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Translator: Soldier

On hearing her words, Nangong Yi gently smiled, as if in a good mood.

"Why are you smiling?"

"It\'s nothing. I just feel that the way you talk is pretty interesting. You seem like a daring person. Are you worried that I might abduct and sell you?" Nangong Yi said in a mild voice with a smile.

Obviously he was smiling, but she didn\'t feel that he was teasing her at all.

Instead, there seemed to be an air of sacredness and spiritual purity about him, which made her feel calm.

The fear in Yun Wu gradually dissolved after she heard his voice.

This was so strange.

Yun Wu couldn\'t help sizing him up again.

This man was Grand Maester\'s son, and Grand Maester was acclaimed as the best soothsayer.

Did he by any chance also know how to practice divination? Had he already known her true ident.i.ty? Or had he seen through her disguise from the very beginning?

"Lady, if you keep staring me like this, I might misunderstand you." Nangong Yi watched Yun Wu, smiling.

Misunderstand her?

Yun Wu was briefly stunned and then the corner of her lips lifted. "Master Nangong is so humorous."

"I\'m very serious."

On hearing this, Yun Wu was stunned again. She couldn\'t help flicking a glance at him.

Nangong Yi said no more and just watched her in silence. The room became quiet.

Yun Wu knitted her pretty eyebrows together. That creepy feeling came back to her.

"Hey, you ugly woman. Why are you staring at my master like that?" Right at this moment, Little Qing\'s loud voice came from the doorway and with that Little Qing carrying snacks ran inside.

He put down the snacks and angrily stood before Yun Wu with arms akimbo.

He glared at her as if she had just tried to s.e.xually hara.s.s his master.

Yun Wu pulled a wry face. Why did he think that she tried to seduce his master?

But his presence dissolved the creepy feeling she\'d been having.


Knock, knock!

Right at this moment, sounds of the hammer hitting the table were heard.

On the sight of the person who had just appeared on the platform, all people stopped discussing and quieted down.

On the auction platform stood a beautiful woman wearing a light-red dress made of thin silk. She was the auctioneer in charge of this day\'s auction in the Auction House of Dragon Cabinet.

Wasn\'t that woman the one who had given Yun Wu a contemptuous look at the gate?

On the sight of the woman on the platform, Yun Wu curved her lips in a sneer.

No wonder she dared to be so arrogant and hurt pedestrians on the street. It turned out that she was an auctioneer of this auction house.

Ruo Ling swept her beautiful eyes through those people sitting in the hall. When she saw the astonishment in the eyes of those men amazed by her beauty, she felt an inexplicable sense of satisfaction.

But she couldn\'t help looking in the direction of the box opposite the auction platform on the top floor.

In this world, there was probably only one man who had never looked at her carefully.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I\'m Ruo Ling, the acting chief auctioneer of the Thirteenth Branch of Dragon Cabinet Auction House. I\'ll be hosting today\'s auction, which is the first auction after this auction house opens for business today... "

Soon she withdrew her gaze and made a self-introduction to all people present with a smile.

After the opening speech was made in a tender, pleasant voice, the hammer went down.

"Today\'s auction begins."

She cleanly declared the start of the auction.

Both people in boxes and those in the hall couldn\'t help showing signs of admiration.