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Translator: Soldier

"But the tavern-keeper just told me that there were plenty of seats available on the second floor."

"That was the case a moment ago. Now, all seats here belong to my master, so get out-"

Impatiently, Yun Wu flicked a glance at the boy being deliberately provocative, gently waved her hand and with that the boy was immobilized, as if his acupoint had been struck.

Yun Wu walked past him, planning to find a seat.

It was actually a very strange thing. Originally, she was on her way back to the inn, but when she was close to the destination, she sensed the Qi of those two a.s.sa.s.sins.

Had they by any chance already found her?

To be on the safe side, Yun Wu gave up returning to the inn. She decided to find a tavern to eat and then leave the city after dark.

She had gone to several taverns but none of them had any seats available, so eventually she ended up coming into this one.

It was just that she had already encountered a trap of seduction not long ago, and now this boy tried to make trouble out of nothing, which she found very noisy, so Yun Wu blocked his acupoint with a silver needle to quiet him down.

"Thank you for going easy on him, master. My little attendant was being impertinent. Please pardon him. It\'s boring to eat alone. May I ask if master is willing to come here and have a meal with me?"

Suddenly, a mild, elegant and crisp voice came, making her feel very comfortable.

Yun Wu couldn\'t help looking in the direction of the source of the voice.

Wearing spotlessly clean white clothes and a hat with white veil, that man looked refined and free from vulgarity, giving her an inexplicable feeling of serenity and comfort.

Though unable to see his face, Yun Wu had an intuition that the looks behind the veil were extraordinarily handsome.

Originally, Yun Wu had had no intention of talking with this master.

But after hearing that voice, she became curious about that man.

So she walked up to that table and sat opposite him.

"Thank you for having a meal with me, master. I, Nangong Yi, won\'t forget this favor."

Upon finishing the last word, with a gentle wave of his hand, he restored Little Qing\'s acupoint.

Yun Wu involuntarily lifted her eyebrows and a piercing look flashed across the bottom of of her eyes.

Late stage of Tier VIII?

Judging from his voice, this man was probably still young, but unexpectedly, he was already in late stage of Tier VIII.

He must be no common person.

"Master!" Little Qing walked over, feeling like weeping but had no tears.

The bell had just struck You Hour, but he had never expected that the one who was sitting in front of his master would be that degenerate who had openly taken liberties with a married woman on the street not long ago – a man, a sickly, lascivious man.

What should he do?

How was he supposed to explain this to Venerable Master after he went back?

"Tell the tavern-keeper they may serve. And go bring that bottle of Flowers Wine in the carriage," Nangong Yi ordered in a leisurely tone.

Little Qing was eager to say something and even had an impulse to chase Yun Wu away.

But he didn\'t dare to do anything impudent in front of his master.

After secretly shooting Yun Wu a dark glance, he resignedly turned around and went downstairs.

"As far as I can tell, master is not someone who is willing to share the table with others. May I ask why master invited me?" Yun Wu said, blandly watching him.

But secretly, she had already been sizing him up for a while.

This man\'s Qi was steady, and thin callus could be vaguely seen on his right hand, which indicated that he was a kung fu pract.i.tioner.

But there was no killing aura or smell of blood about him at all. Yun Wu was certain that this man had never killed anybody.

Judging from his spotless white clothes and the clean table, he probably was fairly obsessive about cleanliness.

In most cases, people like him either seldom socialized with people or didn\'t like socializing with people.

"My father practiced divination and predicted that at this time this afternoon, I would meet the person I was destined to be with. Since master appeared at this moment, I think this counts as a predestined encounter to some extent. Let\'s enjoy a meal together and make friends with each other." While saying this, Nangong Yi slowly stretched out his hand and poured Yun Wu a cup of tea.