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Chapter 159: An SOS

Yun Wu wasn’t really interested in these underlings. It was that skinny druggist that she was really interested in.

And it would definitely be a waste of time if she didn’t lure out the mastermind, given that he was the one who’d offered her this lead and it’d taken her two hours to get to this out-of-the-way spot.

The corners of Yun Wu’s mouth curled at the sight of the three men making their escape. With a swift movement of her feet, she turned into a blur!

“Now that you’ve already come, this is where you meet your end.”

Yun Wu’s cold voice had just died away when a wicked gleam flashed through the air and a wind blade slit a man’s face.

The pain in his cheek and the smell of blood brought a noticeable change of the man’s countenance and with that he quickened his pace.

It was obvious that that woman was nondescript and harmless-looking, but at this moment, all three of them were consumed with a mixture of intense tension and deep fear.

They felt as though their lives could be taken at any moment.


Inexplicably, a bloody slit appeared in the throat of the man bringing up the rear.

What with the over-strenuous running and his nerves, the man’s blood pressure was high and the moment his main artery was cut off, blood spurted out and was spattered over the back of the man ahead of him.

That man turned and saw the blood spewing from the wound in his companion’s neck and instantaneously felt a cold sensation in his own neck, a stab of horror clutching at his heart. “Chief, signal for help!”

On hearing this, the man fleeing in front hastily fished a thin bamboo tube out of his belt, pulled a string attached to it and a signal flare instantly shot up into the sky.

This was just the thing Yun Wu had been waiting for!

They had done what she expected them to do, so naturally their lives were of no use to her now.

With a flip of her hand, a dagger was produced out of thin air and at the same time her figure spurted forward in a weird fashion.

Swish! Swish!

Two wicked gleams were seen and Yun Wu stopped. The two men running for their lives also abruptly came to a halt.

The last expression in their eyes was dismay.

Tier VII?

That woman was a Tier-VII warrior?

Both the two of them distinctly felt it right at that moment. However, that was their last feeling.

Thud! Thud!

Two corpses fell straight to the ground, motionless.

In a residence in the city.

The skeletal druggist was leisurely sipping at his tea, waiting for good news to come.

“Lord Liu, they sent a message back!” At this time, an plainly-clothed attendant ran through the door into the room in a great haste.

The druggist, whose name was Liu Sen, sneered in a sinister voice, “The Five are bringing that woman’s body back, aren’t they?”

But the attendant hurriedly shook his head. “No, Lord Liu. The Five sent out an SOS.”

His hand holding the teacup abruptly paused and Liu Sen lifted his eyes which were glinting horrifiedly. “What? An SOS?”

“Yes! It was an urgent SOS. Lord Liu, am I to send them backup?” asked the attendant respectfully.


The teacup was heavily put down onto the table, tea splattering around.

Liu Sen’s face took on a scowl. “A bunch of good-for-nothings! They outnumber that woman five to one, yet they had the nerve to ask for help!”

He’d had Yun Wu’s background ascertained some time ago.

Although the third box had been occupied by son of the Grand Maester, Nangong Yi had just made the acquaintance of the woman who’d outbid him in the doorway of the auction house.

There were no other links between the two of them.

Nangong Yi had left with his young attendant immediately after the auction.

The Five should be more than enough to handle an ordinary woman.

But The Five had sent out an SOS? Hadn’t they been trying to inflict a humiliation on him?