercely swept towards Yun Lingshui.

Instantly, the whip was wrapped around the neck of Yun Lingshui and tied it tightly.

The astonishment flashed across Yun Lingshui\'s eyes.

With a cold humph, Yun Wu suddenly lifted the long whip. Yun Lingshui, who was tied by the whip around the neck, was thrown out in an instant.


The scream arose, with a b.u.mp. Yun Lingshui directly hit a tree not far away. With a painful humph, she fainted.

The crisp cracking made it clear that Yun Lingshui broke two ribs at least.

"Remember, from now on, you will no longer one member of Yun Family." There was a hint of satire in her cold voice.

At this time, Yun Wu turned her head and looked at Yun Qing\'er coldly, "It\'s your turn!"

Yun Qinger\'s eyes were filled with astonishment.

How could she possibly throw away a mid-first level person? She was just a trash without any fighting spirit!


"You... this trash, where did you steal martial arts from?"

Yun Qinger\'s eyes were cold and she waved her whip swiftly toward Yun Wu, "You b.i.t.c.h, you are really addicted to stealing! You stole not only my pill, but also other people\'s martial arts. If I do not teach you a lesson today, you won\'t know what the rules of Yun Family."

The whip came near.

Rage flickered in Yun Wu\'s eyes. Did she have to steal other people\'s martial arts?

It seemed that Yun Qing\'er wanted to gain mastery by striking first.

But Yun Wu wouldn\'t allow herself to be thrown into pa.s.sivity! Not before, nor in the future.

"Since you are so fond of talking about Yuns\' rules, then I\'ll let you know the rules." With a cold expression on the face, Yun Wu moved her feet. At the same time, the whip in her hand quickly and severely was whipped at Yun Qing\'er.


She cracked her whip.

This whip not only broke Yun Qing\'er\'s flesh in an instant, but also pulled her away with ferocious force.


Yun Qing\'er\'s face was pale, as she rolled back. She aroused her fighting spirit and tried to resist the beating.

However, the whip penetrated her defense of fighting spirit, and directly attacked her body. Bloodstains appeared on her body one by one.

Suddenly, Yun Wu seemed to perceive that a large number of people in the distance were chasing an evil beast, coming towards them.

"I just give you a little warning this time," Yun Wu mocked and sneered, and then the whip stopped.

Yun Qing\'er\'s eyes were full of horror. She stared at Yun Wu grimly, "You..."

Originally, she wanted to curse. But her following words were stopped upon Yun Wu\'s cold purple eyes.

Purple eyes?

A gush of fear rose from the bottom of Yun Qing\'er\'s heart and it sent a chill down her spine.

What, what was the matter?