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However, n.o.body in boxes had bid so far.

Currently, the highest bid was 55,000 taels of silver.

The auctioning of this lot was about to come to an end. The hammer had already gone down twice. All of a sudden, a deep female voice came from the third box upstairs on the left.


On hearing this voice, a skinny druggist abruptly raised his head, coldly squinted and looked in the direction of the box upstairs, faint anger gleaming in his eyes.

This woman had been quiet all along but suddenly outbid him when he was about to win the bid.

How could he tolerate this!

"101,000!" the skeletal old druggist took a deep breath and said in a sepulchral tone.

Those sitting in boxes on the second floor were either from large, prestigious families or reclusive Senior Pharmacists. Naturally, he was very unwilling to offend any of those people.

It was just that he was determined to get this 1,000-year-old Coral Snow Ganoderma.

"200,000!" Yun Wu yelled in a bland tone, ignoring Little Qing who was standing transfixed with shock on the side.

Originally, she was indifferent to this lot, but after hearing Little Qing talking about the efficacy of the 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma, especially the part about "prolonging people\'s lives", she suddenly became interested.

Since Grandma Medicine was unable to cultivate, she could only live 100 years or so at the most.

For senior people like Grandma Medicine, this Coral Snow Ganoderma which could prolong people\'s lives was definitely the most valuable thing.

She decided to do something for Grandma Medicine before returning to the Imperial City.

The moment she named her bid, that skinny druggist furiously clenched his teeth so hard that his roots of teeth nearly broke.

She directly doubled her bid! This was way beyond his budget.

The starting price of this Snow Ganoderma was merely 10,000 taels of silver, and the current highest bid was twenty times that number, which exceeded the true value of this 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma to a large extent.

What was that bidder in the box exactly?

Did she deliberately choose to bid at this moment to cross him?

With a sepulchral look on his face, the skeletal druggist raised his head and said loudly, "The bidder in the third box upstairs on the left, may I ask which family you\'re from? Or are you a Senior Pharmacist? I really need this 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma to prepare some remedies for the royal household. If by any chance Your Excellency is not in urgent need of it, would you please be so kind as to do me a favor and let me have it?"

His words sounded pretty polite, but he explicitly mentioned the royal household to back himself up.

The royal household?

It turned out that he was a druggist working for the royal household!

Though the status of a druggist was not as high as that of a Senior Pharmacist, its much higher than that of a physician.

Upon hearing this, all people couldn\'t help raising their eyes to look in the direction of the third box.

Yun Wu slightly raised the corners of her mouth, but the look in her eyes was icy.

The royal household?

If he hadn\'t mentioned the royal household, she might have given up this lot to him, but now she was determined to get it.

"I don\'t have many hobbies, but I do like bidding against the royal household."

On hearing this, all people sitting in the hall down below exclaimed in amazement.

"Which family is she from? She talks so big!"

"She dares to challenge the authority of the royal household, so she must be from some powerful background!"

"How dare she talk like that? It is said that even Grand Maester\'s son and a lot of Lords are here in this auction."

"... "

People were animatedly discussing. That skinny druggist stared in the direction of that box with a dangerous look in his squinted eyes, his face sullen.

What kind of background was this woman from?

How dare she say that her hobby was to bid against the royal household? Those were quite big words.

But this 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma was the last messenger drug he needed to prepare the remedy.

After briefly clenching his teeth, the skinny druggist said loudly, "201,000 taels."

Given his budget, this was the best he could do. If he bought this thing at a price higher than this, he might not be able to bid for another valuable lot.