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Yun Wu was stunned for a second and then gave a shrug. "We can discuss that when we meet again."

She didn\'t think that they would meet again.

Besides, after she removed her makeup, the man she disguised herself as would no longer exist.

The instant she finished the last word, her pet.i.te figure disappeared at the landing.

As if having just understood the undertones contained in her previous words, Little Qing, who had been begrudging that bottle of Flowers Wine, involuntarily got angry and yelled, "You are a dog! All your family members are dogs! Hey, don\'t leave. Come back! I\'ll teach you a lesson... "

Upon hearing the angry yell of that little brat, Yun Wu, who had just walked downstairs, curved her lips.

But there was no smile in her eyes.

Because when she was facing that man, she had a very strange feeling, as if he stared into her soul.

But he had been calm and unconcerned from start to finish, as if he was cut off from the outside world, which was why she was unable to speculate or deduce what he was thinking of exactly.

This feeling was bloodcurdling, which made her feel that he was a very dangerous man.

As a result, she\'d better leave as soon as possible.

"Master, Patriarch asked you to come here to find the person you\'re destined to be with. Why did you allow that degenerate to share the table with you? Wasn\'t that... "

Watching Yun Wu who was going further away, Little Qing blushed scarlet in anger and nearly waved his "claws" to express his discontent.

But the corner of the lips clamping tightly together behind the white veil slightly lifted, as if the man stood aloof from the world.

At this moment, he also stood up from the seat and intended to leave.

"Master, you haven\'t met that person yet. It\'s still You Hour. Let\'s just wait!" Little Qing said anxiously.

"I\'ve already met the one I\'d been waiting for. Let\'s go."


Little Qing didn\'t quite understand. He had already met that person? They had been sitting here for the whole afternoon, but that degenerate was the only one who had shown up, and no women had ever come here. Why did he say that he\'d already met that person?

Did his master by any chance mean that that disgraceful man was the one he was destined to be with?

Little Qing\'s face changed as he thought about this. He hurriedly followed his master.

"Master, that degenerate was by no means the person you\'re destined to be with. Let\'s wait a moment longer... "


The next day.

Outside the Luo City.

A plain horse-drawn carriage slowly drove into the city.

Inside the carriage was a nondescript female who, at this moment, was sitting cross-legged performing Qi circulation.

After leaving that border city, Yun Wu traveled all night and arrived in the Luo City.

But after that outbreak of pestilence, there were probably a lot of people trying to find her in the Luo City.

As a result, Yun Wu had changed her disguise in a town near the Luo City before hiring a horse-drawn carriage to go downtown.

She wondered whether that Long Qingxie had heard the news or not.

Apart from visiting Grandma Medicine, looking for Long Qingxie was also an important reason why she had come back to the Luo City this time.

In order to revive her body, she needed his blood in addition to Vigorgra.s.s.

She had to find him and revive her body as soon as possible, since Elder White\'s condition was getting less and less optimistic.

If the necklace was sealed up, Elder White would fall into deep sleep again.

In fact, after all these things she had been through, she had already regarded Elder White as her mentor. It was under his guidance that she managed to get into this exotic world. And if it weren\'t for his help, she would probably have died in the forbidden area long ago.

As a result, she must revive her body before the seal in the necklace restored.

"Lady, we\'re in the Luo City!"