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Translator: Soldier

The skinny druggist was annoyed. "Stop using lame arguments and perverted logic. Which family are you from exactly? Identify yourself. Don\'t be a coward."

Yun Wu said languidly and blandly, "I don\'t think I owe you an answer to your question. But I want to tell you something out of kindness. Since you\'re here on behalf of the royal household, please don\'t just outbid me by a mere 1,000 taels at a time. If that\'s the best the royal household can do, why came to this auction in the first place? It\'s really embarra.s.sing."

\'Her tongue is so sharp!\'

\'Isn\'t she openly saying that the royal household was poor?\'

\'Who is that woman in the box exactly? How dare she make such disrespectful remarks in front of so many people?\'

In a luxurious box on the top floor.

A man wearing a bizarre ghost-like mask across one side of his face was watching this scene down below. On hearing the deliberately lowered female voice, he slightly raised his eyebrows and looked in the direction of the third box on the second floor.

"Is it her?"

There was another man in the box.

On hearing this, Coldness Wu glanced at the mysterious man in white, looking in the direction of the third box out of the corner of his eye.


"Does Young Master Long know that woman in the box?"

"Young Master Wu, I think you\'re asking too many questions." A languid, low voice was heard.

Coldness Wu gave a mild smile and nodded. "Sorry, that\'s me being a busybody. May I ask what Young Master Long thinks about my master\'s suggestion about cooperation between us?"

But the wickedly handsome man in white made no response to this question.

However, a meaningful, mysterious look appeared in his black eyes behind the mask, making it difficult for others to conjecture about his thoughts.


The skinny druggist\'s white face blushed scarlet with anger and his body was shaking. "How dare you defame the royal household like that. You\'re courting death. Soon you\'ll regret this."

He clenched his teeth with an undisguisedly murderous look on his face.

Yun Wu giggled, "Defame? What did I defame? But the ashamed and angry look on your face is really a rare scene. Be careful. Don\'t burst your blood vessels."

"You... You\'ll regret this!"

Eyes ablaze with anger, the skeletal druggist clenched his fists until the bones clicked.

At last, he managed to suppress his anger and slumped down in his seat.

But the desire to kill was surging inside him. He was determined to kill Yun Wu after the auction to vent his anger and hatred.

In the tenth wing.

On hearing those words, Cloud Murong involuntarily knitted his eyebrows together.

This was his city. That woman dared to make such remarks in front of so many people, including himself.

If he didn\'t intervene. The Murong family would have to face dire consequences if news of this matter spread to the Imperial City.

"Go. Find out who those people in the third box are. Invite that woman who just talked to this room."

In a low voice, Cloud Murong gave an order to a guard standing on the side.

The guard obeyed and walked out of the wing.

In the eleventh wing.

This was the box of the Lord of Water City, in which Ouyang Yu and Ouyang Ke were.

"Dad, I heard that the third wing is reserved for Grand Maester\'s son. Since that woman said those words, people of Murong Mansion probably will go to the third wing to invite her." Ouyang Ke smiled, watching Ouyang Yu.

Of course Ouyang Yu knew what he was implying. He smiled mildly, "Don\'t be a busybody. Just look on."

"How am I supposed to look on if I stay in this room?"

"What do you want to do?"

"... "


That scene didn\'t affect the auction. After the skinny druggist sat down, the third lot was delivered to the box.