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Translator: Ruriko & Soldier

They saw that there was only one line in the letter: General-in-chief, how does it feel to be black-faced? Don\'t risk going into the street lest you be confiscated.

Except for that black-faced girl, who else could have written these words?


After having some fun in the city, Yun Wu was in a very good mood.

With a long time to go before dark, in order to enjoy this good mood to the fullest, Yun Wu started strolling along the street on her way back to the inn.

It was just that due to her lascivious, sickly "face", she felt that people kept giving her contemptuous gaze wherever she went.

She had just arrived at a busy section when a fat, middle-aged woman ran into her.

"Hey, you invalid tried to molest me? How dare you touch my b.u.t.t?" A loud, angry yell was heard.

Instantly, all people on the street moved their eyes onto Yun Wu.

"This guy took liberties with a middle-aged woman under broad daylight. What a lecher."

"Judging from his clothes, he must be a master from some rich family. I never expected that a man like him would be so bold as to touch a woman\'s b.u.t.t in public. Shame on him... "

"I can tell he\'s no good person from his lascivious face."

"... "

When all people around were discussing and whispering, Yun Wu involuntarily raised her eyebrows and sized the woman up.

However, as if having been "molested" again, that fat middle-aged woman crossed her arms over her chest and thundered, "Brat, how dare you stare at my chest in broad daylight? You are courting death."

Stare at her chest?

She was merely a fat, middle-aged woman whose face was full of wrinkles. Who had interest in staring at her?

But lookers-on were inclined to put two and two together and make five, which was why they all believed that woman\'s words.

"This is so filthy... "

"He even peeped at a middle-aged woman. So shameless... "

"... "

After that middle-aged woman\'s angry yell, a tough hombre walked out of the crowd.

"Who took liberties with my mother? Whoever molested my mother must be courting death."

The moment that tough hombre stepped forward, he walked towards Yun Wu with a measured gait with his toes pointing outwards, his muscles rippling, a ferocious look on his face.

"Brat, you took liberties with my mother and also eyed her chest vulgarly. How are you going to make up to her for this?"

Watching that fierce-looking strong man, Yun Wu asked with a bland smile, "May I ask how do you want me to make up to her?"

"Pay at least eighty taels of silver compensation to comfort my mother. Otherwise, I\'ll squeeze you to pieces," the tough hombre thundered, clenching his fists until they clicked.

It seemed as if he would kill Yun Wu if she refused to make compensatory payment.

On seeing this, all lookers-on couldn\'t help drawing back, worrying that they might get hurt by accident during the potential fight.

But Yun Wu slightly curved her lips, neither afraid nor fl.u.s.tered.

Unexpectedly, in this exotic world, there was also such trick as a trap of seduction, which she found hilarious.

But Yun Wu had no intention of fighting with him.

There were too many people around. If she fought him, things might end up troublesome.

"Will you let this go if I compensate you?" Yun Wu slightly raised her head and asked that tough hombre who was a head higher than her.

That tough hombre answered in a gruff voice, "That\'s comfort fee. Let it be a lesson to you. Don\'t be so lascivious, and stop wandering around trying to molest women."

There seemed to be awe-inspiring righteousness in his voice.

Yun Wu couldn\'t help feeling amused.

But she still stretched out her hand into her front inside pocket. When she took her hand out, there was a shoe-shaped gold ingot in it.

"Do you think this is enough?"

The tough hombre\'s eyes lit up as he saw the shoe-shaped gold ingot, and he quickly nodded.