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Chapter 158: Eyes Full of Rage

The other four men didn’t make their moves and in their eyes they wouldn’t need to. All of them believed that one man was more than enough to handle a woman who lacked the strength to truss up a chicken.

However, the next second, the four of them were stunned.

As brooding gleam flashed across eyes of the four of them, blood was spattered all around. The man was still holding his saber in a posture of giving a downward slash.

But his head left his neck and thudded to the ground and with that blood spewed from the wound in all directions and splattered across the front of the clothes of the two men on the side.

‘What’s going on?’

The four men still hadn’t realized what had just happened. Even the victim was unaware at the instant when his head parted from his neck.

That speed was very fast, so fast that people couldn’t quite believe its existence.

“You… You did that…”

The strong-built man on the right side, eyes full of rage, glared at Yun Wu who seemed to haven’t even moved an inch.

Because of his position, he happened to have seen all her movements.

It was just that he was somewhat dismayed and also a trifle afraid.

Because he saw her movements but failed to distinguish her weapon.

This woman didn’t even use her fighting spirit just now, and they couldn’t discern which level she was at. This was the most alarming part.

Yun Wu leisurely lifted her eyebrows and said with a smile, “Since he wanted to make it quick, the death I gave him was the quickest. He didn’t even have the time to feel any pain before dying. It’s a pretty good choice. He chose it. What about you? Which one will you choose?”

These words were very arrogant but also heavy with bloodthirstiness.

The other three stalwart men, seeing how their companion had just ended up, collected their thoughts and instantly emanated a furious and murderous air.

“How dare you kill our companion! You are dead meat!”

Eyes rounded with rage, the three men immediately wielded their sabers and rapidly launched an attack on Yun Wu from three different directions.


But all their blows hit nothing and there was no sound of blades cutting into flesh. As the three of them saw that the figure they just slashed at twisted and vanished from view, a flicker of astonishment crossed the depths of their eyes.

‘A blur of movement?’

‘That’s a blur of movement?’

‘That woman looks every inch a common person, and there’s no signs of fighting spirit of any form on her. How is it possible that…’

Having never sensed any undulation of powers from Yun Wu had been the very reason why the five of them had believed that she was a woman who didn’t even have enough strength to truss up a chicken.

“Since you have such a strong death wish, I’ll do you a favor.” An icy voice softly came into ears of the three of them.

The three of them furrowed their brows and almost subconsciously turned leftward at the same time and gave a slash.

With a change of his countenance, the man who was the only one that had been watching on the side yelled, “Stop!”

But the saber of one of them had hit his companion’s back.

“Fuck! Why did you hack me–”

But before the pained shout of the man died away, a fountain of blood spewed out of his throat.

At this moment, the other three finally discerned what her so-called “weapon” was.

It was a flake of transparent crystal!

That flask had been among the pile of shiny female knick-knacks that a vendor had been selling on a street that they had walked through not long ago. The five of them had seen Yun Wu picking for a while but hadn’t paid any special attention.

But she had killed two of their companions with a small flake like that?

Without using any fighting spirit, she had separated a man’s head from his neck and killed two men in just a few moments.

The three of them would be fools if they still couldn’t sense danger after all this.


Immediately after one of them gave an order in a gruff voice, the three of them immediately turned around to make their escape.