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Chapter 2 — A Bizarre Scene

The current situation was one of a large tiger and a pack of wolves competing for food—specifically, Yun Wu\'s flesh. Both sides, tiger and wolves, exhibited their thirst and desire to devour her, and evidently, neither were willing to share.

Yun Wu was pressed against the cliff wall when suddenly, her head felt like it was splitting in half.

Golden light exploded in her mind, then waves of information poured in and vanished without a trace, like a stone sinking into the bottomless ocean.

She could only feel a strange stream of qi flowing through her meridians.

What was going on?

In any case, she wasn\'t in the mood to think about other things, because at the moment, she was no different from a fish on a cutting board, only capable of waiting for the beasts to start fighting.

Could it be that, right after revival, she would die in the mouths of these beasts?

No, absolutely not.

She already said, anyone who owed her, she would pay them back a hundredfold.

Right now, anyone who dared to take her life, she would retaliate by taking theirs.

The beasts in front of her were no exceptions!

Yun Wu grit her teeth as she propped up her broken and fragile body. Even the slit tendons of her hands and feet could not prevent her from setting foot onto the path of blood.

What she didn\'t know was that the strange qi in her meridians, coupled with her willpower, had replaced her devastated tendons.

Little by little, she straightened up while using the cliff wall as support, and in that moment, her terrifying mentality seemed to have taken control of her body.

The pain and injuries were forgotten—she remembered only hatred and revenge.

Murderous intent instantly rose from the depths of her soul as heinous animosity smothered her dantian.

"Ah!" A furious, human roar, carrying with it a penetrative murderous aura, tore from her throat.

When that sound came out, the steadily approaching wolf pack and large tiger abruptly took a step back.

Yun Wu\'s bloodstained hands grasped a sharp piece of feldspar, and her two eyes took on a cold-blooded scarlet hue as she glared firmly at the group of beasts before her.

Want to eat her?

She\'ll let them fill their stomachs with their own blood.

Seeming to have sensed her murderous intent, hesitancy flashed in the eyes of the Iron-Back Wolves and the Golden Tiger. Shortly after, their b.e.s.t.i.a.lity dominated their judgments, and they promptly issued their intentions to attack.



Yowls arose. One by one, the beasts revealed their fangs and pounced at her.

Yun Wu\'s scarlet eyes suddenly burst with murderous intent. Under the wolf pack\'s attacks, she lowered her body, leaped with her hand pulled back, and mercilessly pierced the skulls of two Iron-Back Wolves with her sharp feldspar.1

When she pulled out the feldspar, thick blood instantaneously soiled the ragged and already bloodstained clothes on her body and seeped into the ancient necklace hanging off her neck.

Under her garments, a faint, black light gradually blossomed. This, Yun Wu did not notice.

She moved like a lightning bolt, as if this battered body of hers had transformed into the one she used in her previous life; normally idle, but once she attacked, it would guarantee be a fatal blow.

The blood of a human and a group of beasts brought rise to a phoenix dance. Amidst the forest, that enchanting dance gave off a peculiar charm.

Everything had been observed by a pair of strange black eyes as fascination slowly materialized in the curving corners of a closed pair of lips.

"What an interesting little thing."

An unmoving shadow, masked by darkness, watched as Yun Wu struck the beasts and as honed claws ripped the flesh on her body. This scene roused a glimmer of bloodthirsty excitement in his black eyes.

One could tell he enjoyed this bloodbath and did not intend to interrupt.

Yun Wu\'s actions quickened. Nonetheless, facing a besiege of beasts with her sorry body and makeshift weapon, she would ultimately suffer loses.

Her body was already heavily gashed to begin with. Now, under the beasts\' claws, several more bone-deep wounds appeared.

Blood dyed her figure from head to toe.


Yun Wu stiffened, and her complexion abruptly shifted, for her entire body felt like it was fixed in place. She tried her utmost to free herself, but to no avail.

d.a.m.n, what was the matter?

In the next moment, from along her neck to her chest, there came a terrible, burning pain. It was comparable to having ten thousand needles perforating every single acupuncture point in her body.

She grit her teeth as she endured the pain that seemed to be piercing her soul. Beads of cold sweat slid down her forehead. Her face paled.

Seeing the opportunity, the wolf pack and giant tiger attacked. This was Yun Wu\'s first time feeling so small and helpless, and she loathed this feeling of powerlessness.

If she really died in the mouths of these beasts… she was unwilling, and she would always be unwilling.

"Brat, countless people in this world are unwilling to depart, but your resistance pleases laofu2“老夫” = A form of self-address that means ‘this old fellow’. quite a bit, so laofu shall lend you a hand." An elderly voice loftily sounded in her ears.

Yun Wu\'s heart violently shook, because the moment that voice fell, she saw the lunging beasts momentarily turned into ash by a black flame that had appeared out of thin air.

An evening breeze swept by, taking the ashes with it.

If it weren\'t for the few Iron-Back Wolf corpses still sprawled on the ground, she would\'ve believed everything was all a hallucination fabricated by her overexertion.

The hidden man\'s pupils slightly contracted. He\'d intended to make a move but was interrupted by the elderly voice.

However, the horror in his eyes was quickly subdued and replaced with a trace of great delight. His gaze became probing.

"Don\'t be too amazed. If it weren’t because laofu didn\'t have any other choice, laofu would\'ve been too lazy to take action. However, brat, you\'ve really surprised laofu. Laofu has been in a deep slumber for thousands of years, and aside from my first master, no one else has ever been able to break my seal. You were able to awaken me, so evidently, you must have potential, but pity, your current body… Pity, what a pity.. Sleep well, don\'t push yourself any longer."

At his words, the p.r.i.c.kling pain that had enveloped her entire body was gradually buffered by a warm current. Darkness invaded her consciousness.

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