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Chapter 147: Special Skills

Almost subconsciously, Ouyang Ke stretched out his hand and pushed that face before him aside.

“Who told you about that Soul-Control Technique thing?”

Yun Wu frowned. After thinking for a while, she said with a seemingly frank and innocent look on her face, “It seems to be a pretty widespread rumor. Back then at the offshoot mansion of Murong family, the wife of Master Thousand Murong also performed Soul Chain Technique. Do you think by any chance she is a member of Ouyang family?”

“She doesn’t deserve to be!” Ouyang Ke’s eyes darkened.

But soon he realized that he seemed to have overreacted.

Instantly, he regained his refined, mild manner. It was just that he was involuntarily giving off an air of coldness.

Originally, Yun Wu had merely planned to sound him out, trying to confirm whether the Mind-Control Technique was from the Ouyang family.

Because back then when she performed Soul Chain, that fatty once said in surprise that she was related to the Ouyang family. And afterwards she saw Thousand Murong’s wife perform Soul Chain Technique in the offshoot mansion of the Murong family.

There seemed to be some kind of connection between this matter and the Ouyang family.

Ouyang Ke watched her with a somewhat cold, sullen look in his eyes. “Lady, you seem to be unduly concerned with this issue. Do you know that Soul-Control Technique very well?”

Yun Wu put down the teacup, idly raised her eyes and glanced at him. “I once saw someone use it, so I’m curious about it. But since Master Ouyang doesn’t want to talk about it, let’s just drop this.”

Judging from his reaction, she had a shrewd idea of what was going on.

She just asked a tentative question, but he reacted as if she touched a raw nerve, so there must be some particular connection between that Mind-Control Technique and the Ouyang family.

She wouldn’t be able to get any further information, so she might as well drop it.

“Where did you see it?” Ouyang Ke stared at Yun Wu with a deep look.

“I already told you. In the offshoot mansion of Murong family, Master Thousand Murong’s wife Luo Shanshan performed it. A lot of people saw it,” Yun Wu said casually.

But Ouyang Ke’s face darkened somewhat.

Cloud Murong, who had been listening on the side, also briefly frowned. “Master Ke, the auction is still ongoing. Maybe it’s time you went back to your own box, lest you miss any good stuff.”

Clearly he was asking him to leave.

With a frown, Ouyang Ke stared at Yun Wu for quite a while before standing up from his stool to politely say goodbye to Grandma Medicine.

And then he turned around and left.

“There’s nobody you don’t dare to mess with, is there? Where did you hear that the Ouyang family was related to Soul-Control Technique?”

After Ouyang Ke left, Cloud Murong confirmed that there was nobody eavesdropping, and then looked at Yun Wu with a frown and asked this question.

“I already told you. Thousand Murong’s wife, Luo Shanshan! But judging from your tone, you seem to know something about it.” Yun Wu raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

Cloud Murong pulled a wry face. Luo Shanshan knew how to perform Soul Chain Technique. Actually, all members of the Murong family had some Soul-Control Techniques, but it had nothing to do with the Ouyang family.

In order to prevent her from going around to make inquiries, Cloud Murong said in a low voice, “I don’t know much, but one of my elders told some tales about it, saying that it was not members of the current Ouyang family but an ancestor of the Ouyang family’s offshoot living eight hundred years ago who knew how to perform Soul-Control Techniques.”

“He said that it took that ancestor ten years to create a special skill he called Mind-Control Technique, which is the Soul-Control Technique you just mentioned. There are two types of Mind-Control Techniques: mind-control techniques and mind-reading techniques, each of which has its respective cultivation method.