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Chapter 157: Slitting His Hand to Give Away His Blood

“Wait for me outside. I’ll go and find you after everything’s handled.” A low voice came into her ears.

Yun Wu glanced at him, turned around and walked towards the outside without making a response.

However, as she turned around, her eyes met those of Ruo Ling who had just picked herself up and had a mixed expression and a frown on her face.

“It’s you!”

The moment Ruo Ling saw Yun Wu’s face, she instantly recognized her. ‘She’s the woman who was stopped by guards at the doorway of this auction house previously.

How come a plain-looking woman like her knows my master?

Just now, on this woman’s account, master even…’

Yun Wu flicked a glance at her, coldly curled up the corner of her mouth, nimbly turned around and walked away.

Coldness Wu standing on the other side watched as she left.

Naturally, he also recognized her. She was the woman for whom Young Master Long had paused in the wing-room area on the second floor.

‘It’s just that at that time Young Master Long didn’t seem to know her at all, but now it seems that not only do the two of them know each other, their relationship is quite…

Exactly who is that woman? Why was Young Master Long willing to slit his hand and gave her his blood?’ he wondered.

After leaving the Auction House of Dragon Cabinet, Yun Wu had originally wanted to find somewhere to get a horse-drawn carriage and then disguise herself and return to the capital city.

But shortly after walking outside, she sensed that some people were tailing her.

She had a shrewd idea of who these people were.

Yun Wu coldly curled up the corner of her mouth and changed her direction, heading for the suburbs.

After two hours.

In a secluded spot of the western suburbs, those following in Yun Wu’s wake seemed to finally run out of patience. Five tough hombres rapidly rushed forward and surrounded her.

“You goddamn woman are pretty good at anti-tracking. You think you can get rid of us with those winding streets?”

“We are local gangsters in this city. It’s so foolish of you to try to best us with this trick.”

“That’s enough. Cut the nonsense. Lord Liu said he didn’t want her captured. He wants her dead. Let’s do it.”

The five fierce husky men immediately whipped out their sabers and closed in on Yun Wu.

“You, woman, be smart and surrender yourself, and we’ll give you a painless death. Otherwise, we may have to take your mangled body back to report on the fulfillment of our duty,” remarked one of the strong men in a gruff voice.

‘This guy’s pretty cocky.’

Yun Wu watched the five tough hombres gaining ground on her step by step. There was no fear in her eyes. Instead, a flicker of somewhat icy look crossed them.

“If it’s your boss, Lord Liu, who wants me dead, why is he not here?”

Another strong man gave a sneer and replied contemptuously, “Because it’s totally unnecessary for Lord Liu to come here personally. You are just a woman. Even we won’t be able to have enough fun before you die.”

“Tell me about it. I can’t believe they sent five of us here to kill you. It’s like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

All five of them eyed Yun Wu with ill-concealed scorn.

“Is that so? Indeed, it’s like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut,” responded Yun Wu, curling up the corner of her mouth.

However, by “sledgehammer”, she was referring to not them but herself.

Though all these five men were of a stocky and imposing build, they were merely warriors at around Tier III.

“It’s pretty sensible of you to know that you’re far from a match for us. Because of this, I’m going to make it quick and painless for you.” Immediately after finishing the last word, one of the tough hombres enveloped himself in Tier-III fighting spirit and slashed squarely at Yun Wu with his saber.

Such was the ferocity of the blow that it threatened to halve the target.