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Chapter 162: Preparing Medicines for the Queen

With a sneer at the corners of her mouths, Yun Wu swiftly sidestepped and at the same time flipped her right palm and with that a big knife materialized in it.

Magenta fighting spirit instantly burst out of her body, her palpable Tier-VII middle-stage Qi spreading outward as she swung the big knife at the target.

Blood splattered in all directions as the blade hit the man with a menacing gleam.

The guard’s face clouded over with horror which his eyes were also full of.

Middle stage of Tier VII?

This woman was actually in middle stage of Tier VII?

No wonder… No wonder The Five sent before them had put out a signal for help. However, when he realized this, it was already too late.

With a puff, his body was halved and fell to the ground.

She cut the guard in half with a single saber slash?

Middle stage of Tier VII?

Liu Sen’s eyes abruptly dilated with terror, staring at Yun Wu, feeling as though an intangible fist had clenched heavily around his heart, almost reducing it to cardiac arrest.

At this moment, the only thought he had in mind was that he needed to flee immediately.

However, he felt a mixture of pain and numbness in his legs. He lowered his head only to see a silver needle sticking in each of his shanks.

The silver needles were poisoned?

A rigid sensation caused by the mixture of numbness and pain began to spread upward bit by bit from his legs where the needles were, until his whole legs were dead stiff, immobilizing him completely.

“You… Let me tell you something. My men are all over this place. If I yell for help, you won’t be able to make it out of here alive.” Liu Sen glared at her, teeth gritted.

However, right at this time, maybe because of the smell of blood in the air, hisses that made people’s flesh creep issued from the cracks in rocks around the scene.

Before long, countless small crimson snakes slithered out of the cracks. In the blink of an eye, the ground was carpeted with snakes.

This kind of crimson snakes were just low-level magic creatures. They were small in size, but every inch of their skin was no less noxious than the venom of a cobra. Also, this kind of snakes were particularly sensitive to blood.

Therefore, at the smell of blood, these snakes had slithered out of the cracks, heading squarely towards the bodies of the two guards.

One after another, the snakes wormed their way into the corpses through the wounds…

Standing not far away, hearing the hisses and sounds of sucking blood, Liu Sen felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, his countenance changing drastically at the scene.

But he was a druggist after all, so he naturally carried plenty of medications with him as a precaution. Though his legs were stiff, he could still move his hands.

He fished a phial of sulfur powder out of his Storage Ring, scattered it in a circle around himself, then took an alexipharmic pill from the Storage Ring and swallowed it. It was only then that he let out a sigh of relief.

Yun Wu watched a couple of crimson snakes crawling onto her big bloody knife to suck the blood, not a shred of fear on her face.

Instead of shaking the snakes off, she rested her hand on top of the hilt of the knife and slowly raised her head to look at Liu Sen who appeared relieved. “Lord Liu, I heard that you concocted a lot of poisons with extremely yin properties (in Chinese philosophy and medicine, yin and yang are the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine and negative, the latter masculine and positive) for the Queen. I wonder if you could spare a bottle or two for me to let me have some fun with it.”

On hearing this, Liu Sen furrowed his brows and looked in the direction of Yun Wu. “How did you come to know tha–”

He had barely finished the last word when he stopped himself, annoyance glinting in the depths of his eyes.

He was indeed a druggist working for the Queen, but everybody believed that what he prepared for the queen was just skin-care medications.

His real duty had never come to the knowledge of a third person.

How on earth had this woman found out that what he’d been concocting for the Queen was actually poisons with extremely yin properties?

“Who are you exactly?” Liu Sen narrowed his eyes sinisterly.

Yun Wu inwardly snorted coldly. She’d guessed right!

“It doesn’t matter much who I am. But I get this feeling that you don’t really like the idea of sparing some for me, Lord Liu.”

At this time, a languid smile curled the corners of Yun Wu’s mouth, but in the depths of of her eyes glinted iciness. “Since you are unwilling, Lord Liu, I’ll spare part of my favorite for you to let you have some enjoyable moments.”