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Translator: Soldier

Yun Wu said coldly, "300,000!"


This time, exclamations of amazement came from not only the hall but also some boxes.

300,000 taels!

This was merely the second lot. n.o.body had ever bid higher than 100,000 taels for any of the first five lots in any previous auction.

But this woman in that box bid 300,000 taels for the second lot. What the h.e.l.l was she doing?

Was she deliberately bidding up this lot? Or was she a fool who knew nothing about market value of it at all?

If she kept doing this, wouldn\'t the hammer prices of all remaining lots be insanely high?

"You ugly woman. You can\'t just yell wild numbers like this. It\'s just a Snow Ganoderma, but you bid it up to 300,000 taels. I think you\'re out of your mind. If you don\'t have enough money to pay for it, our master won\'t help you."

In the box, shocked by Yun Wu\'s bid, Little Qing couldn\'t help reminding her in an angry voice.

Yun Wu turned her head aside and raised the corners of her mouth. "I\'m a poor woman, and I indeed don\'t have money. If you don\'t let your master pay for it, I\'ll sell you talky kid to get the money."

"You crazy woman. I dare you!"

"Why should I be afraid of doing that? Your master didn\'t say anything, did he? He must have been tired of you for a long time. I\'d be doing him a favor if I sell you, since n.o.body would be making any noises around him any longer. But I\'m afraid I won\'t be able to pay for it even if I sell you," Yun Wu wickedly sneered.

Little Qing looked at his master. Nangong Yi smiled but said nothing.

In white clothes, he just leisurely sat on a stool, silently watching the two people with his wise black eyes.

But n.o.body could see the look on his face behind the white veil.

So n.o.body knew what he was thinking about.

Little Qing was still a little boy after all. Seeing that his master kept silent, he felt aggrieved.

On the sight of the smile on Yun Wu\'s face, he instantly got annoyed. "Y–You... "

Little Qing blushed with anger.

Yun Wu felt that she had become somewhat childish after being around this kid all this time, but she was also complacent to see this brat angered.

This was a punishment for this brat\'s repeatedly calling her ugly woman, crazy woman.

In the hall down below.

With a ferocious look in his eyes, the skinny druggist glared in the direction of the box on the second floor. "You, woman. Why are you openly crossing the royal household exactly?"

All others also sensed the tension in the atmosphere.

Though the status of druggists was not as high as that of Senior Pharmacists, they also had contacts, so people should try not to offend them.

Otherwise, there would be unnecessary troublesome consequences.

It was especially so in this case. This druggist\'s work was to prepare remedies for the royal household. He was a servant of the royal household, which meant that offending him was synonymous with offending the royal household.

Most people from large families would think about this when facing a druggist like him.

Yun Wu withdrew her gaze at Little Qing, turned her head aside and flicked a glance at the skinny old man in the hall.

She casually curved her lips and said languidly, "You\'re such a funny guy. Do you actually think that others are not allowed to bid for whatever takes your fancy? That anyone who outbids you is openly running a counter to the royal household? If that\'s the case, n.o.body dares to bid for any of the rest of the lots, since all people present today might be openly crossing the royal household."

Upon hearing, all people, both those in the hall and those in boxes on the second floor, furrowed their foreheads, contemplating.

Indeed, there might be something they needed among the remaining lots. Naturally, every lot should go to the highest bidder. Why should they give up bidding just because the royal household wanted the lot?

Thinking about this, those people, who had been discussing animatedly, frowned and looked at that skinny druggist.