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She stretched her hand into her sleeve and fished out a blood-red gemstone, and then she waved her hand and the gemstone landed in front of the teenage girl.

"I don\'t have enough cash on me, so I\'ll pay for it with this gemstone."

In fact, there were chests of silver ingots, shoe-shaped gold ingots, gold leaves and all kinds of jewels in her Storage s.p.a.ce, the total value of which was unknown to even herself.

But if she took out silver ingots, that would be synonymous with directly telling others she had Storage s.p.a.ce.

Yun Wu didn\'t want any trouble, so she just randomly fished that gemstone out of her Storage s.p.a.ce, believing that it should be enough to subst.i.tute for five hundred taels of silver.

However, when Little Qing and Nangong Yi saw that gemstone, they all did a double take.

Blood Jade?

Wasn\'t it the last lot of the auction held in the Imperial City Branch of the Auction House of Dragon Cabinet last year?

Back then, Nangong Yi was also present at that auction.

He remembered that the royal family bid 1.5 million taels of silver for this gemstone and also secretly exerted regal power and eventually managed to beat all other bidders.

How come it ended up in her hands?

And she used this precious gemstone to subst.i.tute for five hundred taels of silver?

Was this woman stupid or did she have terrible discernment?

Little Qing watched Yun Wu as if he was watching a fool who had suffered brain damage.

In fact, Yun Wu had no idea what that was at all. She just casually fished something out and didn\'t even look at it.

At the moment all her attention was on that jade plate.

As a result, unaware of their reaction, she stood up, walked over and directly picked up the jade plate on the table.

The moment she picked the jade plate up, the Soaring Dragon Scroll in her Consciousness Sea abruptly jolted.

Before Yun Wu could reacted, the thick white fog in the jade plate swished into her and rapidly hurtled into the Hundun Palace in her Consciousness Sea.

After the white fog entered the palace, the Soaring Dragon Scroll seemed to shake even more violently.


Yun Wu seemed to have heard a faint sound of something opening up.

However, before she could find out what that sound was about, a stream of pure Qi rushed through her meridians and then soon disappeared.

And the Soaring Dragon Scroll in the Hundun Palace also gradually calmed down.

But to Yun Wu\'s surprise, the mysterious totemic pattern on the Soaring Dragon Scroll seemed to have noticeably expanded, as if the Soaring Dragon Scroll had been incomplete before this happened.

The white fog in the jade plate was also part of the Soaring Dragon Scroll. And now, it had integrated with the Soaring Dragon Scroll.

"You, little girl. Where did you find another fragment of the Soaring Dragon Scroll?" Voice of the thick-bearded door G.o.d was heard in her mind.

Another fragment of the Soaring Dragon Scroll?

On hearing this, Yun Wu did a double take and then asked him in her mind, "Thick Beard, you knew that the Soaring Dragon Scroll was incomplete?"

It was quiet for a while in her mind. Then Thick Beard\'s voice came again.

"The Soaring Dragon Scroll is a sacred scroll in which information about everything in the world is recorded. If it weren\'t for that the scroll was shattered during a battle, it would never have ended up in the Mortal Realm! But you girl not only got recognized by the Soaring Dragon Scroll but also could detect fragments of it. I don\'t know whether you\'re lucky or reckless."

Upon hearing the Thick Beard\'s mumbles in a seemingly resigned voice, Yun Wu raised her eyebrows.

A sacred scroll?

This Soaring Dragon Scroll also bore this t.i.tle? It sounded pretty cool.

After integrating the fragment with the scroll, Yun Wu felt that a lot of information had been added to the Soaring Dragon Scroll, which made her both surprised and delighted.