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Chapter 146: Soul-Control Technique

Translator: Soldier

Even the best army surgeon was unable to treat the rare disease of the Venerable Master of Ouyang family, but after a week, he fully recovered as if he had never been ill, which was really amazing.

Thus, Grandma Medicine’s reputation for her medical skills rapidly spread.

On hearing the news, all those infected members of Murong family in Luo City could no longer forbear.

So they sent another several batches of people to Water City.

However, it was easy to evict her but difficult to get her back.

Back then members of Murong family treated them in such a contemptuous manner, repeatedly saying that they were freeloaders. Even a handmaid dared to bully them.

Yun Wu never tolerated anybody wronging her relatives and friends. As a result, when the two Grand Assassins were about to find her, Yun Wu asked Li Xuyang to do her a favor. She told him that he was to reject all of Murong family’s invitations and raise a claim when the steward himself showed up.

Eventually, she told him to request them to transfer Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf from Water City to Luo City with a big sedan chair carried by thirty-six men. They were to beat gongs and wind trumpets to welcome them back to Murong Mansion in Luo City.

Because she wanted all residents of Luo City to see how Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf were welcomed into Murong Mansion!

And she also wanted people of the Murong Mansion to remember that the real Venerable Mistress of Murong family not only was the rightful mistress but also had a forte.

On hearing Cloud Murong’s rhetorical question, Yun Wu blandly shrugged but didn’t answer.

However, her eyes shot in the direction of the doorway.

“Your Lordship, it seems that you have a visitor. Why don’t you invite him in?”

On hearing Yun Wu’s words, Cloud Murong turned his head aside and looked in the direction of the doorway. Surprisingly, he had just turned his head aside when there was a knock on the door.

Before long, a graceful, mild figure walked through the door.

Dressed in a light-purple robe, a gentle smile on his handsome face, his temperament as mild as water, the person who had just walked inside was Ouyang Ke.

“Sorry to bother you. I just accidentally heard that the Lord of Luo City was right next door, that Grandma Medicine was here too, so I came here to send my regards.”

After walking inside, Ouyang Ke made these remarks, but his eyes rested on Yun Wu first.

He was sizing her up and also sounding her out.

Yun Wu’s expression remained unchanged. She slowly poured a cup of tea for Grandma Medicine who was beside her, and then conveniently poured another one for Ouyang Ke and put it on the table on the side.

Seeing this, Ouyang Ke smiled and sat down, as if he was an acquaintance of them.

“Thank you, lady! May I have your name?”

Yun Wu flicked a glimpse at him and asked in a seemingly curious tone, “You’re the young master of the Ouyang family in Water City, right?”

Ouyang Ke was briefly stunned and then nodded.

“They’re right. People keep saying that all members of the Ouyang family in Water City were born with a gentle, refined temperament. This is the first time I see it with my own eyes. Your reputation is well-earned.”

Did this count as flattery?

But after saying that, Yun Wu seemed to have suddenly recalled something.

She suddenly leaned forward close to Ouyang Ke, widened her eyes and stared fixedly into his deep, black eyes, scrutinizing them.

Even Ouyang Ke began to feel uneasy beneath the unduly intent look. He couldn’t help furrowing his forehead.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“It is said that all members of Ouyang family have Soul-Control Technique, that people will be immobilized if they stare at your eyes. I’m trying to find out whether you know how to perform that so-called Soul-Control Technique!”

Ouyang Ke’s face abruptly darkened the moment he heard this.