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Chapter 144: Bidding for This Thing for His Mother

Translator: Soldier

“Was it you who made those disrespectful remarks?” Cloud Murong asked in a deep voice.

Yun Wu didn’t reply immediately but sat down in a chair on the side, poured herself a cup of tea and sipped at it, as if she was an acquaintance of them.

“Your Lordship, did you summon me here to interrogate me?” This time, Yun Wu didn’t lower her voice.

That languid, apathetic voice sounded very familiar to him.

Cloud Murong didn’t recall immediately, but Grandma Medicine’s eyes lit up and shot at Yun Wu.

However, when she saw that plain, strange face, she slightly furrowed her forehead.

‘How come their voices are so much alike? But she’s not her…’

At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

Cloud Murong glimpsed at Yun Wu with a frown, turned his head aside and looked in the direction of the person who had just walked inside.

“Your Lordship, Master Nangong said that you won the bid for this 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma. He asked me to send it here.” The teenage girl carrying the Snow Ganoderma said respectfully, put the Snow Ganoderma on the table and waited on the side.

Apparently, she was waiting for him to pay 300,000 taels.

Cloud Murong twisted his head aside and looked sideways at Yun Wu.

As if having just recalled this, Yun Wu raised her head and looked at Cloud Murong, smiling, “Your Lordship, I bid for this for Venerable Mistress Murong. I hate to bother you, but the price is 300,000 taels of silver.”

This remark instantly made Cloud Murong’s face darken.

She bid for this thing for his mother?

300,000 taels?

Was this woman playing him? He had never said anything from start to finish, and he didn’t even know her!

She was with Nangong Yi. Was that Nangong Yi by any chance…

“It seems as if Your Lordship doesn’t know that this 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma can prolong people’s lives. You begrudge paying mere 300,000 taels for your own mother?”

Yun Wu lifted her eyebrows and looked at him.

Surprisingly, for some unknown reason, Cloud Murong appeared a little guilty.

In fact, he would never begrudge buying things for his mother. It was just that like most other people, he was here for the last lot which was usually the most precious.

But this woman suddenly told him that she won the bid for this Snow Ganoderma at 300,000 taels on his behalf, which was several times higher than the actual value of this Snow Ganoderma.

Wasn’t she treating him as a sucker?

“Lady, don’t think that you’re eligible to make trouble out of nothing just because you’re a friend of Grand Maester’s son. Those words you just said were treasonable and heretical, and now… ” Cloud Murong said in a deep voice.

“Your Lordship, even if I did anything displeasing to you, just pay the money first. Can’t you see that the girl is still waiting? Even I feel embarrassed watching this.” Yun Wu said with a grin on her plain-looking face.

But judging by her expression, she wasn’t embarrassed at all.

With a frown, Cloud Murong glimpsed at the teenage girl standing on the side and then glanced at that unreasonable woman, feeling actually embarrassed.

It seemed as if he really was unwilling to buy this thing for his mother.

“You don’t have enough money? If that’s the case, I’ll go and ask Nangong Yi to pay for it first. You can repay him later.”

After saying this, Yun Wu stood up from the stool, planning to go to Nangong Yi’s room.

With a sullen look on his face, Cloud Murong reprimanded in a low voice, “Sit down.”

How could he refuse to pay the money after she said those words? It was no longer merely about his “face” but also about his status and dignity.

Cloud Murong darted an angry glance at Yun Wu, turned his head aside and said to the guard standing on the side, “Go with that girl and pay the money!”


The guard nodded and soon left with the teenage girl.

Finally, there were only three people in the room.

Cloud Murong said with a sudden, cold face, “Lady, are you playing a trick on me?”