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Chapter 153: The Banner of the Royal Family

Translator: Soldier

Moreover, how could he describe her as cute when she had disguised herself as a nondescript girl.

‘There’s definitely something wrong with his eyes.’

Yun Wu, who couldn’t be bothered to argue with him, gave him a dirty look and then rested her eyes on the auction platform down below.

As a result, she failed to notice the earnestness and amusement gleaming in Nangong Yi’s wise bright eyes behind the white veil.

Maybe nobody would ever know how he felt when his eyes were on her.

Because there was no disguise, no matter how good it was, that he couldn’t see through with his eyes.

Right at this moment, the atmosphere in the auction hall became somewhat tense. There were even signs of activity in boxes of those noble families.

It was noteworthy that after this round, the three lots left were no doubt all rare treasures.

“The last three lots to be auctioned next are the most precious treasures of this auction house, and I’ll be an acting auctioneer hosting the auction of them.”

Coldness Wu made these remarks in a quite professional manner.

The Wu family also owned some auction houses. As a young master of this family, though having been away from home for many years, he could perform the duty of an auctioneer with the greatest of ease.

“The first one is a bottle of saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix!” The mild voice of Coldness Wu was heard distinctly by everybody present.

“Only when a phoenix lays eggs when its salivary gland secretes this kind of bodily fluid, a condensation of its vital essence. It has a super-high level of toxicity, but the toxic substance in it is extractable and can be used to prepare the most potent yin poison (in Chinese philosophy and medicine, yin and yang are the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine and negative, the latter masculine and positive). Most importantly, saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix can be refined and made into Phoenix Saliva Pellet, which detoxifies any poison and possesses magic curative properties as well.”

Coldness Wu removed the piece of red cloth on the tray, revealing a transparent phial containing saliva of phoenix.

“Although the required skills of refining saliva of phoenix are specific to Senior Pharmacists, it is universally known that saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix is spiritual liquid, something that people can only come by with luck, not by searching for it. If some day one of your family members becomes a Senior Pharmacist, with a single droplet of this saliva, he or she would be able to prepare a Phoenix Saliva Pellet, the efficacy of which all of you are fully aware of.

Starting price of this bottle of saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix is 1.5 million taels of silver. Each bid should be no less than 500,000 taels higher than the previous one!”

The instant he finished the last word, a rather brittle voice was heard in the hall. “1.5 million!”

The bidder was that bony druggist!

The intent look in his eyes was an unmistakable indication of his craving for the phoenix saliva and his determination to get it.

After the bidding, he added, “This bottle of phoenix saliva is the very thing that the queen needs. If none of you are in urgent need of it, please allow me to have it.”

Previously, he had tried to browbeat other bidders by virtue of the majesty of the royal household but failed, and now, he directly assumed the authority of the queen.

Everybody in the Zhou Kingdom knew that the king favored the queen and had never spent a night with any concubine during the past over ten years since the queen was selected, which showed how much weight the queen carried.

However, what the skeletal druggist was unaware of was that eyes of Yun Wu, who had just heard that phoenix saliva could be used to prepare yin poison, went flinty as he added that remark.

‘Yin poison? The queen needs this?’

It seemed that she had just found the source of the yin poison that had been inside her for over ten years.

The skinny druggist had just finished the last word when a frosty voice was heard. “Five million taels!”

Five million taels?

Everybody else was shocked and darted their eyes in the direction of the source of the voice.

The bidder was nobody else but Yun Wu in the third box.

‘This goddamn woman directly made a bid almost four times higher! Fuck!’

‘If the bidding keeps going this way, isn’t the price for this bottle of phoenix saliva going to soar to a sky-high level in just a few moments?’

Everybody’s brow corrugated in a frown.