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Chapter 163: A Poison Named Mandala

When the words had left her, Yun Wu stepped down the rock, heedless of the crimson snakes on the ground.

However, oddly enough, as Yun Wu progressed, those snakes in front of her hastily parted to allow her through, hissing constantly.

Beneath Liu Sen’s slightly surprised gaze, Yun Wu walked up to him at a gentle pace.

With a flick of her wrist, a small phial materialized on her white-skinned palm in the presence of Liu Sen.

“You have a Storage Space as well?”

At the sight of this, a look of astonishment mixed with greed abruptly flashed across the depths of his sinister eyes.

His Storage Space was attached to a ring, and it was almost filled to capacity. It surprised him that this woman also owned a Storage Space. If he could make it his own…

While avarice was building up in Liu Sen, Yun Wu had removed the stopper of the jade phial already.

A queer scent wafted out of the phial and with that Liu Sen’s countenance instantly changed drastically.

“Mandala? You’re actually going to use Mandala here? Do you have a death wish?”

Mandala was a kind of rather rare poisonous flower which could also be used to prepare potions with healing power.

But that was not the point. The point was that the smell of blood excepted, the aroma of Mandala was these crimson snakes’ favorite.

The combination of the fragrance of Mandala and the smell of blood would make these crimson snakes become crazily bloodthirsty.

Seeing as right now this place was swarming with crimson snakes, wasn’t this woman trying to get herself killed by opening a phial of Mandala at this point in time?

The carpet of snakes were thrilled at the scent of Mandala as though they’d just been injected with steroid.

Hissing and flicking their tongues with their thin fangs bared, they encircled both Yun Wu and Liu Sen.

It seemed that they would be launching themselves at the two of them at any moment.

Beads of cold sweat oozing out of his forehead, Liu Sen glanced at the growing number of snakes around him out of the corners of his eyes.

“What the hell do you want?!”

Yun Wu faintly smiled, “Like I said, I want two bottles of that poison you concocted that is of extremely yin property.”

Frowning, Liu Sen looked at Yun Wu. “What do you want it for?”

“For fun!” Yun Wu stared flintily at him, an icy sneer at the corners of her mouth.

For fun?

What was the problem with this woman? Had she any idea how long it’d take him or how many precious herbs and messenger drugs it required to concoct enough of that poison to fill a small phial?!

And she said she wanted two bottles of it to have fun as though it were water she was asking for!

“So what’s your answer, Lord Liu?”

While asking this question, Yun Wu slowly moved the jade phial closer to him in a seemingly nonchalant manner, as if intending to pour the phial of Mandala over him.

Liu Sen’s sunken face couldn’t be more sepulchral.

“Since you’re aware I’ve been concocting poisons with extremely yin properties, you should know that it is the Queen that I’m serving. Have you considered the consequences for threatening me like this?!”

The last remark sent Yun Wu into a fit of laughter which made Liu Sen’s flesh creep.

The next moment, her hand quivered and the poison inside the jade phial spattered across his shoulder.

Taken aback, Liu Sen hurriedly raised his hands and tried to take off his robe.

Looking at him with a regretful face, Yun Wu said, “I was so careless. What with a lapse of concentration, the whole phial of it was now on your robe. It’s such a waste.”

Beside himself with anger, Liu Sen glared at her, his eyes nearly popping out of his head.

“You did it intentionally…”

Liu Sen glowered at Yun Wu, fury smoldering in his eyes, only too anxious to tear her apart with his bare hands.

He was inwardly swearing that after he got out of this place, he would catch her and slowly torture her to death with all the methods he knew, inflicting pain so unbearable that she would beg him to kill her.

A sneer lifted a corner of Yun Wu’s lips. “You’re right about one thing. Originally, had you not mentioned you served the Queen, I might have given you a quick death. Now… Tsk, tsk. It’s such a shame my precious was wasted this way.”