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Chapter 160: Humiliation and Rage

“Go and summon every man we’ve got. I’m going there personally to find out how tough that woman is exactly.”

However, when Liu Sen, along with a large group of his subordinates, reached the spot in the suburb where the SOS had been sent, nobody was there to be seen.

“Where is she?”

Liu Sen’s sinister eyes glanced around the place.

It was a remote backwater covered with wild grass. There were woods and slopes, and the terrain was rather rugged.

A guard beside him said, “Lord Liu, this is indeed the area where the SOS was sent. How about you stay here and have some rest and I take some men and search this place? Maybe we could find some traces.”

After saying this, Liu Sen waved his hand and uttered “Um” in agreement.

Before long, all his subordinates fanned out to conduct a search except for two kung fu experts.

The large group of men had just left when a half-chuckle suddenly came from somewhere.

“I was wondering who ‘Lord Liu’ is, and now it turns out to be you, a stingy lackey of the royal household.”

“Who’s talking? Stop hiding and show yourself.”

The two guards beside Liu Sen, both of whom were warriors in late stage of Tier VI, abruptly mobilized their fighting spirit.

“Aren’t I right here?” a voice chuckled.

They twisted their heads aside and saw that Yun Wu was leisurely sitting on a boulder not far away to their left, a green bristlegrass clenched between her teeth.

Since when had she been sitting there?

They were positive that just now there hadn’t been anybody on the boulder, and they hadn’t felt anybody’s Qi approach either.

How had she…

The two guards were instantly tensed up, each of them taking a step forward to put Liu Sen behind them under their protection.

However, Liu Sen, at the sight of Yun Wu, recalled what had happened during the auction earlier this day, his face momentarily going sepulchral.

“So it was you that was working against me all the time in the auction?”

Yun Wu swiveled her head aside, her eyes glinting coldly. “You tell me!”

Clenching his teeth in fury, Liu Sen ordered menacingly, “What are you two standing there for? Bring me her head immediately! I’ll hack her to pieces!”

Though not a Senior Pharmacist, he was a royal druggist designated to prepare drugs for the Queen.

He was always respected and hardly anybody dared mess with him.

But this woman had not only humiliated and enraged him but also outbid him for all the lots he wanted. The Queen would almost certainly give him a hard time when she saw him return empty-handed.

And it was all because of this woman.

He would never be able to find another way to vent his anger other than cutting this woman to pieces.

As he gave the order, his two guards immediately started emanating a murderous air.

The sound of blades rubbing against sheaths was heard.

The two guards whipped out their sabers at the same time and, with a wicked gleam, both ferociously swung their weapons at Yun Wu.

Their attack was utterly ruthless.

Both of them were warriors in late stage of Tier VI and either of these two slashes was powerful enough to halve Yun Wu in a flash.

An icy expression flitted across the depths of Yun Wu’s eyes.

They wanted to cut her to pieces, and she also intended to take their lives, but if she fought them at this place, the noises would attract the attention of the large group of their helpers and she’d be in big trouble.

Yun Wu suddenly recalled a suitable place, the corners of her mouth curling. The next second, with a flicker of her figure, she sidestepped their attack like a swift snake.

The two guards’ sabers hit the boulder, instantaneously split it into several blocks.

“You outnumber me two to one. Shame on you. I’m not fighting this unfair fight.” The moment she finished the last word, Yun Wu spun around and rushed forward, as though fleeing.

“You good-for-nothings couldn’t even handle a woman. What are you standing there for?! Go get her!” bellowed Liu Sen, glaring at Yun Wu’s receding back, teeth gritted.