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Chapter 155: A Pretty Woman

Translator: Soldier

“Young Master, this ugly woman doesn’t even worth a glance. If anybody in this place is worth looking at, it would be that female auctioneer down there. She’s far prettier.”

Little Qing, though still young, affected a sophistication he didn’t possess and pointed at the female sitting beside masked Young Master Long, whose name was Ruo Ling.


Yun Wu drinking tea briefly paused and subconsciously tossed a glance at the female in the hall down below.

“Little Qing, you really think that woman is very pretty?” Yun Wu twisted her head aside and looked at Little Qing, slightly lifting the corners of her mouth.

“Of course. Any man with eyes would regard her as a beauty. You may ask my young master if you don’t believe me,” replied Little Qing earnestly.

Yun Wu didn’t ask Nangong Yi, for she didn’t really need anybody to tell her the answer.

With a somewhat flinty expression in her eyes, she quietly threw another downward glance at the man sitting in the hall, who dressed entirely in white and was wearing a mask, and who so far had never once turned his head around.

“She’s indeed pretty good-looking. Do all men like young beautiful women?” Yun Wu seemed to be talking to herself but also seemed to be asking someone.

In her last incarnation, to rescue the man for whom she had been willing to sacrifice everything, she had lost half of her face in an explosion. That man had repeatedly assured her that he didn’t mind, but in the end, he’d still betrayed her.

‘Exactly what do promises and vows mean to a man?’ she wondered.

Nangong Yi didn’t answer, but a hint of sympathy faintly gleamed in his eyes as he watched hers.

Little Qing, a young boy who had always been straightforward, remarked with bluntness typical of children, “Certainly. All men like beautiful women! But given your appearance and your unpleasant way of speaking, I’m quite sure no man will like you.”

After hearing this, Yun Wu curled up the corner of her mouth but the smile on her face was faint and she made no reply.

She picked up her teacup, slowly took another sip of tea and that languid bland expression reappeared on her face.

Her mien made her seem somewhat impenetrable.

After staring at her for quite a while, Little Qing furrowed his brow. He wanted to tell her that actually she wasn’t really that repulsive, but eventually, feeling too embarrassed to do that, he didn’t say anything.

Afterwards, the last lot of this auction sale, which was the most precious, went to the one with an old voice in number 2 wing-room, who made the winning bid of 38 million.

Since that skinny druggist didn’t bid for that lot and Yun Wu was uninterested in it, so she stayed out of the bidding.

Nangong Yi looked at Yun Wu who was still sitting on the chair and asked in a gentle and cultivated manner, “We’re going back to the capital city. Would you like to come along, Miss? — If you’re going our way, of course.”

Yun Wu put down her teacup, raised her eyes and glanced at him. After a few moments’ silence, she responded with a bland smile, “I have something to attend to. You may leave first, Childe Nangong.”

Nangong Yi cast a look at her, curled up the corners of his mouth and inclined his head. “Take care of yourself, Miss.”

As his gentle voice died away, he turned around and left with Little Qing.

His flying white veil and fluttering hemlines made a beautiful scene of his receding figure…

‘To be honest, this Nangong Yi guy seems gentle, elegent and poised, but many of his remarks were quite inscrutable.

Did he really see through my disguise?’

Yun Wu wouldn’t get the answer to this question anytime soon, but she was fully aware of what she should do next.

She rose to her feet and with a flicker of her figure turned into a rapid blur of movement and disappeared from the wing-room almost in the blink of an eye.

In the back hall of the auction house, all guards and staff members were instructed to leave.

Coldness Wu was just about to say his farewells to Young Master Long sitting in the host seat, planning to return and report to the Seventh Prince.