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Translator: Ruriko & Soldier

They had just entered the city when the carriage stopped and the driver\'s voice came.

Yun Wu opened the flies, took a glance and got off the carriage. After paying the fare, she turned around and headed for the Murong Mansion.

However, before long, she sensed that the atmosphere in the city was a little unusual.

"Have you heard it? A branch of the Auction House of Dragon Cabinet is open for business in the Luo City today. This is the first day. A lot of people are there to look on."

"I heard it long ago. It\'s just that all those auction houses are meant for the wealthy. People like us can only watch from outside."

"Tell me about it. I heard that a lot of prestigious families came here today. Even the Lord of Water City is here."

"Yes, yes. I\'ve just come back from there. Not only the Lord of Water City but also the Lord of our city and the Venerable Mistress were there."

"... "

Walking on the street, Yun Wu saw that all pedestrians were discussing animatedly.

The Dragon Cabinet?

An Auction house?

But on hearing the last remark, Yun Wu, who had originally planned to go to the Murong Mansion, instantly stopped.

"Excuse me, aunt. Would you please tell me where that Dragon Cabinet is?"

While those people were talking, a presumptuous voice came.

Pa.s.sers-by couldn\'t help turning their heads back as they heard the voice.

"Lady, you must be an outsider, right? I mean, you don\'t even know about the Dragon Cabinet."

"The Auction House of Dragon Cabinet is in the busiest area next to the North Street. But lady, I\'m afraid you won\'t be able to have any fun there, because it\'s too crowded."

"Yes. I just came back from there. There were too many people. The spot was terribly congested."

"... "

With the help of a couple of middle-aged women, Yun Wu arrived at the North Street.

However, she hadn\'t approached that place yet when she saw the crowds congesting the street. If she tried to force her way through the crowd, it was very likely that she would be squeezed to death before she could reach the front.

"Step aisde! Step aside... "

Right at this moment, a string of loud, shrill yells came from behind.

A luxurious horse-drawn carriage hurriedly drove over. The male driver was angrily yelling at those people in his way. Suddenly, he swung his whip at them.

Many people failed to dodge aside in time and got hit by the whip. b.l.o.o.d.y wounds appeared on them.

At this moment, Yun Wu, who was standing in the middle of the road, had just turned her head back when she saw that the whip was swung at her.

A cold look flashed across the bottom of her eyes. With a movement of her foot, her figure disappeared into thin air on the spot like a phantom the last moment before the whip reach her position.

The man who swung the whip at her on the carriage was instantly stunned.

Where was she?

Just now, he had distinctly seen a female in front of him. Was that just a figment of his imagination?

But that man didn\'t think much about this, since there were a lot of people blocking his way.

"Step aside! All of you! Step aside... "

With his loud voice and his whip, those people crowding the street really started scattering, trying to dodge the carriage, but a lot of them were infuriated.

In the Auction House of Dragon Cabinet.

At this moment there were many lookers-on, but none of them was able to get close. They could only watch from the distance.

That luxurious carriage went through the North Street and finally reached a broad street where there was a lot for parking carriages in front of the Auction House of Dragon Cabinet not far away from the gate.

The moment the carriage stopped, an attendant standing outside the auction house hurriedly walked up to it.

The attendant and the driver respectfully opened the door of the carriage and a light red figure walked out.