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Translator: Ruriko & Soldier

Practicing divination? Meeting the person he was destined to be with? Making friends?

This person was pretty interesting.

Upon hearing his words, Yun Wu involuntarily lifted her eyebrows and looked at the man wearing a veil.

"You think people who have a meal together count as friends. In that case, wouldn\'t there be too many \'friends\'?"

After hearing her words, Nangong Yi remained silent, as if thinking about something.

At this moment, footsteps came from the staircase. The bellman came to serve courses.

They were all this tavern\'s specialties, good in color, smell and taste.

"Sir, your courses are served. I hope you enjoy your dinner. If you need anything, just call... " the bellman said after serving the courses, and then went downstairs.

Yun Wu was not particular about table manners, so she picked up her chopsticks and began to eat, heedless of whether Nangong Yi wanted to eat or not.

In fact, she had been busy with all kinds of things, which even included burning the encampment, after returning from the battlefield, and she hadn\'t had anything for quite some time, so she was indeed very hungry.

At this moment, Little Qing, who had gone to get the wine, came back, carefully carrying a white bottle in his arms.

"Master, here is your Flowers Wine."

"Um. Pour," an elegant, bland voice came from behind the veil.

After casting a glance at Yun Wu, who was eating in a self-involved manner, Little Qing was annoyed but still poured two goblets of wine, handed one of them to Nangong Yi and then discontentedly put the other one onto the table in front of Yun Wu.

"Be spring. To make this wine, my master collected a lot of precious medicinal flowers. You-"

However, before Little Qing could finish his sentence, Yun Wu drank the goblet of wine in one gulp, smacked the empty goblet down onto the table in front of Little Qing, indicating that she wanted him to pour her another goblet of wine.

Little Qing was stunned and with that he blushed furiously.


Every drop of that wine was worth a fortune. In order to have a taste of the Flowers Wine made by his master, numerous dignitaries were willing to spend large sums of money, but she drank it like a bull drank water, which was a total waste of this precious Flowers Wine.

"What? You invited me to drink with you, but I just drunk a small goblet of it, yet you began to grudge it?" Upon these words, Yun Wu raised her eyes and looked at Nangong Yi whose face couldn\'t be distinctly seen.

In fact, she did want to anger that little brat. Though he was still a little boy, he had been acting like a sn.o.b all along.

As regards the wine, it was indeed very good. Actually, it was probably some kind of tonic wine. As for in what way it was beneficial for people\'s health, she was unable to identify what medicinal materials had been used to make this wine.

But after drinking it, she felt refreshed and comfortable. This wine must be good for people\'s health.

"Little Qing, pour," Nangong Yi said in a mild, graceful voice.

"But master, he drinks wine like an old bull drinks water. It would be such a waste to let her drink this precious wine... "

With a smack, he was slapped on the back of his head.

"Ouch! Who hit me?" Little Qing held his head, grimacing.

He didn\'t know when, but that bottle of Flowers Wine had been taken by Yun Wu.

"Your master had given the order, but you still kept nagging. You surely have no idea what the sentence \'A filthy mouth cannot utter decent language\' means, do you? If you really don\'t know, find a mirror and look into it, and then you\'ll get it."

After saying this, Yun Wu raised her head and drank that small bottle of wine in three gulps.

After that, she put the bottle down onto the table, cleanly stood up and cast a piercing look at Nangong Yi who had been silently staring at her through the veil all along. "Your wine is indeed pretty good. It\'s a pity you didn\'t bring more."

"I promise I\'ll give you a jar of it the next time we meet, my friend." As Yun Wu turned around, Nangong Yi said with a smile.