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Chapter 150: A Ghost-like Half-Mask

Translator: Soldier

If that was really the case, wasn’t he probably here as well?

After leaving Cloud Murong’s wing, Yun Wu didn’t return to Nangong Yi’s wing but headed backstage.

However, every section of this place was heavily guarded.

She had just walked out of this area and hadn’t approached the backstage part of this auction hall yet when a guard stopped her.

“Lady, this place is internal hall. You’re not allowed to go inside. If there’s anything I can do for you, just tell me directly.”

Surprisingly, this guard was very polite to Yun Wu who was common-looking and dressed in plain clothes.

All people granted access to VIP area were from powerful background, so the guard didn’t dare offend her.

“I want an audience with your chief or master. Are there any requirements?”

Yun Wu asked directly. At this place, it was a waste of time to beat around the bush.

As expected, on hearing her words, the guard glanced at Yun Wu and kept silent for a second before politely answering, “Sorry, lady. Our master never meet any outsiders, and our chief is on the auction platform. If you really want to meet our chief, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for a while.”

On the auction platform?

Was the chief that female named Ruo Ling?

Yun Wu briefly frowned.

However, right at this moment, two figures walked down the spiral staircase in the front.

One of the two was tall and wearing white clothes and a ghost-like mask covering one side of his face. His flowing black hair tumbled in a cascade down his shoulders, cloaking him in a shroud of mystery and devilishness.

When he saw Yun Wu stopped by the guard, he noticeably paused.

When he suddenly stopped, Coldness Wu looked in the direction he was looking, and rested his eyes on Yun Wu in plain clothes.

After sizing her up, he found that she was merely a common woman and there was nothing special about her.

“Young Master Long, is she an acquaintance?”

Young Master Long withdrew his gaze. With a cold look in his dull-gold eyes beneath the mask, he slightly curved his sexy lips of devilish charm. “Master Wu, didn’t you say that you wanted to find out how it feels to bid? This way, please.”

His voice was bland, magnetic, deep and a little hoarse.

That was not the voice she was familiar with, but from the moment Yun Wu saw him in white, her eyes had been fixed on him all along.

That was him.

It seemed as if she affirmed that he was that man of devilish charm on the sight of him.

However, at this moment, he was black-haired, masked, with dull-gold pupils and an air of apathy about him.

This image was strange to her.

On the sight of the two figures walking over, the two guards who stopped Yun Wu bowed respectfully in unison, saying, “Master! Master Wu.”

Hearing the two titles, Yun Wu realized who he was.

Young Master Long?

He was really him!

Yun Wu watched him just like that. That “Young Master Long”, with an air of iciness and strangeness about him, walked past her.

It seemed as if he had never met her before. He didn’t even looked at her from the corners of his eyes.

He really didn’t recognize her?

As she watched the two figures disappeared at the end of the corridor, the look in Yun Wu’s black eyes grew deeper.

“Lady, if you’d like to meet our chief-”

“Thank you. That won’t be necessary.” After saying this in a cold voice, Yun Wu turned around and went back to the third box.

In the wing.

Nangong Yi was still sitting in that seat. The white veil concealed his looks but couldn’t conceal his temperament of mildness, grace and purity.