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Chapter 154: Phoenix Saliva

Translator: Soldier

The skinny druggist’s face instantly went sepulchral and his angry eyes darted towards the third box on the second floor.

However, at this time, an old voice came from a wing-room on the other side. “5.5 million taels!”

There was no other bids after that. People beginning to think that that woman had decided to quit bidding after realizing the overwhelming odds against her.

However, right after that bony druggist made a bid of six million taels of silver, Yun Wu’s cold voice came once again. “Eight million!”

Yun Wu didn’t really have a clear idea of how much money that was. Those treasures in her Storage Space were from the royal palace anyway, and she could always pay another visit to it after she spent all of them.

She had heard that there were twelve treasure houses in the royal palace.

With the resources of the royal household, the queen had built an assassin organization called “the Dragon Clan”, members of which had been hotly pursuing Yun Wu with the intention to kill her. The queen had also been using poison on her for over ten years. As a result, Yun Wu believed she might as well steal the money and squander it.

In fact, there was phoenix saliva right inside her Storage Space and she didn’t need this bottle of phoenix saliva at all.

But the more the queen wanted this thing, the harder she would try to make sure the queen didn’t get it.

Through clenched teeth the skeletal druggist made another bid. “Nine million.”

“Ten.” Her bland voice sounded so languid.

On hearing this, the skinny druggist was almost reduced to vomiting blood with fury, his murderous eyes widened glaring at number 3 box. ‘She’s working against me!’

He had originally expected that he would definitely be able to get this bottle of phoenix saliva with seven or eight million taels at the most, but after Yun Wu made this bid, the price of it had exceeded his budget.

“Miss, may I ask why on earth are you so insistent on making things difficult for me?” The skinny druggist glared at number 3 box.

Probably anybody in the hall could tell that there was thinly disguised murderousness mixed with rage in his eyes.

Yun Wu gave a languid smile and replied casually, “Like I said, bidding against the royal household is my only hobby.”

On hearing this, people in the hall complained under their breath, “You guys may bid against each other all you want, but why did you instantly hike up the price to ten million? There are another two treasures to be auctioned. You are messing around with the market price!”

Fortunately, in this kind of atmosphere, that somewhat old voice that had made a bid a while ago came from the wing-room next door once again.

“10.5 million.”

After hearing this, Yun Wu in her box had no intention to make another bid.

That bony druggist, a scarlet blush on his cheeks and neck, fists clenched, fixed number 3 box with a glare, the look in his eyes heavy with murderousness.

“You’ll regret this!”

Having no other choice, the druggist slumped down in his seat after making this remark of bluster through gritted teeth.

He had only brought ten thousand taels. Originally he had been absolutely positive that with the status of the royal household and the influence of the queen, he would be able to get the bottle of saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix at a price no higher than five million.

But unexpectedly, because of the woman in that wing-room, all his bids for lots that took his fancy had failed.

He found it impossible to swallow all this.

Young Master Long sitting in the front unnoticeably twisted his head aside and flicked a glance at the bony druggist several rows away from him, his eyes slightly squinted as a flicker flashed across his golden pupils.

Eventually, the bottle of saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix went to the highest bidder who was in number two wing-room.

In number three wing-room, Yun Wu cavalierly took a sip of her tea, a calm and bland expression on her face, showing a total disregard for the threatening words of the skinny druggist.

None of her reactions had escaped Nangong Yi’s notice, who had been smiling all along.

“You’ve been staring at me for such a long time. Have you seen enough?” Yun Wu put down her teacup and twisted her head aside to look at Nangong Yi wearing a veil-hat.

Nangong Yi replied with a gentle and cultivated smile, “If it bothers you, Miss, I’ll try looking at you less often.”

Yun Wu fell speechless.

‘Is this ‘son of the Grand Maester’ soft in the head?’ she wondered.

Though unable to see his face, she could feel that this man had been gazing at her with a goofy smile all along.

This made her skin prickle with apprehension.