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As Nangong Shui waved his white robe, a white mist appeared in the sky. He slowly said, "If my divination wasn\'t wrong, the summoner to be born soon will bring about a double-sided effect on the Zhou Dynasty."

"What is a two-sided effect?" Zhou Batian asked.

"Enemy or friend! This choice depends entirely on that summoner. If he is a friend of Zhou Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty will step up to a higher level. However, once he becomes an enemy, it will be the end of the Zhou Dynasty."

"You mean, once he chooses to be our enemy, the Zhou Dynasty will be destroyed?" Yun Qi was somewhat shocked.

The country would be destroyed?

This time, not only Zhou Batian changed his face, but all the courtiers present instantaneously showed a look of fear.

At this time, some image began to emerged in the white fog in the sky, and people could not help but stare at the gradually clear image in the middle of the sky with nervousness.

This was a matter of unification or destruction of the country in the future.

In any case, they must draw the summoner over to their side. Otherwise, they could only destroy him!

But when Yun Qi, who stood in front of the crowd, saw clearly the image in the white fog, his eyes widened in surprise suddenly.

The House of Yun?

How was this possible?

So the summoner was actually a people from Yun Family?

Who was it?

In his mind, there seemed to be no proper one.

After all, it was extremely difficult to be a summoner.

Nevertheless, before Yun Qi recovered from the shock and suspicion, all the fervent view, including Zhou Batian\'s, fell on him.

"Old General Yun, it seems that there will be a happy event in your house in the near future."

"Yes, we\'re not sure about other families, but it\'s definitely a friend if the summoner is born in Yun Family."

"That\'s right. Yun Family is the first military family of the Zhou Dynasty. It\'s always righteous, selfless and loyal to the empire. If the summoner comes from Yun Family, it would be absolutely lucky for the Zhou Dynasty."

"I agree..."

In the hall, when people saw the gate of Yun House in the image of white fog, they were relieved and praised Yun Family with great flattery.

Of course, many people were jealous.

However, in the face of those obsequious ministers, Yun Qi did not feel any slightest joy.

Hundreds of years ago, there had been a summoner born in Yun Family; this time, predicted by Imperial Preceptor, there would be a summoner in Yun Family, but it was unsure whether it would be a blessing or a curse.

"Old Yun, it seems that I should go to Yun House more often when I am available, haha..." A touch of indescribable emotion flashed across Zhou Batian\'s eyes, as he burst out laugher on the spot.

"With the forthcoming summoner of Yun Family, the unification is just around the corner."

"Congratulations, your majesty..."

When an old minister finished his words, the other ministers present immediately congratulated together loudly and kneeled down to Zhou Batian.

Only Nangong Shui and Yun Qi stood still.

This was a world respecting strong men. As long as one was strong enough, he didn\'t need to kowtow to the emperor. This was a privilege of the strong men.

Therefore, it was normal that Nanggong Shui and Yun Qi didn\'t kneel.

"Well, stand up then. I learn that many descendants, including four girls from Yun Family, from ministers partic.i.p.ated in today\'s hunting compet.i.tion. You accompany me to watch it."


After a while, a group of ministers went out of the hall with the emperor and headed for the Evil Beast Forest...

Yun Qi did not immediately follow them, he turned to look at Nangong Shui who wore a gentle smile.

"Imperial Preceptor, make it clear if you have something to tell me."

A smile flashed across the wise eyes of Nangong Shui, "Since you have such keen outsight, I believe I have nothing to worry about."

"What do you mean?" Yun Qi could not understand what he meant.

"Be kind to your nine granddaughters, because the summoner will be one of them, which will also determine the future of your family."

"My granddaughters?" Yun Qi\'s heart trembled.

But soon, he frowned as he thought of one possibility.

And this possibility actually made him feel a little scared.

Nanggong Shui casually glanced at some corner of the hall, and then his lips slightly raised. He slowly turned away with no more words.


The main palace of Imperial Harems.

On the magnificent chair was sitting a beautiful woman in her early thirties. Her golden gown set off her n.o.ble elegance.

She held the cup, gracefully took off the lid and slowly tasted the fragrant tea.

Even the fact that an a.s.sa.s.sin dressed in black entered didn\'t disturb her at all. After quite a while, she put down her cup and raised her eyes in a casual way, "What did you learn?"

"According the divination of Imperial Preceptor, there will soon be a summoner in the Zhou Dynasty, and that summoner will be one of the nine girls in Yun Family," the a.s.sa.s.sin in black murmured his report.

Hearing these words, she frowned. A touch of darkness and coldness crossed her beautiful eyes in an instant.

"Didn\'t you hear which of the nine girls will be the summoner?"

The a.s.sa.s.sin shook his head, "No, Imperial Preceptor didn\'t point the name out. He only reported to the Emperor and ministers that the summoner is from Yun Family but secretly told Yun Qi that the summoner is one of Yun\'s nine granddaughters."

Nine granddaughters?

So, that woman\'s daughter was included?

The woman\'s eyes grew gloomier. A gloomy breath emanated from her body, and her beautiful face was somewhat fierce.

"Last time you reported that eight a.s.sa.s.sins had been killed, and it was done by your predecessor top a.s.sa.s.sin, Feng Xing?" she said in a very soft voice, but the a.s.sa.s.sin kneeled on the ground, shivering all over.



A cloud of black fog rose, as her slender and white hand grasped the air, the seat next to the a.s.sa.s.sin was pinched to pieces for no reason.

The weird force made the a.s.sa.s.sin\'s face pale and his heart trembled fiercely.

"I\'m incompetent. Punish me, my queen," his voice was quivering with fear.

The woman\'s eyes were narrowed, while the black pupils changed slowly into purple, became a straight line and seemed extremely bloodthirsty and ferocious.

"If I punish you, I\'m afraid you couldn\'t get out of here alive."

"Thank you for your kindness, my queen."

"Go back and tell your master, bring Feng Xing into the palace for me whatever you do."

As soon as the soft words were said, she waved her hand and the broken chair beside a.s.sa.s.sin caught black fire. In a few seconds, there was no residue left after a light wind blew.


The a.s.sa.s.sin quivered, and hurried away respectfully, with fright.


Deep in the Evil Beast Forest.

This area belonged to the range of advanced evil beasts.

Just as Long Qingxie said, she really needed a lot of physical strength to get out of this area of Evil Beast Forest.

Just like now.

As soon as they came in the forest, they were surrounded by a group of fourth-rank fire wolves. Ferocious green light shined in their gloomy eyes in the dark forest. Their bodies were red and their fangs were sharp. The surrounding air temperature soared as the wolves howled and threw flames out of their tails.

As soon as these wolves appeared, the Dragon Ascension Scroll in her mind had given her information.

Fourth-rank fire wolf, lived in groups, with fire property, strong offensive force and high agility, and its special ability was fire attack.

Evil beasts were divided into 9 ranks. The evil beasts above sixth rank owned wisdom, so the evil beasts above sixth rank were high-rank evil beasts. After breaking through the ninth rank, the evil beasts could transform into human form...

Of course, it was far more difficult to break through ranks for evil beasts, compared with humans.

However, the attack power of evil beasts was innumerable times stronger than that of humans of the same rank.

Up to now, the evil beasts over the ninth rank hadn\'t been found in Shenzhou Continent.

"It\'s fourth-rank fire wolf. If you can\'t cope with it, hide behind me," looking at the fire wolves that surrounded them, Long Qingxie took a step forward, fondled [A1] his silver hair and put on a bloodthirsty smile.

"Thank you, but I\'ve never had the habit of hiding behind others, "Yun Wu also lifted the lip corner, came up and stood with him side by side.

It was not difficult to realize the good mood of Long Qingxie, "You\'re really the girl I like. You\'re so bold that I can\'t control my love again."

"Too much nonsense!" Yun Wu rolled her eyes upwards.

Suddenly, a wisp of purplish red battle spirit rose. With Yun Wu\'s thought, a sword showed up in her hands, "I will break through from the right side, leaving the left and middle parts to you."

As the indifferent words were finished, she quickly attacked the wolves with the sword, which was condensed by fighting spirit.

"Will you reward me after breaking through the siege? "Long Qingxie asked with a charming smile.

The next second, a strong blue light came out of Long Qingxie. He gripped backhand a long sword with blue light and rushed into the wolves with the remnant shadow still in situ.

"Howling..." The angry wolves roared.

Their roars spread all over the deep forest and startled countless birds.

Flame, wolf roar, sword light, fighting spirit... mingled with each other at this moment.

This scene would absolutely startle the other people if they saw this.

It was not easy to deal with the fourth-rank wolves even for a group of fifth-rank guards.

But now, there were only two people.

This battle was not only a battle of strength, but also one testing the courage to fight desperately.

There was no tacit understanding between them at first, but in the course of fighting, they quickly developed a unique tacit understanding.

Unconsciously, they trusted each other and even give their back to each other for protection.


When the battle was over!

The surrounding soil had been dyed red, and b.l.o.o.d.y smell diffused. Smelling the blood, other evil beasts in the forest itched for action.

"Go!" Yun Wu clenched the blood-stained sword in hand, stepped on the corpses of the fire wolves and walked in the direction of the periphery.

Her clothes were stained with a lot of blood. Although most of them were the blood of fire wolves, she also got hurt by the claws of wolves.

"Are you Ok? Would you like to find a place to clean your wounds and apply the medicine by the way?" Long Qingxie\'s sword had vanished in the air, and he asked Yun Wu.

His white clothes were also stained with blood, but compared with Yun Wu, he just got a few bloodstains by accident.

"No, we should leave here first," Yun Wu inexplicably had a bad feeling in her heart. She felt that some kind of danger was approaching.