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Translator: Soldier

Those troops sent to the battleground hadn\'t returned yet, and neither had Yun Lengyi. Besides, in order to hunt for her, a lot of soldiers had been dispatched to the city.

Currently, there were not many soldiers in the encampment.

Now that he was hunting her, she felt obliged to return the favor by sending him a great gift.


The army led by Yun Lengyi had just entered the city when a soldier hurriedly galloped over, a fl.u.s.tered look on his face. The moment he saw Yun Lengyi, he immediately dismounted from his horse and rushed to him.

"General-in-chief, something bad happened. Someone... set a fire to our encampment and burnt it ."


Faces of Yun Lengyi and a couple of generals behind him instantly changed as they heard this.

Immediately, most soldiers who had just entered the city hurriedly headed for the encampment in the north.

The fire was still blazing. Flames almost reddened more than half of the sky.

Soldiers hastily started firefighting.

When the fire was put out, all tents in the encampment were burnt down, except for the one in the middle, which was a large tent belonged to Yun Lengyi.

"Go and check!"

Yun Lengyi dismounted from his horse and quickly walked towards his tent.

Yun Lengyi was just about to walk inside first when Wen Yu stopped him, "General, don\'t take any risks."

He raised his hand and signaled soldiers beside him to go inside.

Two soldiers walked forward, opened the flies, walked inside and didn\'t find anything unusual, except for an envelope on a table in the tent.

"General-in-chief, there\'s nothing inside except for a letter."

A soldier walked out and hurriedly handed the envelope to the general.

There were three Chinese characters on the envelope – "Yun Lengyi".

Those characters were written with lively and vigorous flourishes, and every stroke of them was powerful, indicating that the one who wrote these characters was no common person.

Yun Lengyi took the envelope but didn\'t open it right away. He exerted his spiritual power on it to scan it, in case it was a trap.

After confirming that there was nothing dangerous in it, he opened the envelope and fished out the letter in it.


A cloud of black fog almost invisible to the naked eye quickly spread outwards as he unfolded the letter.

"Watch out!" Wen Yu immediately smacked that letter off Yun Lengyi\'s hand.

But it was too late.

Right at that moment, Yun Lengyi\'s face started blackening bit by bit.

After a short while, his face became completely black.

If there were a crescent-shaped mark on his forehead, he would look exactly like Bao Gong(A famous, righteous official living in feudal China).

This change stunned everybody present.

Yun Lengyi himself didn\'t feel anything unusual, but he could see that his hands were blackening bit by bit.

He would be lying if he said that he was not startled.

Wen Yu hurriedly felt his pulse. After quite a while, he seemed relieved, but his eyebrows were knitted together. "This is Black Poison."

"What? Poison?"

"How did this happen? General-in-chief... "

"... "

When all generals were worried, Wen Yu spoke again. "Black Poison is unharmful. It\'s just that... the skin of a victim will stay black for a month. Then the poison will be naturally excreted from pores in skin.

Black Poison could be extracted from a very common plant and any druggist could prepare it.

It didn\'t count as a dangerous poison.

Who played such a prank exactly? That person not only burnt their encampment but also put Black Poison in an envelope.

"General-in-chief, there are some words in the letter." A sharp-eyed general noticed something in the letter on the ground.

Wen Yu wrapped his hand in his sleeve and picked up that letter.

When he saw the words on it, he involuntarily lifted his eyebrows. "It was her!"

Yun Lengyi also glanced at the letter and furrowed his forehead. The look on his face instantly changed. Well, given that his face was so black, people actually couldn\'t tell whether his look changed or not.