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Translator: Soldier

With her disguise, hardly anybody could recognize her. Originally, she had planned to hire a horse-drawn carriage and get out of the city above board.

But unexpectedly, the city had been sealed up.

The Seventh Prince?

How did that Zhou Feiyu know she was in this border city? And he also sealed off the city to search for her, which got a lot of people involved.

Now that leaving this city in an aboveboard manner was no longer an option, she had no choice but to leave at night. If she tried to get out during daytime, other trouble might come to her apart from the two a.s.sa.s.sins.

She had the horsekeeper take her to the busiest street and find a large inn.

She had just checked in and hadn\'t gone upstairs yet when a group of soldiers flooded into the inn.

"Innkeeper, did you see a black-faced female with purple eyes come here?" the soldier leading the team yelled in a gruff voice. Almost all people in the inn could hear him.

The innkeeper, who seemed to be a sophisticated man, hurriedly walked up to him with a big smile.

"Sir, I\'ve been standing behind the counter all day, but I didn\'t see anybody with a black face. If you don\'t believe me, I can have the bellman lead you upstairs to search the rooms. But would you please be so kind as to do it quietly so that my guests won\'t be scared?"

Upon these words, the innkeeper stealthily stuffed a big silver ingot into the soldier\'s hand.

The ferocious look on the soldier\'s face was replaced by a smile. He secretly put the silver ingot into his pocket and said, "Now that you told me there was no such person here, I\'ll go and search another place. But if you see that black-faced woman, report immediately."

"Yes, yes. I\'ll follow your order and keep an eye open. Once I see anyone with a black face, I\'ll report to you right away, Sir."

With a big smile on his face, the innkeeper bowed respectfully and saw those soldiers off.

After they left, the innkeeper seemed to be relieved.

Yun Wu, who had been standing beside the counter all along, watched the innkeeper who had just turned around, and asked him in a seemingly very curious tone, "Innkeeper, were those soldiers looking for some black-faced woman? Who is that woman exactly? She caused such a sensation."

"Master, this matter really makes me feel very resigned. They were the fourth batch of soldiers who came here to search today. Some of them said that they were hunting a black-faced female who wounded a deputy general. Others said that the Seventh Prince was looking for a purple-eyed female. G.o.d knows who that black-faced, purple-eyed woman is. Commoners like me have no choice but to let them search our places again and again. I just take it as buying peace with money."

After saying this, the innkeeper let out another seemingly resigned sigh and returned to the counter.

A female who wounded a deputy general?

So, apart from that Zhou Feiyu, Yun Lengyi\'s men were also hunting for her?

Unexpectedly, he had taken action so soon. It had been only a short while since she entered the city, but the hunt had already started.

The look in Yun Wu\'s eyes was somewhat deep and cold.

But she affected an air of unconcern and walked out of the inn. Disguised as a lascivious, sickly master from some rich family, she walked into the busy street with an exaggerated swagger.

After making an inquiry from a pa.s.ser-by about Yun Lengyi\'s temporary abode in the city, Yun Wu headed for that place in an aboveboard manner.

In the northern suburb of the city.

That place had originally been a s.p.a.cious farmhouse, surrounded by flatlands.

Since Yun Lengyi was dispatched here over half a month ago, this northern suburb had become his encampment.

Most troops were stationed in further areas outside the city, so there were not many soldiers guarding the encampment.