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Translator: Soldier

Yun Wu casually tossed the shoe-shaped gold ingot to him.

The tough hombre caught the heavy shoe-shaped gold ingot and couldn\'t help looking at Yun Wu.

Wasn\'t this going too smoothly?

"By the way, here\'s a tip for you: remind this aunt to put something under her bosoms to raise them up a little bit before leaving home. Otherwise people might have trouble distinguishing her belly and her bosoms, which will make her seem less devoted to her job."

After saying this, Yun Wu turned around and left with a smile on the corner of her lips.

At first, the woman and her son who stayed on the spot didn\'t understand what she meant.

But after the two glanced at the middle-aged woman\'s fat belly, understanding suddenly dawned on them and with that their faces turned dark with rage.

Yun Wu\'s figure had merged into the crowd.

A master and his servant, who were sitting in the attic on the second floor of a tavern in the distance, saw what had just happened in the street.

"Master, I never expected that in this border city, there would be someone bold enough to took liberties with a woman in the street. The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day. There are so many sc.u.m of society."

In the attic on the second floor, a little boy about ten years old dressed in white clothes flicked a glimpse at Yun Wu\'s receding figure and made these remarks with a frown on his face.

"Little Qing, I told you before. Learn to control your temper. Disaster emanates from careless talk," a mild, graceful and crisp voice said.

Displeased, the boy in white pouted but still moved his eyes to his master. "Master, a month ago, there was a vision in the sky. Lord Grand Maester practiced divination and found that you would meet the person you were destined to be with at this place this afternoon. Did you see that person?"

The man didn\'t answer.

In a leisurely manner, he slowly picked up the teacup before him, sent it to his lips behind a veil and took a sip.

Watching his master who was still as unconcerned and mild as always, Little Qing couldn\'t help feeling very anxious.

His master was son of Zhou Kingdom\'s Grand Maester who bore the t.i.tle of "The First Prophet of G.o.d". He was supposed to be an unusually lucky person, but for... some reason, he had been wearing a hat with white veil since childhood, and he almost stayed at home all the time.

But over a month ago, after his master was attacked by a ruffian who sneaked into the mansion, Lord Grand Maester suddenly rejoiced.

It turned out that because of that bloodshed, Grand Maester managed to find out via divination that his son would meet the person he was destined to be with at this tavern in this border city at You Hour(The tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches; 17:00-18:59), who would enable him to free himself from the destiny of being alone all his life.

After quite a while.

Soon the bell would strike You Hour. Surprisingly, this tavern, which was busy almost all year round, was very quiet this day. There was not a single well-featured young woman. Little Qing, who cared about his master\'s future well-being very much, inevitably went anxious.

"Master, I\'ll go downstairs and take a look. If I see any suitable ladies, I\'ll invite them here... "

Upon these words, before the man could say anything, the little figure hurried towards the staircase.

But he had just reached the landing when he ran into a figure.

After casting a glance at that person, he couldn\'t help but furrow his brow and block Yun Wu\'s path, saying disgustedly, "You degenerate, why are you here?"

Watching Yun Wu disguised as a man, Little Qing suddenly felt sc.u.m like "him" was exceptionally hateful, as if "his" presence would degrade his master like a bit of a mouse\'s dropping would spoil a whole saucepan of broth

Confused, Yun Wu, whose path was blocked, watched this boy who just rebuked her. Did they know each other?

But she still blandly replied, "This is a tavern, so of course I\'m here to eat. What else do you think I came here to do? p.o.o.ping?"

"You... " The boy was annoyed. "Find somewhere else to eat. Can\'t you see that my master is here? We\'ve taken all seats on the second floor."