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Chapter 152: Marry Her

Translator: Soldier

“Tell me about it. This is really big news. If His Highness really cooperates with the Dragon Cabinet, then in the future…”

“… ”

Coldness Wu on the platform seemed to have some time ago anticipated that those people sitting in the hall would react this way. He didn’t really care about those lowered voices of discussion.

It could even be said that that was exactly what he wanted.

He had originally intended to pay a visit to Murong family this time, but the moment he’d entered the city, he had been informed that this was the day for this action house of the Dragon Cabinet to open for business. What had been even more fortunate for him was that the moment he arrived at this place, he met Young Master Long, the owner of the Dragon Cabinet.

This talk between the two of them hadn’t been very fruitful, but this Young Master Long didn’t seem to be totally against the proposal.

And he had even agreed to let him go up onto the platform to act as an auctioneer.

Even if this Young Master Long was to reject the proposal, since he had made his appearance on this auction platform, rumors about the cooperation between the Seventh Prince and the Dragon Cabinet would definitely still get abroad in a short time.

‘In that case, His Highness should stand a better chance of being recalled to the imperial court.

As long as His Highness returns to the capital city in an open and aboveboard fashion, things would be a lot easier,’ thought Coldness Wu.

Ruo Ling, after a brief handover with him, left the auction platform.

“Master.” Ruo Ling looked at the man sitting in a chair and made a deferential salutation to him.

He was dressed entirely in white, half of his face covered in a mask, which made him seem both frosty and sinister. A man like this, though in disguise, was still oozing seemingly deadly charm.

Ruo Ling sat down beside him and leaned forward reaching out her hands to pour him a cup of tea.

“Master, this is Longjing tea, your favorite.” Her voice was tinged with tenderness.

Young Master Long raised his eyes to glance at her, gave a tap on the surface of the table with his long fingers but didn’t utter a word.

Having been serving him for ten years, Ruo Ling was fully aware of his habits.

She put down the teacup, cast a disappointed look at him and also made no more remarks.

However, not a single detail of this scene escaped the notice of Yun Wu in the third box on the second floor.

She slightly knitted her thin eyebrows. ‘It seems that that man has a lot of good fortune in love affairs.’

However, somehow, she inexplicably felt a brief twinge of jealousy.

That man had glibly professed his feelings for her and promised to marry her, but never once had he mentioned anything to her about his family background. She was even unaware of anything about him except for his name.

‘It turns out that behind this shroud of mystery about him hid such a beautiful woman.

I thought that I’d learned my lesson after the betrayal in my last incarnation, but now…

It’s true what they say that crows are black the world over, and it’s even truer that men are untrustworthy.’

Coldness glinted in Yun Wu’s eyes as a sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth.

Maybe even she herself was unaware that, surprisingly, her heart, which she believed to have long ago been hardened to romantic relationship, was filled with mixed feelings as she saw there was another woman beside that man.

“You know that man down there?”

At this time, a gentle and cultivated voice softly came.

Yun Wu immediately dismissed those negative feelings from her heart.

She slightly curved her rosy lips and replied with a faint smile, “I’m just an ordinary woman. Who else could I possibly have acquaintance with in a place like this apart from you, son of the Grand Maester?”

Nangong Yi quietly looked at her. After quite a while, a chuckle seemed to escape his lips.

Yun Wu flintily threw him a glance and queried, “What’s so funny?”

Little Qing also confusedly looked at his young master.

“Nothing. I just suddenly feel that you are quite cute.” Nangong Yi’s mild and cultured voice had just died away when Little Qing almost failed to keep from bursting into wild laughter.

Yun Wu drinking tea also nearly spurted out the tea in her mouth.


This was possibly the first time that Yun Wu had ever heard anybody use this word on her during her last incarnation as well as this one.