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Because this meant that she had more information about treasures and other things in this world at her disposal. Just like she had a treasure map, and all she had to do was find those treasures.

Once she revived her body, the first thing she was going to do was collect all twelve pieces of the map of how to get to the Summoner Shrine.

She needed power, huge power.

Though for some inexplicably reason, she had already become a summoner, she was still being hunted, facing life-threatening danger every day.

And the reason for all this was that she was not powerful enough to fight back against her enemies head-on.

Thinking about this, Yun Wu felt very uncomfortable.

She, Yun Wu, had never been a coward, neither in the last incarnation nor in this one.

She clenched her fists.

She was not powerful enough, so she would try to get more powerful. She had no armed forces, so she would build her armed forces by herself.

Some day, she would be the most powerful person in the world.

Compet.i.tive fire blazed intensely in her!

In the wing.

The female who had just brought the jade plate here had taken her leave.

The man and his little attendant were watching her. Little Qing was somewhat stunned when he saw her clenched fists and the cold look in her eyes.

What was she thinking about exactly?

Why was her face so fierce?

He knitted her little eyebrows. Outside, the auctioning of the second lot had begun.

"Master, stop looking at this stupid, ugly woman. Let\'s check out the second lot," Little Qing hurriedly said to his master.

He always felt that his master was paying too much attention to this ugly woman, which she didn\'t really deserve.

On hearing Little Qing\'s voice, Yun Wu collected herself.

This brat seemed to dislike her? He kept calling her ugly woman from the moment they met.

But Yun Wu was in a good mood, so she ignored him. Since the jade plate in her hand was useless now, she casually put it back into her front inside pocket and then returned to her seat.

This time, she became somewhat interested in the next lot.

She wondered whether she would be lucky enough to find some other "good stuff".

Nangong Yi slightly raised the corners of her mouth, watching her in amus.e.m.e.nt. It was not until a voice came from down below that he slowly moved his eyes onto the auction platform.

"The next lot is a first-rate Coral Snow Ganoderma, which is already a thousand years old. It has a seed on the top of it, which could be taken off and sowed. After some careful nurturing, it might grow into a Snow Ganoderma Flower plant. The starting price for this first-rate 1,000-year-old Coral Snow Ganoderma is 10,000 taels of silver. Every bid should be no less than a thousand taels of silver than the last one."

This Snow Ganoderma aroused a lot of people\'s interest.

The moment the voice died away, someone raised their paddle. "11,000 taels of silver."



"... "

Coral Snow Ganoderma was a very precious medicinal material which could improve people\'s const.i.tution and enhance their spiritual power. If made into pills and then ingested by a kung fu pract.i.tioner, the efficacy would be even greater. Snow Ganoderma also had another efficacy –prolonging common people\'s lives.

Besides, this is an 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma with a seed which might grow into an invaluable Snow Ganoderma Flower plant.

It could boost the efficacy of drugs if mixed with medicinal materials when preparing drugs, which was extremely tempting for both druggists and Senior Pharmacists.

Naturally, there were plenty of druggists present. Those in gray robes who raised their paddles and bid for the lot were all druggists.

As for Senior Pharmacists, due to their high status, it was naturally impossible to see them sitting in the hall. If any Senior Pharmacists had come here this day, they probably were in boxes.