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Chapter 143: To Throw a Tantrum Like a Child

Translator: Soldier

However, maybe it was because he was infuriated by Yun Wu, the skinny druggist kept silent during the auctioning of the next few lots all of which were top-notch medicinal materials, and there was even a rare one among them.

In the wing, Yun Wu naturally returned to normal, leisurely and indifferent, as if she was also uninterested in the next few lots.

Nangong Yi hadn’t even given a glance at any of those lots. Instead, he was staring at her most of the time.

Yun Wu was eager to roll eyes at him.

She had disguised herself as a plain-looking, nondescript woman. ‘Why is he still staring at me?’

Every gaze he gave her made feel uneasy.


There was a knock at the door.

She thought that it was someone who came here to deliver the 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma. However, it was a guard who walked into the room.

“Who bid for the last lot? The Lord of the City wants an audience with that person,” the guard flicked a glance at Yun and said in a low voice after entering the room.

“The lord of which city, if I may ask?” Little Qing looked at the guard and asked.

The guard glimpsed at Little Qing and the man wearing white clothes and a hat with white veil. He had made some inquiries and been told that this man was Grand Maester’s son, Nangong Yi.

“The Lord of the City I’m talking about is the Lord of Luo City. I’m following orders. Please pardon me, Master Nangong.” After saying this, the guard walked towards Yun Wu.

“Wait. You can’t take her. Go back and tell your lord. If he want to meet her, he’ll have to come here himself.” Little Qing suddenly blocked the guard’s path, trying to stop him from taking her away.

This little boy’s action surprised Yun Wu.

She slightly lifted the corners of her mouth, stood up, walked over and rubbed his head. “Well, thank you for standing up for me, brat. But since the Lord of Luo City requested my presence, I’ll go there. If somebody delivers the 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma here, tell that person to directly send it to the room of the Lord of Luo City.”

“Who stood up for you? Don’t touch my head, you ugly woman!” Little Qing angrily pushed aside the hand of Yun Wu, who was patting him like patting a puppy.

He just felt that though he didn’t like this ugly woman, this was his master’s room, and his master would lose face if he let the guard take her away.

However, Yun Wu smiled and quickly walked out of the room.

“Master, isn’t that ugly woman a fool? She had just made those disrespectful remarks when the Lord of Luo City sent his men here. It’s obviously not a good thing, but she still willingly went there like an idiot. What a moron.”

Watching Yun Wu’s receding figure, Little Qing couldn’t help looking at his master who had been silent all along.

“Why? Are you worried about her?” Nangong Yi said in a mild and elegant voice, a bland smile on his face.

On hearing this, Little Qing nearly jumped up. “Who would possibly worry about her? She’s such an ugly woman, yet she dared to say that she would trade me for money. Who does she think she is? Humph. Who would worry about her? Humph!”

He snorted in annoyance two times in a row, which was a typical childish tantrum.

Nangong Yi couldn’t help but curve his lips in a smile behind the veil.

“Your Lordship, she’s here.”

In the tenth wing, after leading her inside, the guard quickly walked up to Cloud Murong and whispered something into his ears.

After entering the room, Yun Wu flicked a glimpse at him and then rested her eyes on Grandma Medicine.

Grandma Medicine dressed in grosgrain clothes was sitting on the side, looking like a noble, dignified Venerable Mistress.

However, judging by the light frown on her face, it seemed as if she wasn’t very accustomed to this place.

On hearing the identity of the occupier of the third wing, Cloud Murong involuntarily frowned and looked at the nondescript woman in plain clothes.