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Chapter 161: Palpably Murderous Emanation

The two guards were rather depressed but still hastened to pursue the target.

Liu Sen, so anxious to personally cut Yun Wu to pieces that he was grinding his teeth, mobilized his Tier-four fighting spirit and followed them.

In the blink of an eye, four figures disappeared from the rugged mountain path.

The farther they went, the rougher the path was.

They found themselves approaching a trackless valley.

On the surface, Yun Wu was aimlessly running for her life. Spirits of her three pursuers were getting higher, because the valley ahead was a dead end.

“The path ends in that valley. Where are you going to flee now?” Liu Sen’s sinister, menacing laugh came from behind.


For what reason did he think she’d come here if not to lure him away from his men?

Yun Wu kept rushing forward, emanating an almost palpable murderous air.

The streaking figure ahead abruptly flickered and put on such a spurt that it actually blurred, as though she was about to get out of their sight.

Naturally, the two guards chasing her also speeded up in an effort to catch up with her.

But on entry into that valley, the two guards suddenly had an inkling that something was wrong.

Because there was a deathly hush in this place. A sense of grave danger rose inside the two of them instinctively.

“Watch out!”

Out of the corners of his eyes, one of the guards saw a wicked gleam shooting over from the side. Alarmed, he hastily gave his companion a word of warning.


But he had just finished the last word of the warning when that dagger that had appeared out of thin air penetrated his companion’s throat.

Sensing that blade coming at him, the other guard hurriedly dodged aside.

As he collected himself, his eyes noticed that the woman they’d been pursuing for quite some time was unhurriedly standing on a boulder not far away.

She was slowly wiping off the blood on her dagger with a white handkerchief, a cold faint smile at the corners of her mouth.

“It’s pretty persevering of you guys to have pursued me for such a long time, which makes me feel obliged to help you meet your ends.”

“It was you who killed him just now?” That guard was enraged but at the same time startled.

His companion had been at the late stage of Tier VI. This nondescript woman seemed to be in her early twenties at the most, but she had actually manage to take the life of a warrior at the late stage of Tier VI?

Yun Wu raised her eyes to look at him and gave a seemingly innocent smile. “I’m not really a big fan of gory scenes, but as I’ve already promised you guys that I’d help you meet your ends, I think I’ll have to put up with it.”

At this time, Liu Sen arrived, somewhat out of breath. Seeing the guard lying prone on a boulder and wondering the reason, he frowned and reprimanded, “What the heck are you lying there for? Get up and bring me that woman’s head right now.”

He impatiently aimed a kick at that guard.

But suddenly, out of the corners of his eyes, he caught sight of the pool of blood beside the boulder and walked up to check. Eyes abruptly widening, he swiveled his head around to look at the guard on the other side.

“Wha–What happened here?”

The guard, gripping the hilt of his saber, felt a surge of anger and glared at Yun Wu. “Lord Liu, it was this woman who killed him. You need to be careful.”

It was her who’d killed him?

Liu Sen’s immediate reaction at these words was one of disbelief.

Both these two kung fu experts were warriors at the late stage of Tier VI. How was it possible that that woman was capable of killing either of them?

However, there was nobody else around.

If it weren’t her who’d killed him, who else could it be?

Liu Sen lifted his eyes to fix Yun Wu with a venomous, furious stare. “Go! Do whatever you can to kill her!”

On hearing the order, that guard took a flying leap and launched an attack on Yun Wu swiftly and ferociously, his saber imbued with his fighting spirit.

SWISH! The sharp sound of the blade cutting through the air was heard.