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Chapter 156: A Mixture of Sullenness and Aggressiveness

Ruo Ling was personally attending to all the needs of Young Master Long, refilling his teacup included.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that that girl named Ruo Ling had feelings for that man people called Young Master Long.

“You are in the enviable position of having such a beautiful and competent assistant as Ruo Ling. I promise I’ll tell the Seventh Prince your needs after returning, Young Master Long. Hopefully we’ll reach an agreement of cooperation the next time we meet. Now I’ll leave you to your business. See you around…”

Before Coldness Wu’s voice died away, a gust of wind blew by.

“Who is it?”

Coldness Wu’s face instanly went vigilant and he abruptly mobilized his Tier VII fighting spirit.

Ruo Ling immediately reacted. She whipped out the soft sword wrapped around her waist and unhesitatingly launched an attack on the person who had suddenly come at Young Master Long…



Young Master Long, a Grand Kung Fu Master, waved his hand and directly threw Ruo Ling aside with his potent Qi.

She violently impacted on the chairs and tables on the side with a loud bang.

Ruo Ling was blindsided by this sudden change, and even Coldness Wu who was about to make his move to help was dumbfounded.

Young Master Long, facing the frontal stab, sinisterly curled up the corner of his tightly closed mouth.

Sitting on the chair, he dodged the sharp sword aimed at his arm with a weird movement of his upper body and intercepted the assailant’s right hand coming at him in a sideways hack.

“It’s been such a long time since we last met, yet you want to kill your husband-to-be on sight?!” His low deep magnetic voice softly came, which could only be heard by the two of them.

On hearing this, Yun Wu curled up the corner of her mouth. “It seems that you still remember, but…”

A flicker of flintiness crossed the depths of her eyes. “This time around I’m not here to talk with you about the old days. I came to borrow some of your blood.”

The next second after she finished the last word, the dagger in her left hand flashed across his elbow like greased lightning.

But the dagger missed its target.

The man stretched his arm and instantly drew her into his embrace. “That’s very easy. I’ll have it delivered to you. All you have to do is give the word.”

Being held tightly by him, Yun Wu furrowed her brow and struggled but failed to free herself. Then she twisted her head around and looked at the man’s demonic golden eyes. “You have a pretty glib tongue. Let go of me.”

Having no intention of being ungentlemanly, Young Master Long released her immediately.

Yun Wu quickly took a step away from him and directly tossed him the dagger in her left hand.

“You said it yourself. Do it quick.”

The man cast a deep look at her with his golden eyes and curled up the corner of his mouth in a smile, a wicked, sullen and aggressive gleam in his eyes.

“You seem pretty anxious. Are you going together with that ‘son of the Grand Maester’, by any chance?”

Yun Wu made no reply, eyeing him with arms crossed across her chest.

Seeing this, the man slightly squinted his golden eyes, which made him seem a trifle dangerous.

But as he saw that the woman remained indifferent and was still nonchalantly gazing at him, the anomalous expression in his eyes disappeared and he slightly curled up the corner of his mouth.

In the presence of her, with the dagger in his hand, he slit the palm of his other hand.

Red blood instantly oozed out of the wound.

It was not until the small jade phial was almost half-full that he withdrew his hand, sealed the phial and handed it to her.

Yun Wu stepped forward, reached out her hand and took the jade phial, planning to turn around and leave.

But he grabbed her hand when she took the jade phial.

“You’re leaving just like this?”

Yun Wu raised her eyes to look at his and replied with a spurious smile, “Thanks! Now can you please release my hand?”

This woman knew very well that this was not what he meant.

But in front of these outsiders, he didn’t really take any other action but just released her hand.