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Translator: Soldier

Beneath the gaze of a lot of people amazed by her beauty, the female slowly get off the carriage.

"Lady Ruo, finally you\'re here. Everybody has been expecting you," the attendant said to the female in an extremely respectful tone.

"Did you light the lamp in Master\'s room?" the female asked in a tender, pleasant voice.

The attendant nodded, "It\'s been on for quite a while."

A gentle smile appeared on the female\'s face as she heard this.

On the sight of this smile, people around all secretly gasped in astonishment.

She has exquisite features, a fine oval face and snow-white skin. Her every move displayed charm and dignity.

As beautiful as a flower?

No, this female was even more delicate than a flower, especially her liquid, big eyes, which looked limpid and clear but was tinged with charm.

This female might be the only person who could be described with the idiom "A single smile would overthrow a city".

At this moment, lookers-on around her seemed to have forgotten the previous rampage of the carriage and the rudeness of the driver.

All men\'s eyes were fixed on her. All women clenched their teeth in jealousy...

She was really a very beautiful woman.

Even Yun Wu had to admit the beauty of that female.

Just now, Yun Wu had dodged that whip and then conveniently followed the carriage through the crowd.

At this moment, she was standing behind the carriage, unconcernedly watching those people. When the attendant respectfully led the female towards the auction house, she followed them, planning to infiltrate into the house by pretending to be with that female.


Because of the plain clothes she wore, guards stopped her at the gateway.

"Who are you? Do you have an invitation?"

On hearing the gruff voice of the guard, the beautiful woman walking in the front paused, turned around and flicked a glance at Yun Wu.

She sized Yun Wu up and soon contemptuously withdrew her eyes and walked inside the house.


Indeed, she could distinctly see scorn and sarcasm in her eyes.

She was satirizing her!

Yun Wu secretly sneered.

She withdrew her gaze, raised her eyes and looked at the guard who had just yelled at her in a loud voice. She intended to say that she was from the Murong family.

But at this moment, a crisp male voice pleasant to the ear came from behind her.

"She\'s with me."

On hearing this, Yun Wu turned her head back and her eyebrows abruptly lifted on the sight of the man wearing white clothes and a hat with white veil and the little attendant beside him.

They also came here?

It was the man she met in that tavern in the border city in the afternoon the day before.

Yun Wu managed to get to the Luo City after traveling all night, but how come they also appeared in this place at this moment?

Little Qing cast a glance at plain-looking Yun Wu and furrowed his forehead, as if displeased with his master\'s action.

"Yesterday he received a male degenerate. Today he helped this ugly woman. Why is master acting so weirdly after leaving home... "

After grunting these words in a low voice, he reluctantly walked forward and handed an invitation to the guard.

"It turns out you\'re Grand Maester\'s son, Master Nangong. My apologies. I didn\'t know this lady\'s with Master Nangong. Please pardon me." On the sight of the invitation, the guard, who had just yelled in a gruff voice with a sullen look on his face, hastily changed his att.i.tude and bowed respectfully.

The attendant standing on the side also hurried over to lead the way.

"This way, please, Master Nangong."

Grand Maester\'s son?

A flash of surprise crossed Yun Wu\'s eyes as she heard this. She couldn\'t help flicking a couple of extra glances at Nangong Yi.

One of the five items she needed to collect was called "Pure Blood". So it was this man\'s blood?