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Chapter 148: A Family in Straitened Circumstances

Translator: Soldier

“As a result, their family members split into two sects to cultivate the techniques. The Ouyang family started cultivating mind-control techniques, and the offshoot started cultivating mind-reading techniques.”

“However, Mind-Control Technique didn’t bring the Ouyang family into prosperity. Instead, they nearly suffered an extinctive catastrophe, the cause of which was the Ouyang family itself.”

“It turned out that members of the Ouyang family who cultivated mind-control techniques obtained the capability of controlling people’s mind. And those who cultivated mind-reading techniques gradually developed the capability of reading people’s mind. People’s mind is complicated, and everybody has their respective selfish motives, though they were family. At first, there were just some family quarrels, but as time passed by, those quarrels escalated into an internecine warfare.”

“It is said to be the most gory internecine struggle in their family’s history, with heavy casualties and bloodshed everywhere in their mansions. In his fury, their ancestor killed those family members who cultivated Mind-Control Techniques and caused this internecine struggle. Then he issued a family injunction, ordering that all members of Ouyang family must not cultivate Mind-Control Technique from then on. He even destroyed the secret manual of it in front of all family members.”

After hearing this, Yun Wu was somewhat surprised.

If the secret manual was destroyed eight hundred years ago, did it mean that the book on Mind-Control Technique in her Storage Space was a fake?

As if he could tell that Yun Wu was suspicious, Cloud Murong continued talking.

“Actually, back then most members of the large family were cultivating it, so some of them definitely recorded the cultivation method down, but even a complete manual of Mind-Control Technique could not have remained complete after hundreds of years, not to mention incomplete ones written by them. That Soul Chain Technique Luo Shanshan cultivates is evolved from an entry-level skill of Mind-Control Technique.”

Yun Wu asked curiously, “Given your account, though hundreds of years passed by, members of the Ouyang family should more or less have some skills of Mind-Control Technique!”

Cloud Murong shook his head and smiled, “The ancestor of the Ouyang family reached the highest level of Mind-Control Technique, capable of both controlling and reading people’s mind. When he issued that family injunction, he used his unique capability to destroy all family members’ endowments for cultivating Mind-Control Technique.”

“After that, among all subsequent generations of the Ouyang family, nobody has ever succeeded in cultivating Mind-Control Technique. And the name ‘Mind-Control Technique’ became a taboo in the Ouyang family, which is why Ouyang Ke’s face changed.”

The highest level?

Yun Wu was secretly dismayed. But since their ancestor was the one who created Mind-Control Technique, it was not surprising that he managed to reach the highest level.

However, what surprised her was that he was able to destroy cultivation endowments of subsequent generations. How powerful did he have to be to do that?

“But I heard that a complete ancient book on Mind-Control Technique appeared a few years ago, which is from a straitened family of the offshoot of Ouyang family. Afterwards, the royal household got it in an auction.”

The royal household?

Then it was the one in her Storage Space?

She had thought that it was just a useful skill. Unexpectedly, it was of long standing.

“Then do you know whether that ancient book on Mind-Control Technique was real or not?”

Cloud Murong smiled, “I don’t. It’s been hundreds of years. I’m afraid even members of the Ouyang family won’t be able to tell whether it’s real or not.”

On hearing this, Yun Wu understood and nodded.

In fact, she was secretly wondering whether that secret manual of Mind-Control Technique she got in the royal treasure house was real or not. And it was incomplete!